Reviews for Naruto Hatake
Trekio112 chapter 63 . 9/8
every time the mist nin tall trash about bloodlines I just smile and think "Haters gonna hate ;3"
Trekio112 chapter 27 . 9/6
I'm more than slightly irked that kakashi is teaching all 3 of them the Rasengan, it should be a family jutsu -.- besides sasuke can learn chidori and sakura can stick to her gen, rasengan is for namikazes :v
Trekio112 chapter 16 . 9/5
my thoughts on the authors end note for chapter 16: I never cry...ever...except for when I watched clannad the after story
Trekio112 chapter 11 . 9/5
in almost every fanfic, and in cannon, the 3rd hokage always thinks of retiring for some reason, but decides against it because there's no one to replace him, why not just force shikaku to do it XD
Kaiba13Dragon chapter 63 . 9/5
Fantastic story! Took me a while to read it all but I did it! I'm so happy this was finished! Onto the sequel!
Axcel chapter 21 . 8/10
You know, Naruto's reaction to learning genjutsu doesn't really make sense both in canon and in this chapter. First, he wouldn't know he sucks at genjutsu since he hasn't been taught any both in this fic and in canon. Second, his personality is such that if he sucked at something, he'd work his ass off to become at least passable in it. If someone told him he sucked at something, he'd try it anyway just to prove them wrong and he'd somehow succeed even if it goes against all logic and reason. Mostly due to dumb luck.

Like, if someone said "you'll never be able to perform a genjutsu" he'd probably go looking for a genjutsu to learn, stumble upon that darkness genjutsu created by Tobirama, and learn it. Why is that lucky? Because it is one of the few genjutsu that requires little to no chakra control and is extremely chakra intensive. Because of this quantity of chakra used, it is also extremely difficult to throw off. So, he'd have stumbled upon one of the only genjutsu he can learn right off the bat.
Axcel chapter 19 . 8/10
You would think Mizuki that since Mizuki realizes how weak he is, that he wouldn't want to pick a fight with someone whom he's jealous of when the source of that jealousy is the conscious recognition that said person is more powerful than himself. That is stupid. It is also exactly what he does, lol. Not even considering he wants to steal the most precious artifact of the strongest village who possesses all of the most deadly and skilled trackers and assassins in the world and is lead by the mother f*ing GOD OF SHINOBI!

Then there is the fact that Konoha has, what, three clans that make extremely potent trackers? Or fleeing into a nice, shadow-filled forest AT NIGHT when there is a clan of people who can control shadows and their range is limited primarily by the presence of continuous shadows. Which they'd have no problem with given the time and place Mizuki decided to flee through.

Wow, the more I think about it, the more I'm amazed canon Mizuki even had enough brainpower to think of using Naruto. Ten again, he thought that an academy student would succeed in stealing the Forbidden Scroll sooo...
Wolf Guard Miestwin chapter 34 . 7/15
"lied about being protected by only bandits"
Jeezus dude, did you even read what you wrote? Did you even run it through spell checker? I thought that after few couple thousand words you'll get better, not worse. I was wrong.
I have to force myself to read it, instead of enjoying it smoothly.
Dragon of Yin and Yang chapter 63 . 7/12
Fantastic story!
MGStarFire chapter 17 . 7/4
Why is naruto so weak he trained with 3 different teachers and he's weaker than in canon
abuabu90 chapter 13 . 6/23
Yayyyy Sakura betrayal or death
Akiho Tonoshi chapter 63 . 6/13
well. i must say i am fairly impressed with some of the ideas and character growth, differences in upbringing's and how it affects later in life.
however, there are some very major errors that just don't sit well with me, we'll start with the most detrimental, spelling, i know you said at the beginning you weren't very good at it but at some points i stop reading all-together just to laugh at the ridiculousness of the word you mis-spelled, others i had a hard time even understanding what you meant. personally im not a great spelling either, i found Google, and spell check work well(write or right, not wright this is a surname.)

after that is some simple research you could have done into the universe your writing about, great break through is a wind jutsu used in cannon frequently and consisted of gale force winds, instead of precise control, sounds like a better first jutsu to a chakra power house, doesn't it?
then, something that seems to happen a lot, your characters explain everything too much! they give away EVERYTHING thats going to happen before it does! there is foreshadowing, and then there is just giving away the plot. some times this happened even in your, non-speech paragraphs.
i cant stand it when the people in power, the hokage, ANBU, elite jounin, over explain and just give away information. in some places this is necessary, most of the time, especially at the beginning, your conversations of importances could be cut in half and have better affect.

with all that said this was finished six years ago, so not a fair judged of what you can do today and i did read all of it, though i just skimmed most of it.
Guest chapter 46 . 5/14
Naruhina is canon just u wait
kitsunefangirl chapter 28 . 5/12
Don't let people get to you about your grammar. Okay, yes, it is poorly done, but some of the best authors suck at writing. That's what editors(aka betas) are for. If it wasn't for spell check and the fact I read my story once to myself in my head, once out loud, once to a friend, and then have them go over it before I post, I'm pretty sure my stories would be just as bad. I don't know if you still read the reviews posted to your story, but just know you have a lot of people that love this, and once I'm done(been binge reading for five hours, and I posted this at midnight) I'm so checking out the sequel.
I hope you keep up with writing, because you are now one of my favorite Authors.
RayvnAshes2 chapter 8 . 4/11
Yeah...Itachi's creeping out.
Wondering which makes a person stronger: no emotions or strong emotions? Is he seriously going to experiment on his little brother? That makes him as bad as Orochimaru...
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