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Demented Vampiric Zombie chapter 3 . 6/6/2011
#38 Wash:

One teargem gone, lost in the wash of the river; one life gone, lost in the arc of a blade – one gem returned, found in the hands of one not quite a mother; one life returned, found in the arms of one much more than a friend.

That one awed me, a bit, at how poetic it is.
Demented Vampiric Zombie chapter 2 . 6/6/2011
#49 Victory:

Kurama loathed Hiei's matched belts, which represented a major obstacle to the efficient one-handed stripping of a jaganshi, and regarded each set he conveniently 'lost' as a minor victory.

#50 Defeat:

Not, of course, that Hiei admitted defeat, and the Battle of the Belts became yet another game between them.

Two of the best sentences ever.
Demented Vampiric Zombie chapter 1 . 6/6/2011
#38 Snow:

Hiei disliked the rain, it made him short-tempered and sarcastic, but snow made him melancholic and weary; those were the dangerous times, the ones when he most needed reminding that there was a reason for his existence.

*hugs laptop because of the uncontrollable urge to hug Hiei*

Why do these things always make me want to hug someone? Anyway, good work. I like it a lot.
Pheonix09 chapter 6 . 9/12/2010
#7 Chocolate: #32 Confusion: #10 Drink: #23 Fire:

These four were very funny

#10 Ears: #19 Wind: #29 Melody: #35 Bonds: #36 Market: #46 Sun: #48 Waves: #50 Supernova: #7 Wings:

These nine were cute

#17 Tears: #25 Devotion: #31 Home: #40 Innocence: #31 Sacred: #46 Gravity:

These six were depressing and cute

#18 Speed: #22 Jealousy: #4 Box:

These three were amusing

#23 Hands: #49 Hair: #15 Silk: #25 Mask:

These four are so true

#5 Run: #6 Hurricane: #11 Midnight: #12 Temptation: #35 Fever: #40 Whisper: 3. Appreciate 12. Dutiful

These eight were funny and cute

#30 Body: #38 Forever: 16. Genuine 33. Safety 47. Turn 48. Warmth 50. Yesterday

These seven were sweet

#47 Highway: #49 Lock: 7. Cold 23. Key 24. Match 25. Melody 37. Scream

These six were hilarious

Great job on this and you should make more of these
Pheonix09 chapter 3 . 9/12/2010
The first few chapters were good so far and here are my favorites thus far

#2 Apples: #41 Stable: #46 War: #10 Weddings: #25 Quitting: #26 Jump:

These six were really funny

#8 Door:

That one was cute and I have to agree with this one

#9 Drink: #13 Bias: #45 Natural:

I don’t understand these three, tell me what you meant please

#10 Duty: #48 Welcome: #49 Winter: #2 Waltz: #5 Worry: #12 Blessing:

These six were sweet

#11 Earth: #39 Solid: #6 Whimsy: #18 Balloon: #32 Eye:

These five were very amusing

#14 Fire: #37 Snakes:

These two were amusing as well and ‘Fire’ was cute too

#15 Flexible: #34 Serenade: #44 Near: #20 Picture: #25 Shadow: #40 History:

These six were funny

#19 Grave: #26 Lost: #10 Learn:

These three were depressing and cute at the same time

#38 Snow: #16 Believe:

These two were cute and depressing

#40 Spring: #3 Wishes: #1 Motion:

These three were cute and amusing

#21 Quiet: #22 Quirks: #29 Jewel: #30 Just: #38 Sojourn: #39 Share: #41 Nowhere: #4 Last: #6 Gentle: #46 Drive: #47 Harm: #48 Precious:

These twelve were cute
senkoed chapter 6 . 7/26/2010
ah. overall, it is so sweet. i like the prompts in chapter 6 the best and i like how you described hiei and kurama's relationship. quiet and comfortable with seasons of bitter cold wars. :P
Ceri Moriarty chapter 6 . 6/6/2010
Love all of them!

my faves were:

'Just think, Hiei…in a few years, we'll have little human-koorime mixes running about, with Kuwabara's hair and Yukina's eyes, all calling you Uncle Hiei!'

