Reviews for Where You Belong
kanjichibi chapter 39 . 8/7
Great chapter.
kanjichibi chapter 37 . 8/7
This is the best chapter so far in the whole story. Awesome chapter.
kanjichibi chapter 36 . 8/7
Loopy Meredith is a lot of fun.
kanjichibi chapter 15 . 8/7
Good chapter...
kanjichibi chapter 12 . 8/7
good chapter...
kanjichibi chapter 11 . 8/7
great chapter.
kanjichibi chapter 3 . 8/7
good chapter.
kanjichibi chapter 2 . 8/7
Meredith trying to convince Bailey and Derek that she was sober is one the funniest moments in the whole show.
kanjichibi chapter 1 . 8/7
good start for the story.
EllieMoon chapter 120 . 6/28
The intern year is not actually part of the residency. There's the internship, five years of residency, and then the fellowship.
Kate chapter 118 . 6/21
Do you still see new reviews? If so, I've read this story many times and love it. And I've left reviews already. But I just re read this chapter today (118) and had to stop to tell you that I've always thought that it's especially beautiful.
Guest chapter 125 . 4/30
Oh my God, this story was so amazing. I started reading this after I watched last week's Grey's episode, you know THE worst episode in Grey's history, because I wanted Derek and Meredith to have a happy ending and you so delivered. It was so good and I liked it so much that I'm kind of sad that I finished it :). SO yes thank you for the awesome story that really picked my spirits up after the horror that was 11x21!
RSparkles chapter 131 . 2/17
I actually have no words for how perfect this story is. I've spent a couple of weeks reading it and it feels kind of sad that I actually came to the end lol. It's just so great and I love it so much. I think it is the best fanfiction I've ever read. No, I don't think. I know.
MissRe chapter 131 . 2/10
Alright - that chapter made me cry in a good way. I loved the way you handled it and gave us little views into their future. I liked how you worked everything into the story while staying true to your characters. It has been an amazing ride. Thank you for bringing us along with you.
MissRe chapter 130 . 2/10
I really enjoyed your version of this talk. I can totally see Meredith being that serious - she has experienced the bad side of it. Like Derek, I think that will just help make her great at it. Seriously, the whole chapter had me warm and gooey. Awesome work!
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