Reviews for Harry Potter and The Acts of Betrayal
Vegasman59 chapter 20 . 9/21
Guest chapter 20 . 9/18
WONDERFUL! Simply a wonderful story. I must say though, I never imagined that as a way to kill the Dork Lard. I mean, using a Loyalty Contract that he signed 46 yrs. ago to finally end hi rein of terror forever was unique. I've never come across that in any other HP fan fiction I've read. Thus I thank you for doing it in such a unique way.
Bronze chapter 19 . 9/18
Please explain to me how the Dork Lard could send six recruits into a long term care ward and one extremely experienced one and loose all six? That's gonna set him off like nothing else yet has!
Bronze chapter 17 . 9/18
Why am I not the least bit surprised that Dumblewhore will do his utmost to protect rapists in his school? He allows and encourages his Death Eater/Potions Professor to insult, degrade and destroy any student not under his direct control. He's no longer running a school. It's degraded into something else entirely. Dumblewhore has dragged what once was a world class school so far down the standings that it'll almost take closing the school and firing all the staff before anything'll get better. Of course firing the headmaster and totally revamping the system wouldn't hurt either.
Bronze chapter 12 . 9/16
Good lord! Does the moron EVER learn form his mistakes?! First it's the old families won't stand for Harry marrying a muggle born. Now he thinks it's his right to decide who Neville can date and/or marry! He just keeps digging deeper and deeper! Must be his age catching up with him. Either that or having been told how great he's suppose to be for so long, he stating to believe his own publicity. He continues in this vein he won't live much longer.
Bronze chapter 10 . 9/16
Ok, this went in a different direction after the first or second chapter then Rocking the Boat. But I think I've read this before. I'm just not sure I finished it. But it good. And I'll certainly finish it this time.
Bronze chapter 2 . 9/16
Didn't you rewrite this with a different title? I ask as there's another story no this site called Rocking the Boat and it's pretty much identical to this.
Runadaemon chapter 20 . 8/30
You know, when I read the first chapter, you wrote that this story wasn't one that was new, and it had been done before, but frankly, as one who has read so many HP fanfictions that I couldn't possibly try to count them all, I have to disagree. This story is rather memorable, actually. Many components have been used before, this is true, but I don't think I've seen the Tonks rapist before, and I'm not sure about the Fealty method of disposal either. The way you weave them all together into one action packed novel is also quite unique. Even after having read this work over a year ago, I was still familiar with it, and happy to read it again.

Basically, you do good work, my dear, and I appreciate the opportunity to read it. Thank you. Happy Writing!
Guest chapter 1 . 8/22
You probably know by now but it's horcruxes not hor"O"cruxes, just saying :P
anjiepotter05 chapter 8 . 8/11
I don't believe what are you playing with Harry and hermione. it just seems wrong. and you favour two wives.
DearDeathDay chapter 9 . 8/10
Nope. Sorry, good story until it broke into a threesome based on magically binding contracts.
I don't dish the noshing with more than one person, personal preference I suppose - I'm selfish as well. When I find someone, they will be - romantically - mine.

Good try though, but harem fic's don't pickle the right way in my head.
MrBogus chapter 20 . 8/4
Damn, this is seriously a good cliche HP story. Though, for the time the story was written, I guess, you really can't call it that cliche. The franchise was rather young then. Nevertheless.. This is a good one.
thekecmaster chapter 20 . 7/15
This was an interesting story & well written.
Cayar chapter 17 . 6/30
I was very amused when I saw that apparently you've been calling the Unspeakables by the title 'Unmentionables', since this is also a euphemism for undergarments.
adouglas.buffs chapter 20 . 6/21
This was absolutely wonderfull to read
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