Reviews for Reflections of a Nothing: The HalfLife
Black Scepter chapter 3 . 3/21/2008
Michael here,

Ah, Dreams of an Absolution for her theme? I knew about I Am All of Me but I didn't see this one coming, I assume this is original version then.

Ah sorry, now onto the story: What Hurts the Most, a song that perfectly fits a lost life moment. I also realize that the date of this story is a little off, for one thing Larxene is alive and yet Hayner and the others would recognize Axel? It's not bad, I only just started reading the story so I'm just trying to settle with the story's pace.

An interesting look an Axel becoming a Nobody, unless they explain it in the upcoming games, his becoming was quite a mystery. 13 is his unlucky number? Heh. explains why his friendship with Roxas didn't end so well; yes, friendship, not relationship... he's not gay!

*Ahem*, sorry about that. Anyway, if a birthday is the day you became a Nobody then it is not a happy ocasion that's for sure.

Catch you later,

PS; Did you know that Axel is actually a real name? Go figure.
Black Scepter chapter 2 . 3/20/2008
Michael here,

I know for a fact that the song is from Mulan, and I really can't imagine anyone else being Number XI than Roxas. Although the new DS game is supposed to have someone who was number 13, till Roxas came along that is.

Man, Nobodies hae arough existence, by not existining. Bummer.
Sciencefictionsquirrel chapter 1 . 12/15/2007
Hey, Faer. Is good fic.