'…I think I'm going to be sick.'


Whenever Kurama folded his hands and smiled angelically, it was a sure sign he was getting really, really pissed off.


Heaven was less than appealing for them, since they knew exactly what it was like – mountains of paperwork, overworked ogres and hypocrisy…


'No, Hiei, setting Kuwabara on fire does not constitue social service, and I'm not going back to jail for it.'


It was an unofficial decision that Hiei was the prime target for teasing in their little party (and it was an official decision that Kurama was Not To Be Made Fun Of if they knew what was Good For Them), and making him snap and snarl was their idea of group activities.

Awesome fic!
Animekitty47 chapter 6 . 4/17/2010
Aw, shame you and Blossomwitch didn't do anymore. Partake was my all time favorite of this bunch. XD

3. Appreciate

Kurama loved teasing Hiei, partly because he enjoyed aggravating him, but partly because he knew how much effort it took for Hiei to accept any kind of friendship or extend any intimacy towards anyone, and this was the simplest way to show that he appreciated him for it.

4. Bed head

Kurama's hair looked ridiculous in the morning; there were horrible tangles in it and the whole thing stood at funny angles on his head, and Hiei had to put up with him whining about how his youko hair was easier to manage every single day.

5. Breakup

Well, Hiei thought, getting him jailed was a rather efficient way of saying goodbye.

6. Cathedral

It was hushed, silent, peaceful here – quite the wrong place to meet an informant, all things considered, but Kurama had slipped into the shadows already, waiting for Hiei to finish his work, and mentioning such foolishness was unthinkable.

7. Cold

'How nice of your friend to bring you chicken soup, dear,' Shiori said brightly, and Kurama bit his tongue in time to stop himself saying that it wasn't exactly chicken in there.

8. Currency

'I thought you were some sort of hot-shot thief; so why don't you have any money here?' Hiei demanded, and Kurama laughed and replied that he had enough in Makai currency to buy himself a small country, but things were different for humans, and it was hard for a pre-teen boy to fence gold without attracting attention.

12. Dutiful

It always amused Kurama that Hiei fulfilled his duties around Alaric with such dedication after boasting for years that no one had the power to order him around.

14. Feral

Sometimes, Hiei reminded him of nothing more than a feral animal – something gone wild and harsh and distrustful, but within which a desperate sort of hope and a pathetic trust still lingered, glimpsed briefly in red eyes before it was wilfully buried in the despair of centuries…

15. Generous

And so maybe he was a little more generous with his resources and his aid, and maybe he let him a little too close, but Kurama had been there himself – though jaded, not despairing, and cruel, not hopeful – and perhaps he could be the connection Hiei needed to return to his true self, as Shiori had been his.

17. Heart

As his human form grew older and more powerful, Kurama's heartbeat changed to the infinitely slow pace of a youkai, and it left Hiei strangely reassured; perhaps they weren't so different underneath it all.

18. Hunter

Kurama had a hunter's instinct for knowing where Hiei was – especially when he needed to be found.

23. Key

'Here,' Hiei said irritably, 'Mukuro told me to give you a key already and stop embarrassing her security,' and Kurama smiled demurely and took it.

24. Match

Of course, he still broke in sometimes, just to keep himself amused, and because Mukuro was so much more satisfying to match wits with than Hiei, who simply understood.

26. Momentum

To this day, Kurama wonders why the momentum of the Shadow Sword slowed ever so slightly before it cut through him, how conscious that was – and how conscious the decision to spare his life, when the slightest twist of Hiei's wrist would have ended everything.

29. Partake

It was an unofficial decision that Hiei was the prime target for teasing in their little party (and it was an official decision that Kurama was Not To Be Made Fun Of if they knew what was Good For Them), and making him snap and snarl was their idea of group activities.

30. Quicksilver

'You know me better than anyone,' Kurama told him often, but to Hiei, there would always be a quicksilver elusive quality to Kurama, the feel of moonlight, layers and subtleties he would never fully grasp.

