Reviews for So Long and Goodnight
jmadd chapter 1 . 5/20
I can't believe this is the only fic I've seen that deals with Cloud meeting Tifa before FF7 starts. This is so good and I like what you did at the end there
BizarroVeR chapter 1 . 1/28/2011
Review for a long ago story V Anyway, had to compliment your version of this. I like reading other peoples variations of a scene with such emotion, you can get ideas and emotions you would have never thought of yourself, but fit. Thank you V

And I think Tifa did the right thing with not telling Cloud. He was in a delicate state, she had no idea what he'd been through or what he might've done. He could've submerged again into his mind, cracked, or run away. That would've been bad .v. Sometimes not knowing is best. And prolly Cloud forgot to protect his psyche, despite his poinsoning withdrawal...yeesh!
Pied Flycatcher chapter 1 . 4/21/2008
Isn't there a scene where they meet in the game? I think the dialogue is different there... Nevertheless, I like your interpretation. :) I don't think it was a selfish thing for Tifa to do - quite the opposite, in fact - she didn't tell the truth because she was afraid of how it would affect Cloud.
Summoner Luna chapter 1 . 1/20/2008
Ahh I love this one too!

I'm so torn on what I feel about Tifa's discretion...on one hand, yes it was incredibly selfish and stupid and possibly could have prevented *so* many problems...but at the same time, what if she had told him? He probably wouldn't even have believed her right at first, and even if he had, a lot of his strength and determination and confidence came from his "memory" as a Soldier...if he'd known he had failed, he may have walked away from the very beginning, you know? The whole premise would make for an interesting AU fic, really...

Ah, but I love reading stories about this, about Cloud snapping and that little interim period before he completely assimilated Zack's memories into his own. Great job! :D
LuckyLadybug chapter 1 . 9/22/2007
Wah! ;_; Aww, I love their meeting. The brief look of grief was so sad, and then Cloud piecing together what he remembers about Zack...

I'm always torn on Tifa's decision. It seems selfish in one way, and yet it would be so scary to be in her position, seeing her friend like that and realizing that something was wrong. She definitely shouldn't have shoved it under the carpet. I wonder if she ever talked to anyone about it and wondered what she should really do? I like how you explore things here!

And the second scene, oh man... ;_; I love the dialogue between the Clouds, especially the line about proof of existence. Poor, poor Cloud. ::hugs him.::

Anyway, bittersweet and poignant story here! I love how it came out.