Reviews for Harry Potter and The Acts of Betrayal
Publicola chapter 13 . 8/30
I usually skim fics that I read, so when I originally saw this story I didn't catch a particular line that would have made me instantly close-box. Seriously, you have Harry call Ron "the brother he never had" and beg Arthur that "I don't want to kill my brother." After all that Hermione went through, after the mind-control potions are long since flushed from his system, what the hell?

You made this story take a terribly grimdark turn with potions and rape and MOB!Dumbledore and angsty indie!Harry out for revenge... but then you keep Harry's closeness with the Weasleys intact? Of all the things to keep unchanged, he doesn't consider that maybe the fact that the entire family is closely allied with the Headmaster and the youngest two children were responsibly for raping or conspiring to rape both he and his wife... Harry doesn't consider that maybe the parents of such a family might not be quite so worthy of his trust or respect?

And that's not even to mention that hilariously inadequate 'penalty' required of Tonks. She has to answer to the name she was born with? Oh, woe is her. You use as many waffle words as you can to get around the fact that what Tonks did by every conceivable standard was rape. Given that this was a sixteen-year-old boy who was drugged for months on end in order to be repeatedly sexually assaulted with penetration by a female police officer seven years his senior... your denying or whitewashing the fact that *this was rape* is pretty much exactly why there is a Men's Right Movement in the first place. Contemptible.
H. Sanders chapter 20 . 8/27
I re-read this story again today. it has one of the most unique ways of defeating tom riddle that i have ever read. love almost everything that you have written, and look forward as always to anything new that you have to offer!
Jen chapter 20 . 8/22
Squarekiddo chapter 19 . 8/20
Oh yes, btw, You dont mention Daphne in the description, some people would not take kindly to such a surprise as polygamy, now lucky me I really like Daphne, but Im 1 person.

I thinking editing the description would help you quite a bit,
Squarekiddo chapter 20 . 8/20
15 kids and counting in 19 years... dedication, all though I dont see the periods where she could possibly have lost the weight in between.
Squarekiddo chapter 7 . 8/20
Yup, in fact in was so Sappy i skipped it XD
Zyenna chapter 20 . 8/18
I like how you ended this story. It is a well thought out and well told story. Keep up the awesome work!
Guest chapter 20 . 8/14
Incredibly entertaining, thanks for this very smart story
loleo chapter 20 . 8/10
In the story end only felt one LAST sentence: "And he is. He enjoys his life as our husband and stay at home Dad as much as Daphne and I do in our jobs in the ministry."

I think, that would be the really best end for THIS Harry Potter in THIS story.
allenx14 chapter 20 . 8/6
Awww adorable
MartinDeShade chapter 7 . 8/5
I just don't see it. They are going back? Why? Tell Luna and Neville to leave the country and then don't look back. They have no allies in government and they don't need the education of Hogwarts. The only thing to go back to is kill a boat load of people, but they don't have the training or experience to pull it off.
protective-kitsune chapter 20 . 7/28
This was a really good story!
Karatekid-Ninja chapter 20 . 7/27
I really enjoyed this story, I thought the plot was good, my only problem was that it didn't mention in the synopsis that it was a H/Hr/DG story... While I don't normally read threesome stories or multi partner stories, this was pretty good.
Fast Frank chapter 19 . 7/21
Posthumus Order of Merlin for Ron?
DragonTamer01 chapter 19 . 7/23
Mrs. Finch-Fletchly, if you want to discover what magic is made of, I'd HIGHLY recommend you take a trip to the various island chains in the Pacific Ocean and learn about the concept of Mana. I'm convinced that that would be the PERFECT place for you to start.
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