31. Resentment

At first, Kurama thought that it was his insistence on remaining as human as possible that Hiei resented – but it was the fact that he had something to protect so tightly, to hold so precious, that Hiei found so bitter.

36. School

It was over eighty years now since Kurama had moved back to the Makai, but he still hadn't stopped reminding Hiei that he'd once been beaten soundly and independently by three boys who were still in school.

37. Scream

'Oh, honestly,' Hiei said irritably, 'you just saw us kissing – there's no need to scream like a girl…' but Kuwabara and Yusuke apparently disagreed, if their expressions were anything to go by.

39. Singsong

Yusuke didn't even get past the K-I-S-S-I-N-G bit before Hiei slugged him, and Kurama steepled his fingers under his chin and smiled, because he'd saved him the trouble of doing the same.

43. Stillness

Kurama moving around normally was fine – it was when he went absolutely still that he was most dangerous.

45. Temper

Over time, he found that his brash recklessness had been tempered somewhat by Kurama's natural caution – although Kurama always said it was old age sneaking up on him.

46. Terror

Youko Kurama, the terror of a world, the scourge of the rich and the fear of the poor, master thief and prominent politican, ruthless killer and cunning strategist, currently meekly shelling peas for a frail human woman…and Kurama wondered why Hiei was smirking at him.

47. Turn

Hiei could get away with calling Kurama names when none of the others would have dared, but only because Kurama knew how to listen, and how, in that voice, a gruff dismissal could turn so quickly into unstated concern, caring, affection.

49. Weather

Hiei had a deep sense of loyalty, a steady calm dependability beneath all his overconfident posturings that said: I am here, fair weather or foul, victory or defeat, life or death, by your side, always – and he found himself turning to that strength and constancy again and again, a blessed refuge from the endlessly shifting alliances that were all he felt safe in forming with the rest of the world.

50. Yesterday

Their pasts were littered with betrayals and rejection, but there was only one thing to do, and that was to move forward, because yesterday was gone and tomorrow might find them dead; and if there was someone they knew would be walking by their side, and if there was someone at whose side they knew they would find a place, that was the only reassurance they had – or needed.
Animekitty47 chapter 5 . 4/16/2010
Fire and Ring were my very favorites here.

#1 Ring:

Hiei brought his sword up, eyeing the ring of Reikai defense personnel closing in on him, sizing up his chances; he had just concluded that they were slim when he heard a low, familiar chuckle, and Kurama flipped neatly into the middle of the circle with him, back to back – 'Starting without me? How rude of you, Hiei,' he said, and everything was right again, and he smirked, anticipating victory.

#2 Hero:

Yusuke and Kuwabara were the heroes of the group, the shining warriors for truth and justice; Kurama never lifted a finger unless it furthered his own goals, and Hiei…would never admit to being less than utterly self-centred if it killed him.

#7 Wings:

Falling was the thing Hiei feared most, and that first instant when he fell out of the tunnel into the Makai was a moment of blinding overwhelming panic – and then there were vines, and Kurama, flying on butterfly-graceful wings, and he held on gratefully, and learned the difference between loss of control and trust.

#8 Cold:

Hiei was the one born of ice, but Kurama was the cold one; utterly ruthless and vindictive in a way Hiei could never summon up the egocentricity or cruelty to be.

#12 Temptation:

Youko was wicked temptation, a sensual apparition in perverse virgin white; Shuuichi was unconscious temptation, a splash of unworldly colour among drab human outlines – in either form, he was temptation, pure and simple, and even one with Hiei's strength of will could only resist so long.

#14 Music:

Brought up by the dregs of society, he'd never had the chance to truly listen to music, and he spent the long hours when Kurama was at school or work lying on his bed and drinking in concert after concert; he hid the player before Kurama returned, but could never shake the suspicion that the fox knew anyway.

#15 Silk:

The angrier Kurama became, the silkier his voice got – it was fitting, Hiei thought, that the more beautiful he sounded the more deadly he was.

