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ranelone229 chapter 2 . 11/23
bigmac1 chapter 34 . 11/22
Loved the story.
PaC chapter 33 . 11/19
I do give props for this gag on explaining HOW baby Harry had that AK bounce back and destroy Voldemort.
That was very well constructed.

Dumbles getting the "anchor" in Voldy using Harry's blood.
I never visited those Potter more and Potter wiki sites, but when the books were coming out, it seemed many readers didn't follow how Harry the second AK killed the soul frag and not Harry.
FYI, the "KEY" of canon Dumlbes seeing "the anchor" is the brief smile Harry thought he might have seen, when he's speaking about his blood being used, near the end of book four,. Because UNTIL then, Dumlbes was planning on Harry needing to die.

Well, props at the "theory" for Lilly's "protection".
And while I'm at it, though it didn't float my Snape hating boat, you managed to invent straws that you didn't grab and mass together, in TRYING to portray a poor tragic "hero Snape". Despite it not winning me over, it WAS a LOT of work, to amass and be such a advocate in trying to defend Snape and portray him as an "un-thanked hero".

Even though I'm not finishing reading, most of this story, I do respect the work and effort in assembling it, writing it, a LONG one, not epic HUGE but damn long story, and completing it.
PaC chapter 34 . 11/19
Continuity error?
Or Dumbles "frown", "knitted brow, "deceptively calm, intended to tell readers it was ALL an act.

Bizarre silly, that Harry feels he "slipped up" and shouldn't have beaten Dumbles with such INFO about what the bastard did to baby Harry, dumping him with monsters.

Or maybe in being so uber forgiving of Snape, Harry forgives the poor suffering Dursleys, for being forced to take in a freak baby?

IF it was intended for Dumbles to not be surprised, I believe in early chapters, you referenced Dumbles knowing about Durskaban and Harry living in a cupboard, many times in early chapters of this story.

I'm bailing, leaving the fic at beginning of chapter 13.
Wondering just HOW slow it moves, & to skim and get an bit of where it went and ends, since I spent too many chapters slogging forward hoping I'd like it more, that it would "improve" to me wanting to finish it. I know skipping about every 5 chapters and skimming a while, that you had Dumbles AGAIN thinking about Harry's hell at #4 and living in the cupboard in chap 20. If I'm not mixing it up with other fics I read in parallel, I'd say a repeating gag, was "the cupboard" over and over being thought about or talked about by Harry and by Dumbles in the first 12 chapters..

With over 4000 favs and over 4000 follows, it's too bad so many failed to log and PM or review to help clean up the SPaG and continuity issues, though there were not that many, I've always wondered why a "few fans" of a story would not act as an extra "beta" AND make a list of SPaG and continuity errors and give it to the author.

I mainly just find the fic TOO snail paced, and MUCH TOO MUCH canon. And like SO many ADULT Harry in child body fanfics, this one seems to warp "the adult" into behaving like his body age in many ways. Not as bad as some but still, too much reverting to a pre-teen persona, even if a mature pre-teen often times. One would think for Harry to NOT have to PUT on the "ACT", but confiding in TWO he COULD have confided, would have been more interesting, than the gag of keeping Sirius and Remus in the dark, about his time traveling.

Like TOO many time travel fics, Harry soon is falling TOO much into a portrayal of actually being a "normal" student, studying and learning when it should be SHIT BORING as hell, for an adult. Should one use the canon or perhaps fanfic gag, of "get the spell" in class, ESCAPE writing an essay. Then REALLY, other than filling in great detail in theory, and refining spell casting to perfection, it otherwise would seem, to use the library and time, for independent ADVANCED studies, while polishing a bit, for perfection of his regular classes, or subjects like potions he did not excel in, or runes and arithmacy. PLUS there are no electives in first two years, so such a light load of classes should make it extra boring.

THE HUGE apologist attempt to portray Snape in even more of a tragic "hero" light than JKR, for ME it fails. I'm sure for the Snape sympathizers and lovers, they lapped it up greedily. A lot of effort and good try, just it doesn't work for me.

