Reviews for House of Potter
Chris Fox chapter 14 . 9/19
I really enjoy this story and I hope to see more of it. But sadly the last update seems to have been many years ago... ;_;
blcoachmac chapter 13 . 9/16
I hope you finish this ! I love it!
blcoachmac chapter 10 . 9/16
Instead of on age line, each person wishing to enter should have to be escorted by their head of House or Head Master!
blcoachmac chapter 6 . 9/16
Last time Harry needs to go to the Burrow! Ron would not be a friend anymore!
Lewis James Potter chapter 13 . 9/2
Dragons in the Magical world are low in number in most fan fic and JK World so why use real eggs and not fake egg. Charley always love his dragons so he would have pushed the fake eggs to.

Great Story
Charlee56 chapter 9 . 5/28
Regarding the package that the owl delivered to harry, Harry did not became a package. Harry received a package. The use of the word became is extremely incorrect in this case. The proper word would be received.
Charlee56 chapter 7 . 5/23
Albus Dumbledore was NEVER the Supreme Mugwump of the Wizengamot. He was the CHIEF WARLOCK of the Wizengamot. Dumbledore also served as Britain's chief delegate to the International Confederation of Wizards, which elected him to serve that body as their Supreme Mugwump.
The Wizengamot never had a posting for a "Supreme Mugwump".
Charlee56 chapter 4 . 5/23
I like your story, and the pace it's taking. BUT- you are in serious need of an editor. Your grammar, syntax, punctuation as well as basic and some advanced vocabulary (septigonal pentagram? NO! SEPTIGRAM!) need correction. An editor or a Beta acting as an editor will help a great deal.
But do keep going! It's a great story!
Duchess67 chapter 14 . 4/4
I'm so happy Harry was able to go home for his very first FAMILY Christmas!
Duchess67 chapter 13 . 4/4
Oh how awful for Harry AND the dragons!
Duchess67 chapter 11 . 4/4
It makes perfect sense to me that Harry would continue his normal education, especially in light of his revelations about Dumbledore and his schemes!

I love the fact that Harry was able to stop the contract from forming in this fic, that was awesome! LOL I'll be surprised if Sirius allows Harry to continue at Hogwarts past the Christmas break.
csheila chapter 12 . 2/26

Keep up the counteroffensive
csheila chapter 11 . 2/26
Wake Hermione up, Harry
csheila chapter 10 . 2/26
This time Albus would enter Harry’s name
csheila chapter 9 . 2/26
The Black Heir will set off Lucy
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