#16 Cover:

It was a novel sensation for Hiei to have Kurama cover his back; to not have to defend every side, to allow himself to focus on one opponent while someone else took care of another, to feel less at bay and cornered than he had all his life.

#19 Candle:

Hiei thought of everyone in terms of fire – Yusuke a firework, all bright explosions and erratic flight, Yukina a steady candle, shy but beautiful, Mukuro a beacon, something to aspire to – but he could attach no such label to Kurama, who was too much like himself to be truly understood.

#20 Talent:

Kurama had a talent for elegant destruction, and it disappointed Hiei that he used it so rarely; an enraged Kurama was a thing of frost and glitter, like diamonds.

#21 Silence:

Kurama was always silent in his true laughter, shaking with mirth, eyes sparkling with glee, covering his mouth with a hand, something both mocking and beautiful.

#23 Fire:

'No, Hiei, setting Kuwabara on fire does not constitue social service, and I'm not going back to jail for it.'

#25 Mask:

Kurama was a creature of masks and illusions, deceptions and truths layered and merging seamlessly, and he fascinated Hiei – which drew him to Kurama more than any conscious seduction he could have planned.

#27 Fall:

Every blow Kurama took from Bakken made Yusuke and Hiei flinch, and yet the redhead remained upright; he could only wonder at the strength of will that, even unconscious, would not let him fall and fail.

#29 Dance:

Kurama turned battle into a dance, and Hiei never sparred hand-to-hand to him, because he inevitably lost, captured by the sheer grace with which he moved; he never knew that Kurama always offered just so he could see that look in his eyes.

#30 Body:

Even though he was on the verge of collapse, Kurama insisted on carrying Hiei's limp unconscious form from the arena to the waiting room while they waited for the ring to be replaced, and he waited patiently in the room until Hiei woke up, passing up the chance to seize precious sleep and allow his body to heal – and Yusuke and Kuwabara, who both knew something of loyalty and love, knew not to interfere or question.

#32 Farewells:

Hiei never waited to bid Kurama farewell; which reassured Kurama more than anything, because the day either of them said goodbye would be the last time they spoke while living.

#33 World:

'I left my world to indulge your affection for that woman,' Hiei rasped, 'what more proof could you possibly want?'

#34 Formal:

There was an old-world quality to Kurama sometimes, an ancient, elegant formality that he could summon if he needed to; that, more than anything, reminded Hiei just how young he was in comparison.

#42 Talk:

Kurama rarely spoke in battle; his silence unnerved his opponents as much as his crazy tactics did, and unlike Hiei, he preferred to keep his methods a secret.

#49 Lock:

The fifth time Kurama picked the lock of Hiei's apartments in Alaric, Mukuro irritably told Hiei to give the man a key already and stop embarrassing her security – and that was that.

#50 Breathe:

'I can't love,' Hiei spat, 'I can't even learn to,' and Kurama arched an eyebrow and replied, 'it's as easy as breathing.'
Animekitty47 chapter 4 . 4/16/2010
Moon was easily my favorite of this bunch. :)

#10 Ears:

Kurama had very sensitive ears in either form, and Hiei enjoyed running a light fingertip along the human's ears and provoking a ticklish shudder as much as he relished the low purr-growl scratching through the youko's thick fur produced.

#16 Weakness:

He viewed Kurama's love for his mother, for his teammates, as weakness – and before he knew it, he, too, had succumbed to the same disease, and found to his surprise that he was stronger for it.

#18 Speed:

The speed of Hiei's reactions far exceeded Kurama's, and in battle, it was not uncommon for Hiei to flicker between the winding arcs of his whip and eliminate an opponent who was distracted by Kurama's weapon.

#19 Wind:

Kurama never realised why Hiei felt the need to wrap himself up so warmly all the time until the day Hiei lifted him effortlessly in his arms as he ran at top speed, and he felt the wind sting and rip at the skin of his face and neck; and the sudden relief as Hiei tucked his scarf around him, muttering about stupid youkos.

