Reviews for Summer Nights
Guest chapter 3 . 12/7/2017
I read this chapter and i was completely disgusted! I don't know what the fuck motivated you to write a piece of goat shit. Anybody who actually likes this fanfic can go eat a dog's dick. Stupid cunts.
pblondsey chapter 1 . 4/30/2017
I loved this fic. You are a good writer, so fuck what everyone else says. And to all you sons of bitches out there, go suck on a donkey's dick why don't ya? If you dont like it, don't read it. YOU are the REAL disgraces. I don't understand why people have such a problem with people being Gay or Lesbian or whatever. If you dont like it, just say,"Oh what the hell, it's not like I can change people." and move on with your day instead of causing a scene and making a fool of yourself. People just need to think about it like this...What if being Gay or Lesbian was as you guys put it, "normal" and being Straight was "disgusting and disgraceful" to most people? Think about how you wouldn't be with the one you love so much and at least attempt to see what we go through. You people really need to grow up. I'm only 12, going on 13 and even I'm mature enough to act civil around people who can't help who they love. Stop being such fucking HYPOCRITES and GROW UP!
The Crimson Guy chapter 10 . 8/24/2016
Nononono! Bad Gohan! That's ur 7year old brother! Other than that, very good. Please keep writing you magnificent bastard.
Guest chapter 2 . 4/2/2016
Guest chapter 3 . 3/4/2016
You are one of the worst story writers to post this disgusting piece of shit. It is not cool when you write lemon and anything related to gay stuff. How can you post this GARBAGE story online? Let me tell you something. You are a disgusting and horrible fanfic writer. I don't like reading these kinds of stories and you act like it's no big deal. It is a disgrace. I don't see how other people like it
Guest chapter 3 . 3/4/2016
This is one of the worst fanfics i've ever read. I'm not a fan of lemon or anything related to gay stuff. This fanfic is GARBAGE! I can't believe i read this disgusting piece of shit. How do you even post this crap online and feel proud of yourself. This fanfic is a piece of DONKEYSHIT. This story deserves to be burnt into ashes.
just a reader chapter 3 . 1/29/2016
This is a bad idea for a fanfic i doubt that you'll write any appropiate dragonball z stories or any other for this matter. All i have to say is this. Your story is horrible and that it's obvious that you don't know how to use your brain when it comes to writing fanfiction. Next time write stories when you have sense racked up into that sick brain of yours. what the fuck is this nonsense?
good bye you stupid ass fanfic writer.
just a reader chapter 3 . 1/29/2016
This is one of the worst stories in the history of fanfiction. All of you are all sick assholes to think that gay fanfictions are good. well for a matter of fact, IT IS NOT. Continue reading these fanfics i'd love to see what would happen to you motherfuckers in your damn stupid life. You sick bastards
Alyssa Handley chapter 3 . 11/16/2015
What the fuck don't ever write that again that was inapporite to anything about dragon ball z
mudaika chapter 10 . 8/21/2015
Please continue it, it's a very interesting story, and I would love if you continued it.
mike chapter 3 . 10/22/2013
That is just nasty i know its a cartoon but come on that just fucken sick his own parents
RebornPhoenix05 chapter 1 . 3/13/2012
I can't seem to PM you so this will have to do. UPDATE! It has been eleven years! UPDATE! I don't care what you're doing! UPDATE! Finish this amazing story already! UPDATE! What have you been doing these past eleven years! UPDATE! You have soooooooooooooooooo many people waiting for you to. UPDATE! Seriously it doesn't take eleven years just to finish one chapter! UPDATE! You should go right now and lock yourself in a room to add more chapters to this story already! UPDATE!

I will review again if you don't respond or UPDATE! Yoshi!
RebornPhoenix05 chapter 10 . 3/10/2012
How long before you update! Remember to kill the chicken before you stuff it up the turkeys' butt!
Nelfie14 chapter 10 . 1/31/2011
It's been ten YEARS...I'm still waiting for you to update...please...O_o lol
IdiotsInParadise chapter 10 . 12/13/2008
Three words. This is AWESOME. OMG WRITE MORE!
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