Reviews for Back from Beyond
Rebel Dixie Babe chapter 21 . 8/21
quit interrupting someone from reading the damn note.
Rebel Dixie Babe chapter 16 . 8/21
I just wish you had humiliated that whore Ginny more. Maybe had dropped her in the middle of Diagon Alley.
Rebel Dixie Babe chapter 15 . 8/21
Hot, hot, hot. Lucky girl.
Rebel Dixie Babe chapter 10 . 8/21
Hermione drink sounds delish, but I would never have the nerve to ask for one in public. Just reading about has me blushing.
Rebel Dixie Babe chapter 2 . 8/21
This is good. I am loving it. I just wish you could have de-aged Sirius by 10 years. Given him back some of his lost youth.
kittybug85 chapter 25 . 7/17
this was such a beautiful and fantastic story. I loved it so much!
kittybug85 chapter 24 . 7/17
so much crying
OptimusPrimegirl213 chapter 1 . 7/3
love love love it _
Pharies chapter 25 . 3/10
Even with a few errors, i couldn't stop reading. I love triad stories because they end up being beautiful. This last chapter wrapped everything up well. Good job :)

suziq968 chapter 25 . 2/24
I liked it but it was kind of abrupt. Since you were so young when you wrote it I'm looking forward to seeing what else you've got. Breaking Dawn was awesome and the movie director should be ashamed. I can't believe how badly the movies screwed over Bella. Lame.
suziq968 chapter 22 . 2/24
I don't understand, they were allowed to be brought back. Hermione didn't do the spell. Oh, she did the spell, but it didn't work until she threw the book. Well Crap, this just really sucks. I don't like this sacrifice idea. George has Mandi and everyone else has reason to stay too. This is not looking good.
suziq968 chapter 11 . 2/24
You really have to stop whoring poor Draco Potter out for reviews. It's just not unseemly. This is really fun and sweet so far. I'm glad I found it in Ceredwen's favs.
Chameleonxx chapter 25 . 6/19/2015
I'm so Happyyyyyyy! This boooooook, soooo goooood!
Kelly-Ray chapter 25 . 1/30/2015
I absolutely adore this story. The plot was well rounded and the more citrusy scenes were amazing. You did a wonderful job.
Brain in the Gutter chapter 13 . 12/16/2013
OMG… Loving this story, but totally busted out laughing when I read, "Yes, yes I could. I am the writer, I can do that… I have the technology."

Great story! Can't wait to find out who will be the third. Although I don't know why there can't be a fourth as well?
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