#21 Life:

Despite his apparent serenity and disregard for the odds that bordered on lunacy, there was no one else Hiei knew who lived life as intensely and delightedly as Kurama did.

#30 Star:

During one fight, Hiei accused Kurama of acting like the star of his own show, a drama queen; Kurama retorted that at least he didn't feel the need to prove his masculinity by shedding his clothing on the slimmest pretext, and had the pleasure of seeing Hiei gape.

#39 Smile:

If there was one thing about Kurama that never failed to infuriate Hiei, it was his smile; that gentle, tranquil smile that said that he knew more than Hiei did, and was only waiting for him to catch up.

#40 Innocence:

When Hiei, who had never lost anyone he loved to death, claimed that he was unafraid of it, Kurama smiled to himself and prayed that innocence would last a while longer.

#47 Moon:

Kurama was moonlight, Hiei decided; cold and brilliant, red at the horizon and shading to silver at its peak, beautiful and untouchable and deceptive, but gentler and more healing than the harsh absolute light of the sun, allowing him the mercy of the shadows but seeing him nonetheless.

#49 Hair:

This hair that lay tangled in his fingers like solid, cool blood was a deadly weapon, and it awed him that something so beautiful could conceal something so deadly – so like Kurama himself.
Animekitty47 chapter 3 . 4/16/2010
In case you're mildly curious about a reviewers favorites for chappie 3...

#1 Motion:

In his fox form, Kurama's ears were never still, flicking and twitching in constant, nervous motion; tickling them with a blade of grass produced a most satisfactory yelp, so Hiei did it as often as possible.

#3 Young:

It was easy for Yusuke to think his companions as being of his own age most of the time, but when he saw reckless malevolence glitter in Kurama's eyes, or dead hopelessness in Hiei's, he sensed an age to them that he had not even begun to fathom.

#6 Gentle:

Hiei was harsh, angry and in more pain than he admitted to; the only times he allowed himself to be gentle around anyone, even Kurama, was when he was tending his wounds – at that time, he resembled his sister much more than he cared to.

#10 Learn:

'How do you feel?' Hiei asked the first time Kurama returned to human form after testing Suzuki's potion; Kurama looked at him with eyes full of darkness and fury, flexed his fingers and replied simply, 'Fragile,' and Hiei secretly prayed that he would never have to learn what that loss of strength felt like.

#11 Blur:

Hiei often relied on speed to settle his battles, turning himself into a dangerous flickering blur that ended lives before he was even seen; it amazed him that Kurama was able to do a similar thing with his mind, to misdirect and guide and blur the edges of thoughts until his opponents did exactly what he wished them to.

#12 Wait:

Kurama was firm in his resolution to remain in the human world as long as Shiori was alive, and Hiei let it be; Kurama wasn't the only one who knew the meaning of patience.

#14 Command:

Sometimes, on assignments, there were traps that only Hiei's jagan could see, webs and wards invisible to Kurama's eyes, and they worked as a team, Kurama obeying every command, replicating each movement, no matter how infinitesimal, with a precision that left Hiei awed and proud to call him a partner.

#16 Believe:

They would have killed for each other, but they would have died for Yusuke, and this was why: Hiei – who had had no guide, no hero, no brother – needed to believe, and Kurama – who had never been trusted, never had the pleasure of an uncomplicated friendship – wanted to be believed in.

#20 Picture:

'It's very hard to picture that guy ever being as nasty as they say he is,' Yusuke whispered thoughtfully to Hiei, watching Kurama absently freshen the dying plants in a florist's window as they passed it; 'Only because you've never stood between him and something he wanted,' Hiei replied bitterly.

#23 Child:

Some part of Hiei was relieved when Kurama grew into his teens – that knowing, pitiless, mocking look did not belong in the eyes of a child, and even one who had had a childhood like Hiei's could be unsettled by it.

#24 Now:

Kurama was an expert at discarding the past, living moment to moment and conquering his fears and pain and moving past them – it was the only skill of his that Hiei truly envied.