The "portraits" treated and referred to AS IF they ARE THE PERSON, as if they are THAT DEAD person, my view is rather delusional on the part of live, living persons, thinking of them that way. But maybe the author's view is quite different, as if some "imitation" of the dead, an animated portrait with some memories and personality traits, IS somehow equivalent to being a reincarnation of some dead person. I felt in trying to drum up sympathy for poor poor pitiful Snape, Harry seemed to do the opposite with James, Lilly, and especially Sirius. Near bashing them in bending over backwards to raise up Snape as some poor suffering under appreciated persecuted "hero".
Just compare WHO was screwed over worse.
Snape lost Lilly, in part of course, due to him telling Voldy the prophesy.
Lucius got off easier, Snape had to become Dumbes spy, but then unlike Lucius, Snape could survive without bribes or worry, no matter which side WON the "war", by being s spy for both sides.
Maybe a SOP Dumbles character might "trust" Snape, but canon is eye rolling, that Voldemort would "trust" Severus, not insist Snape drop his occulemency or potion Snape or require an unbreakable vow of his loyalty, ... NONE of that happening, is ludicrous. Spys in the magical world, seem too hard to manage to do, without some being very incompetent.
So "spy" Snape escapes time in Azkaban. Dumbles coddles him, allows Snape free reign to abuse his authority and bully students, make a mockery out of justice and the Hogwarts point system.
Canon Sirius, loses to death, his best friend, and his friend Lilly, and is locked up with Dementors for nearly 12 years.
Does Dumbles use his political power to HELP. Nope, Sirius unlike ALL the deatheaters gets no trial, does nearly 12 years in hell, and then has to remain on the run, then while hosting "the order" at #12, with a kiss on sight order on him, he lives a miserable few years, before being killed.
Compare THAT to Snape living the life of a "respected" and deserved "most hated" professor. Getting to bully like he did as a student, AND getting away with it. The idea Snape was ALL victim of mean James and Sirius? LOL, what fits a more unkind view, is Snape PUT those memories, specially selected, in the pensieve, for Harry to see, KNOWING Harry probably would look. Bad for fics NOT being kind to Snape to miss out on turning that canon gag around. Really, Snape doesn't want Harry to "see", but lets Harry see him remove the memories, then forgets and leaves them there for Harry to take a look? HA! Oh yes, just like Harry's life at Hogwarts, poor poor bullied Slytherns, Gryffindore bullies mistreating poor Slytherins like poor Snape was bullied.
Snape, and his fellow future deatheaters of Slytherin, of course they were all kind wonderful bullied victims of mean nasty Gryffindors.

Plus, canon facts easily fit a "evil Snape", from Snape taunting Black being useless, "hiding" in #12, while "heroic" Snape puts his live on the line, being the "brave spy". Well, you TRIED and for some reason, wanted to PUT Snape into a lead role.
You did for what I read, NOT make him change his nasty ass persona all that much, so good on not making Snape an OC, to try to do a character transplant to make him all sugar and sweet and misunderstood.
But in Harry's crusade to have Snape's portrait hung, ecetera, I thought it just became too much of a near bashing of dead Sirius and others, AND Harry too much an apologist. SNAPE WAS a bloody effing dirty DEATHEATER! He got some sort of guilt complex in learning his estranged former friend Lilly was targeted as her baby was to be murdered, turned to Dumbles and became a spy.
JKR might have done it for "drama", to heap more abuse on the hero, Harry Potter, but in making Snape so effing INSANE as to INSIST Harry WAS James, who Snape not only hated, was jealous of, despised, but then use being a professor, to "win", enjoy bullying "James", without any danger of "James" kicking his ass, because "James" was Harry Potter, a student who could not "fight back". Compare HOW and why the Dursleys could hide their abuse of Harry from other muggles, to how Snape gets away with his abuse and bullying students. Surely it's BS that professors and Dumbledore do not know at least SOME of the shit Snape does? So a neighbor a bit blind, and not reporting child abuse at #4? Versus professors, not blind, an assistant headmistress and headmaster to allow a professor to pretty much do the same, abuse students of 3 of the four Houses, and specially target some, like Harry and Neville?

Some sort of "lesser crusade" on Snape's behalf, that "THIS is the "TRUTH" " of "the man". This is the EVIL we know, much we don't, of the evil he did, and THIS is what he did in partially redeeming his evil deeds. That might float. The Harry crusade and passages of being so sympathetic and outraged at the injustice poor Sevy suffered, BLEAH!

And "SNAPE", not Sirius being Harry's confident.
Then ALL the professors, but NOT Sirius or Remus to ever know?
Completely upside down on that decision.
About one or two lamest of things in each chapter I'd have suggested changing, in the first 12 I read, IF I'd read this story while it was being posted.

Congratulations of the success and finishing it.
But other than skimming ahead from 13-34, I'm not going to read the rest, after reading 12 chaps of this. Too slow, too much canon with odd too child like at times 30 something Harry, repeating TOO much canon, just boring for me as well as SLOW paced.
Good try on TRYING to portray Snape as heroic.
But in my view, he'd maybe make a start on redeeming himself, his life, and his actions, after at least coming back to life 99 times and dying "a heroic" brave self sacrificing death 100 times, then MAYBE he might begin to wash away some of the sins of his pathetic shitty deads and life the bastard shit head committed.
TLDR -TOO OOC chapter 1 . 11/11
I found this while browsing another author's favorites list... I was a bit interested in time-travel for HP fandom, so I gave it a try. Wow. Just wow. I couldn't read more than half the chapter. For starters, your introduction left much to be desired. Much of this chapter is information that was given in the books, and it wasn't given in a meaningful way. There was next to no dialogue, it was very much "tell" instead of "show," which is not the best way to start a fic. It's basically a narrative thrown together to say how many abilities Harry got, without going through the fun part of how he got them.

