Reviews for Harry Potter and the Trip to the Past
bellalib chapter 34 . 23h
Such a great story. I wish you would have said what happened with Draco .
jmw03u chapter 34 . 7/16
This was a truly wonderful story. I loved the bond between Harry and Snape and the friendship between Draco and Harry. Thank you so much for writing it!
Heart chapter 1 . 6/30
I LIKE this chapter. :)
Marquis of Murder chapter 1 . 6/30
Seems like you have a huge boner for snape
Gon Freaks chapter 10 . 6/26
No fucking way, no man would allow that to happen. Not even if he believed he was a good person, it was still an unprovoked attack on someone whom is a minor.
Face Yourself chapter 4 . 6/16
... Okay yeah, this is just plain rubbish. I tried to give it a chance and keep reading after the first few chapters, but no, it doesn't get better, it just gets worse.
Face Yourself chapter 1 . 6/16
Massive Snape worship (it's too much to call mere 'justification', don't go and ignore most of his opinions and actions and motives while just pointing out the very, very few decent bits), *and* more than one animagus form (impossible), *and* a magical animagus form (also impossible)? This is... not good. Not even remotely in the same general area as half decent.
Face Yourself chapter 3 . 6/16
Wait, he's sending Pettigrew to Dumbledore? Dumbledore, the same person who *knew Sirius was innocent this whole time and that Pettigrew was the secret keeper,* and *deliberately let Sirius sit in prison without a trial to keep him out of the way* so he could manipulate Harry? Has 25 years taught him nothing?
Tejas1989 chapter 1 . 6/10
Came here hoping for a good time travel fic, but couldn't get past the first chapter. Not that it is a bad fic. I just couldn't read through all the Snape-worship.
ZeroQi chapter 2 . 6/1
Ooooh boy, you're one of those people. Excuse the Terrorist known as Snape of his every misdeed, and the truly awful shit. Well, only idiots try to justify all of that, so I assume that's why you can't figure out how to use a comma either.

This story sucks.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/1
You know, honestly, this justifying of every decision and deed Snape ever did is kind of shitty. I'm not saying I think he's utter shit, though in all honesty, as a human being, he's close to it. He, in his very core, was a very mean person who had a little to no empathy for the students he taught.
The fact that he betrayed Voldemort was propelled by the fact that he killed Lily, but then was not sustained because he suddenly understood what Voldemort believed in was wrong. No. He did it because he found out Voldemort was cruel, cold, viscious and unpredictive.

And while I can understand a lot, bashing Lily because Snape went over the top is the worst. Tell me honestly, if your friend that always has been throwing a little racist jokes went full on nazi and then called you a silly negro/dirty jew/whatever you can relate to - would you keep that relationship?

Do you know who assaults you (be if physically or verbally) and then apologizes and swears they will change? Domestic abusers. I've seen a lot of them.
Snape was not a totally bad guy, but he's far from good, and justifying him because he had tough life is shitty as hell. You could justify if he was self-destructive, but he literally abused his student, was painfully biased, always excused and favoured Slytherins even when he knew they were in the wrong, gave punishments that even he knew were unjust - only for his petty satisfaction.

You wouldn't care that someone has been abused when they were children if they psychologically tortured your child.

I honestly don't know what people that justify Snape to this extent have in mind. He was a war hero, but that doesn't mean he wasn't a shitty person. Literally almost no one liked him after Lily, and it's not like he couldn't make friends, he just didn't want to and was so fucking mean. Patting him on head saying - poor Snape, he had such a miserable life - yes, he had, but most of it he has brought on himself. The only thing in which he hadn't have any choice was when he was abused at home. I can understand destructive behaviour in this case to an extent, but it was stated by JKR that Snape wasn't this poor little ball of helplessness in school, he knew how to defend himself and he gave as good as he got.

And he literally went to tell Voldemort about the prophecy, full well knowing that innocent people will be murdered because of it and he did not care. He did not care for the tortured people, he did not care for the murdered people.

I don't understand how you can even begin to try justifying that. Would you fucking go to a crime lord and fucking voluntireed and info that would get someone killed?
Voldemort did not even know that Snape has heard it. He didn't need to tell it to him.
You could say he had no choice as Voldemort was a very skilled mind reader. Well fuck that.
The fact alone that Snape was in a fucking group of people who HE KNEW murdered innocent people just because of their identities is fucking vile and must I remind you HE DID NOT CARE then in the future that what he did was wrong. He only did regret it because Lily dies. That's it. The only reason.

He was literally a fucking terroist - he belonged to and supported a terrorist group.
He might have redeemed himelf for those things with his later sacrifice, but he was still through and through - an ugly, toxic personality.

And while I do think he has some qualities that are good and I kind of like his character I don't think it's ok to justify someone who either aided a murderer in their murder or was passively supporting murders of a lot of people.

Not gonna read the reast, I feel nauseated.
pasokditto chapter 34 . 5/15
A most enjoyable read. One of my favorites. Thank you
CarolWim chapter 16 . 5/9
I felt that the story went very well. The way how you described the suspecious of Snape and Dumbles was very good. The suspense went up chapter after chapter, until Snape found out. Then it became boring.
Luna Potter yay chapter 34 . 5/8
Great work! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it! And you finished it- I don't know when I last read a finished time travel fan fiction! Okay I probably could remember if I tried- but I shall not. Hope your life is going well and that this random review makes you smile :)
kirasakuy chapter 34 . 4/29
Very Good Fanfiction
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