#31 Book:

Hiei stopped sneering at the uselessness of humans as much after Kurama began to read out the epics to him, caught by the writing and characters as nothing else that was human had ever fascinated him.

#32 Eye:

Kurama's expressions were unreadable, even to Hiei's jagan; but his tail was unfortunately expressive, once Hiei learned how to interpret it.

#34 Sing:

Kurama's whip made a peculiar singing sound as it sliced through the air, and to Hiei, whose perception of deadliness and beauty was inextricably tangled, it seemed the sweetest sound of all.

#37 Time:

Hiei, who was a youkai, had no idea of the value of time outside a fight; Kurama, who had become more human than he wished, knew how precious every second together was.

#41 Power:

Hiei had always been obsessed with gaining more power, becoming more powerful; it took a cynical but wise friend to teach him the difference between power and strength.
Animekitty47 chapter 2 . 4/16/2010
Chappie 2's list of favorites. *drum roll* XP

#1 Walking:

It was a rare thing to see Kurama walking in the forest or in meadows, far away from people, to see the nearly imperceptible softening of his eyes, and the pleasure with which he trailed gentle fingers over the greenery, and carefully stepped around the flowers.

#5 Worry:

He was going to get himself killed one day, take one too many risks, and every time Kurama stepped out to fight with that particular look in his eyes, the one that spoke of darkness and death and bleak indifference to both, was another time Hiei's breath would stop dead

#9 War:

'Only Yusuke,' Kurama commented, 'could convert a world war into a spectator event that's revolutionised the economy,' and Hiei almost laughed, for a moment forgetting the private war that was raging between the two of them.

#10 Weddings:

'Just think, Hiei…in a few years, we'll have little human-koorime mixes running about, with Kuwabara's hair and Yukina's eyes, all calling you Uncle Hiei!'

'…I think I'm going to be sick.'

#13 Bias:

Hiei found it ironic that Koenma's bias against youkai led him to make Kurama the liaison for the two of them, when Hiei would have been far less of a threat.

#14 Burning:

He had wanted to see his people burning in his fires, to exact horrible revenge for himself, for his mother, for the life he could have had, but of late he had found that burning desire fading; when he mentioned that to Kurama, and asked what it was, he replied, 'The beginning of wisdom.'

#15 Breathing:

Fighting came as naturally to Hiei as breathing, and it was a long time before Kurama could touch him while he slept without risking serious injury.

#37 Soliloquy:

Kurama explained himself to everyone with entirely too much drama and all the flair and mystery of an actor on the stage, but he let Hiei figure things out for himself; thus letting the jaganshi know Kurama held him in sufficient esteem as to trust him to keep up with him.

#43 Nuance:

Yusuke once accused Kurama of concealing how good his eyes were after seeing him spar seamlessly with Hiei, each movement anticipated; Kurama gave him a surprised look and said that Yusuke definitely had better eyesight than he did – though Yusuke could barely follow Hiei's movements – and it left him wondering how well Kurama knew Hiei, to be able to predict every nuance of his complex strategies.

#44 Near:

Hiei found it impossible to sneak up on Kurama, no matter how well he shielded his youki or how low Kurama's energy was at the moment – it was years before the fox spirit confessed (with a grin) that he used his sensitive nose to know when Hiei was near.

#45 Natural:

They finished each other's sentences quite naturally, and there was an air of easy comfort in the way they instinctively adjusted to each other's presence and movements, although Yusuke, whose home had been a succession of loser boyfriends and a neglectful mother, could never have recognised it for the marriage that Keiko always referred to it as.

#47 Valiant:

Hiei fiercely denied it, but he had valour, courage, honour, a gritty determination against the odds, relentless drive and bone-deep loyalty – they were qualities Kurama admired greatly, and it awed him somewhat that Hiei had hung on to them despite his painful past.
Animekitty47 chapter 1 . 4/16/2010
In case that offer for favorite sentence still stands...

#6 Dark:

Darkness suited Kurama; despite his flame hair and his white clothing, he could melt into the shadows – and Hiei, who felt he did not belong in the light, was happier for the companionship.