Harry seemed to have gained a few TOO many OP abilities. I can understand an advanced knowledge of wards, spellwork, dark magic, creatures, etc. through his Auror training and experience, as well as his work during the war. However, 3 different animagus forms? And one is a phoenix? Too much. Something more believable would be changing his patronus, as that is something that happens naturally to people when they have huge changes in their life. I don't recall anywhere in the HP books where someone had more than one animagus form...

Portraits are not people. They are capable of communication between their own portraits, so they can be used as messengers for the people who own/contact the portraits. However, they are not that individual. They have some aspects of the original's personality, but they don't contain all of their memories and knowledge, nor are they capable of interacting in more than a limited capacity.

I was not fond of the entire Snape debacle. James made a very valid point that Harry skewed tremendously to suit himself. Paraphrased James: "Don't forget that Snape only asked for Lily's life and didn't care about mine or Harry's in the slightest. He wouldn't have bothered at all for the Longbottoms."

Harry gives a couple extremely twisted excuses for this, 1. That Snape didn't have a lot of options, he couldn't ask for all of the Potters' lives, so he chose only one, Lily, that he would ask to spare. Harry goes on to say that if you had to choose between someone you hated and someone you loved, you would choose the one you loved. 2. That Voldemort was fighting a war and thus couldn't spare his enemies.

Forgive me for this, but it fits here... Let me tell you why that's bullshit (at least for excuses).

it's true that anyone would choose to saved a loved one over someone they hated, that is NOT what Snape was doing. He asked Voldemort to spare Lily because he loved her, true, but you ignore the very large role he played in the death of the others.

He didn't choose to try to save the woman he loved, he chose to help Voldemort kill a family (her family). He did not throw himself valiantly in front of an evil man so save her life, while unfortunately being unable to do the same for her family members, because he is, alas, only a single man and has but one life to give for love and justice. Snape was serving the dark lord. He hurt/tortured/killed for him. He helped Voldemort plan to kill people. ONE TIME he said, "please don't kill this woman" since he liked her. It does not excuse his other actions. And no, he would have done nothing for the Longbottoms. He DID nothing for the Longbottoms when they were tortured to insanity. He DID nothing to save Harry's family except ask for Lily's life... after he helped plan the slaughter.

Harry throws out the ultimatums of "who would you choose" at his parents and Dumbledore in a way you intend to 'open their eyes' to their flaws... but in fact, those are not equivalencies. They are questions intended to hurt, confuse, and force others to Harry's viewpoint. Snape was not choosing to save one between someone he loved, liked, and hated. He was choosing to let countless innocent people suffer and die, repeatedly... then to save one while leaving her family to die/suffer.

Harry acts like it's a "you can only save one person once" situation, when it's actually, "you can kill everyone and anyone you want, just not her" situation. Also, Harry is big on "you can only save one" while ignoring the very big question, "If you COULD save everyone, WOULD you?" Snape at that time, definitely WOULD NOT, whereas James, Lily, and Dumbledore would have.

2. So... Vodemort is fighting a war and can't spare his enemies... Where is the clause where Snape has no choice but to join Voldemort and help him kill? You can say that he was scared, you can say he didn't want to die, and that the tattoo made it easy for others to track him down, but none of that requires Snape to be GOOD at his job. One thing about dark spells, you have to WANT to hurt people. You have to WANT to control people. You have to WANT to kill people. At some level, Snape wanted those things. It wasn't all fear, he legitimately thought he was better than others, particularly mud-bloods. The only exception(arguably) was the woman he loved, who he had driven away long ago.

This is for anyone who considers Snape a Saint/Perfect hero...

Consider if LILY had survived that night instead of Harry. Really. I want you to sit and really think about it. This woman just lost the man she loved, the man she had a child with, and he died trying to protect her and their son. She lost the child she gave birth to. Her first and only child, just a baby. Her BABY was murdered right in front of her. She lost her entire life to an evil man who hated people like her (muggle-borns). A man who was trying to control the wizarding world through fear, intimidation, and torturing/murdering people who got in his way. But that man, for some reason, doesn't kill her.

