Reviews for What's Happening To Me Now?
wittyusernames chapter 16 . 11/30/2014
AWEEEEEE! I love this fic so adorable and sad!
KuroNoKiseki chapter 16 . 11/6/2012
Aww, what a heart-warming story ;) I also love when 009 suffer XD (Heck, I love it when my favorite character in a series suffer, I'm such a sadist hahaha)

I can feel the suspense as the other 00 cyborgs were worrying and working altogether with in order to ensure 009's health back to normal, though I kinda disappointed that the explanation about 009's disease and the cure for it are not detailed enough. But nevertheless good job for that and keep up the good work.

I rate this fic 5/5 and add this in one of my favorites.

P.S. As a proud yaoi fangirl, I admit that I enjoyed the bits of 002x009 that you have inserted in here. Yaoi FTW!
XxxAnimeWolfxxX chapter 13 . 7/8/2012
I don't know why, but I really like the scene where all the electrical appliances are going crazy. :)
XxxAnimeWolfxxX chapter 12 . 7/8/2012
Great chapter! Sorry 009, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying this disease. " Angst for the win!
XxxAnimeWolfxxX chapter 7 . 7/8/2012
Wow, I'm glad I'm getting into this story after it was finished, because I absolutely LOVE IT! :D I enjoy this angst very much. :3
sumomoon chapter 15 . 5/25/2010
good story and twist i thout the end went fast a little. romance would of been nice too.
MysticFantasy chapter 1 . 4/7/2010
excellent work. Are you going to write more? Hope you do.
cmccrzy chapter 13 . 6/25/2008
Damn... 009s GOTTA run out of stuff to suffer from SOMETIME. Great story - very interesting...
Onus of the Flesh chapter 16 . 6/19/2008
Oh my god! That whaz absolutly the best thing I have EVER read! I don't want it to end!
TheOldFanGirl chapter 16 . 6/18/2008
This was such a good story! I'm kinda sad that it is over yet happy too.
bottlecaps chapter 2 . 6/6/2008
I like how you portray 009's emotional side. its not really touched on in the anime.
artist-girl731 chapter 14 . 5/6/2008
please update soon!
BlueEyedAlchemist chapter 13 . 4/19/2008
o please update soon
artist-girl731 chapter 13 . 4/2/2008
Yay! XD this is awsome! please update soon!
Written Parody chapter 13 . 4/2/2008
Yay! Thanks for the update.

Great chapter, again. Love the twist. Keep it up and hope to see the new chapter soon
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