#9 Drink:

'Just shut up and drink it,' Hiei snapped, and Kurama obediently drained the cup of medicine, and reflected with weary amusement that all his research into poisons and cures in Hiei's presence had had a rather unexpected effect.

#10 Duty:

He regarded his protection of Yukina as a sacred duty, and he would have given his life for her without hesitation, for his ethics demanded it; it was deeply unsettling to find himself caring for Kurama with the same depth, but with only emotion to justify it.

#11 Earth:

'No, Hiei, I'm not bored enough yet to try taking over the world again…I can lend you a book if you like.'

#16 Flying:

He watched Shigure's circular sword fly at Kurama as if it had a life of its own, and it was the worst sort of déjà vu for him as he saw Kurama place pride over life again, refusing to adopt his true form in a fight to the death.

#17 Food:

The offering of food and shelter meant much more to youkai; more than a simple courtesy, it was an overture of friendship, an extension of trust, a permanent bond only close friends or family were allowed; when Kurama healed him and took care of him, Hiei put it down to the conditioning he had undergone in the human world, which took such things casually, never realising that Kurama was, in fact, saying precisely those things.

#21 Head:

It wasn't until Hiei abruptly became head of Mukuro's army that he realised just how much he had learned about tactics and leadership from Kurama over the years

#23 Honour:

Yusuke once commented that both Hiei and Kurama were very honourable; Kurama shook his head, amused, and said that there was a difference between honour and pride, and only Hiei could lay claim to the former.

#27 Metal:

Hiei once sneered that Kurama's whips were weak, easily ripped apart by his sword; the next time they sparred, he found his sword hissing and dripping, dissolving, and Kurama running his fingers over his whip with a satisfied smile and announcing sweetly that acid ate metal, didn't he know?

#49 Winter:

On one of their journeys, they ran into an unexpected winter storm, and without a word Hiei took the lead; walking ahead of Kurama, the snow evaporated under his boots, leaving dry ground for slipper-clad feet to tread on as the kitsune followed.
sdfds chapter 5 . 1/20/2010
Obviously I love all of these because you are a great writer.

The candle line almost took my breath away though. I like the thought that Hiei would think in terms of fire.
LynLin chapter 6 . 12/7/2008
#4 Bed head - LOL That's an interesting image.

#5 Breakup - No Hiei no it's not goodbye. That made me sad.

#7 Cold - LOL Not chicken? What is it then? XD

#8 Currency - Seriously! All Kurama's treasures are pretty worthless here since they'd attract all sorts of attention.

#12 Dutiful - LOL So true. Hiei is all independent but works for Mukuro without complaint, really. haha

#21 Jade - LOL I love references to your past fics. So cute. Hiei is a fast learner after all.

#22 Judicious - Oh my. HAHAHAHA. Kurama goes running to Yusuke when Hiei is stupid. Nice.

#23 Key - Hah, he WOULD say it's all because of Mukuro. But yes. Cute.

#25 Melody - LOL LIKE WHAT, AMV'S? XD

#27 Opium - LOL Paranoia as the anti-drug. I love it.

#29 Partake - Wow, everything makes me laugh. This was so funny, especially your use of capital letters. XD

#33 - Huh, Kurama really DOESN'T sleep, does he? HMM!

#36 School - Hiei DID get beat by schoolboys. Wow. Weird.

#37 Scream - LOL AHFKJHA:LFJA I love this. I just like it when Yusuke and Kuwabara are weirded out by Kurama and Hiei.

#38 Seduce - Hiei's version of seduction, eh? Nice.

#44 Strawberries - WHAT WHERE? XD LOL!

#48 Warmth - Snuggly Hiei is always a cute image.

That was a wonderful set of 50 sentences. And 6 times! Wow. You're really good. I'm in awe. Every sentence you wrote could easily be turned into a oneshot/story. They're all so beautiful, and I loved every one of them. These are just the ones that gave me a stronger reaction than the rest. But wow. Great job. Thanks so much.

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