Now, she's sitting there, silent because she's already screamed herself hoarse. Her face is dry because she's cried out all her tears, and she's been there, unmoving, for so long that the tear tracks have all dried. While she sits there, cradling the corpse of her innocent baby boy(he'll never smile again, never laugh again, never wrap those tiny fingers around one of hers, never cry or suckle or burp or whine or sleep or wake or or or...), who walks in over her husband's cold corpse but Severus Snape. And he's SO relieved that she's alive. He confesses to always having feelings for her, since they were children. She stares in shock. Maybe she wonders how or why he's there. Maybe she thinks he has something to do with the double murders that just happened. More likely she doesn't think anything at all. She's not angry because she CAN'T care, she's so emotionally worn and devastated that she's not capable of any emotion besides loss. Snape embraces her, tells her he'll protect her, that he'll take care of her, like he did today. Lily smells sweat and aftershave; it doesn't mix well with baby powder and death. Snape goes on. He'd managed to convince the Dark Lord to spare her life, that shows how much the Dark Lord appreciates him, so Voldemort will ignore that Lily is a mud-blood (and alive) for Snape's sake. He tries to take the corpse from her, but she's holding onto it too tightly. He feels vaguely guilty about her child, but she's alive and that's what matters. He apparates them to his home. He feeds her, clothes her, and keeps her safe from Death Eaters and Voldemort, but she's never allowed to leave. He tells her over and over how much he loves her... Lily finds out how Snape was the one that caused her family (her child that she keeps wrapped up in a blanket(he's so cold)under her bed so Snape doesn't take it away) to be targeted by an evil madman...and Lily laughs.

Well, maybe not. Lily might go insane. She might commit suicide. She might become murderously angry and go around killing death eaters. Honestly, there are different ways this could turn out. (anyone who wishes to take that as a writing prompt can feel free, alternate endings are good things).


-Now... Is Snape a Hero? Because THIS or something similar is what Snape was expecting (barring the end where Lily either goes insane, commits suicide, or kills someone. I'm sure he was expecting her to be impressed by the depths of his love, to confess to having always had similar feelings for him, and to say that she'd never wanted to marry James or have his child, maybe she'd thank him for relieving her of the burden.) Snape expected Voldemort to kill James and Harry and leave Lily alive... presumably in part so he could have her. And why would Voldemort do this? Because Snape was such a good little Death Eater. Also, Voldemort would probably also demand that she have her tubes tied magically, just in case she was pregnant or could have another child (she HAD opposed him thrice after all). He's a villain, so he probably wouldn't let her live without something like an unbreakable vow, but that doesn't mean he couldn't make her barren.

The point of this is:

Snape's redemption comes ONLY with Lily's death and his subsequent guilty conscience. He chooses after her death to go against Voldemort, not because he suddenly sees that Voldemort was wrong and mud-bloods are equals, but because he can't forgive Lily's death. The only way he can try to forgive himself is by betraying Voldemort and helping others. He doesn't show a desire to help others. He hates himself. He hates Voldemort. He loves Lily. Whether he fights Voldemort out of hating him or out of love for Lily, the fact remains that he is not a Saint. He didn't suddenly gain a love of people. He grew to care about his house (which was full of people much like him). He grew to care (in a limited way) for certain people: Dumbledore(for helping him redeem himself), Draco(he sees Draco as a reflection of himself, and Draco is also family through Narcissa, I think? Not to mention the Vow he made to her), and he cares for Harry (solely because he is Lily's son and Snape feels guilty). In the end, Snape sacrifices his life to atone for
Sweet Shy Suz chapter 34 . 11/3
I love time travel stories, but I am always frustrated when the time traveler tries to change nothing. Ridiculous I say. That is why I loved your story so much thank you.
katmom chapter 34 . 10/28
Thank you for sharing this twist on canon. It was a joy to read!

dreamjanus chapter 8 . 10/18
I know this story is complete, but in both chapters 7 and 8 you overdosed on 'peeped'. You could easily use 'peered' or even 'looked' and depending on the wording of the sentence 'saw' could have also worked.

Otherwise I like the story so far.
Eisbehr chapter 34 . 10/13
Loved the Story!
Guest chapter 7 . 10/12
Ooh, Harry could've taken that chance and thought while making his potion, "This is pretty simple, it's like cooking for the Dursleys every day." And then an image to go with it, as well as a slight wince when Petunia hits him for pouring too much milk into the mix.
tinawinna chapter 1 . 9/27
I just have to say that Harry's passionate speech about Snape really struck home. This was exactly how I felt over Snape's situation and it was like you took the words right out of my head and put it to paper. So I just want to say thank you for understanding and thinking the way I do about Snape. :)
Ciel Moony chapter 34 . 9/26
Loved it!
Guest chapter 2 . 9/23
love it.
Fawkes1725 chapter 34 . 9/21
I really really enjoyed this fic! Well done! I look forward to any other stories you write.
Hanslaught chapter 34 . 9/19
Incredible story with excellent writing. I can't praise you enough.
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