Reviews for Let It Be
Unashamed1 chapter 1 . 9/26/2007
Dear PassionateDarkness:

First of all, congradulations on your little one. Baby girls are among the best things in the world (I should know, I just had one enter mine in the form of a niece).

Alright, now, to bussiness. I wanted to drop you a line about this story for two reasons:

1. It's simple and beautiful at the same time, and I appreciate this reare and precious combination;

2. This is a unique paring (at least that I've seen) but it's an interesting one. In fact, I just happen to have been wondering about this earlier today. Remus and Lily's character data matches very well, yes? So well that two people with as much in common as they have would fit well together in real life? So...why don't they in fiction? It's nice to see a paring that's almost irresistable but rarely explored make it onto the page.

I also want to offer you a kudos on your style. I like authors who don't tell everything up front, but authors that don't tell at all are even better, if they can do it well. You did, in my opinion. Never useing James' name (and even waiting to use Remus' until later) let the reader infer what was going on, which made me feel more involved in the picture you were creating. This, of course, makes it a more enjoyable ride.

The suggestion I would offer you (because I try not to leave a review all praise and no help) is that, if this idea still appeals to you, and you find yourself in the mood to write, you could expand it. There's fodder for some interesting fiction here.

Enjoy the little one, and I hope to see you around here again sometime.

God bless.