Reviews for Harry Potter and The Acts of Betrayal
TiffersStar1989 chapter 20 . 11/1
wow love the story... you seem to really enjoy using the reducto curse in this story at least it was used effectively lol.
Moonkat85 chapter 20 . 9/8
I loved your story. It was awesome. Thank you for writing this story.
Guest chapter 20 . 8/19
TL;DR Harry's penis is so entitled that it needs two vaginas to make it politically happy.
Concolor44 chapter 20 . 8/10

I don't believe I mentioned it before, but I deeply appreciate your attention to the niceties of Standard English.

Bravo on all counts. Adding to Favorites.
Concolor44 chapter 12 . 8/10
Wow. This is a level of evil one doesn't typically see in a Dumbledore-bashing fic. He's downright CASUAL about planning the deaths of those in the way of his 'Greater Good'. Eesh.
Guest chapter 20 . 8/1
This is a good fanfic. Very creative storyline.
johnny99 chapter 20 . 7/23
Mixed feelings on this one. Beginning started out promising, but characters, tone, and plot seemed to shift following the weddings, to the point that Harry himself seemed to be a secondary character.

Too bad. This is very old, so I doubt the author cares at this point. Thanks for writing regardless.
Jestrbob chapter 7 . 7/19
Actually, this rite of marriage is good. After reading ages ago, doing a reread of some of the better stories is nice. Thanks across the year span of years!
chaoyue580966 chapter 1 . 7/16
V2H chapter 20 . 7/15
I hate to compare it to such a low bar, but that was much better than Deathly Hallows. Thank you.
V2H chapter 18 . 7/15
I always appreciate Best Flitwik.
dead feather chapter 20 . 6/28
Kudos for finishing the work!
But I always wonder, why Lilly? Is it a country question maybe. Here Severus is called Kalkaros in the translated books. Maybe Lily potter is translated as Lilly somewhere?
gabrieljuarezl chapter 20 . 5/22
Tks for sharing
Darknessdawns chapter 20 . 4/29
Well this was an interesting piece. The beginning was a bit rough with the backtracking and dual points of view on the same scenes. However it all worked out well after a few chapters. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect with the betrayals. You really surprised me with how everything resolved relatively carnage free. The whole thing with the marriage contract between Lord Black and the Greengrass family was also completely unexpected. Over all I did enjoy this story. The political aspects and bits of world building were my favorite parts. There's also something I just love about Harry taking charge of his life and the situations he finds himself in. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to write and share this. It was definitely an interesting story that took things in a unique direction. It's definitely the first I have seen the end of Voldemort happen this particular way.
HeartsGlow chapter 11 . 4/21
I'm reading this again for the 'nth' time (I don't remember how many times I've read it.) Love this story
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