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Guest chapter 2 . 10/23/2013
Guest chapter 1 . 10/23/2013
Guest chapter 1 . 10/23/2013
pot calling the kettle black
truegold-dragonstar chapter 4 . 10/17/2008
Hi, me again... told you you wouldn't get rid of me.

I know exactly how they feel reading that. Cracked me up, and I know it's not real! (galaxies beyond space? Hello? Earth to scriptwriter here). Just trying to imagine what it would be like to hear it if it really WAS real... *laughing*

I read your reviews on this and realised that I am exactly the balance you need, because I'm a Mark girl through and through, and I loved this story because it shows all the things that are good about Mark (and manages marvellously to avoid all his weaknesses :-D). But seriously, the characterisation is really strong and I recognise the people I see. I don't have the same attitude/age problem I saw earlier, either; now Princess has a crush, Tiny and Keyop bicker and fight over food, and Jason isn't taking the most responsible and mature approach possible to his problems (I have a lot of sympathy, and they're so massive that I wouldn't expect him to, no judgement intended), I can again believe that these guys are my age.

I'm not sure, however, about Keyop's age. Bearing in mind your AU, I'm not sure if maybe you're envisaging him behaving a bit more mature than he does in the series, because THAT Keyop is never a mature fourteen. A mature eleven or twelve, yes. What you've done isn't bad, but I'm sort of oscillating from thinking that you've only changed the facts and you meant his behaviour to stay the same (in which case, I think you've miscalculated slightly, he acts younger than you say he is), and that you actually meant him to show added maturity. I needed more clues if you're changing something that important.

Anyway, loved it. Really loved it. See you again...


ps - um... how I came to be here... I'm on a gap year, I'm living in digs in the week to be near my job, all my friends have gone to university, it's lonely and boring, I'm an anime fan, I was looking for something I'd never seen that would have millions of hours of screen time to keep me occupied, and (here I am cutting out the long and convoluted explanation you really don't want to hear) BotP came up, and I'm still enough of a kid (and let's face it probably always will be) to get really into it. Loved it all (ok, will pass on That Stupid Robot, but otherwise...), hopped over to fanfiction afterwards to see what other people thought, and found your name which I recognised so I opened your stuff and got directed back to the beginning of your AU.
Math Girl chapter 3 . 11/25/2007
An excellent chapter, Cath. I like the fact that Keyop's stutter has been reduced, and the way that Jason and Mark are slowly coming to terms with one another. J's experience with the car-testing team obviously agrees with him, and he's right... automatic transmission cars stink. I love stick shift vehicles, myself. Using Princess' point of view is working well, even though Jason remains my favorite character. Your story series may be AU, but it far exceeds the quality of the original show, in my opinion. Good job!

Math Girl chapter 2 . 10/21/2007
Lots of reactions, here. First, it is deeply distressing (but inevitable) to see Jason pushed out of primacy on the team. Mark's beating him at hand-to-hand combat *hurt*. On the other hand, it's good that he's taking an interest in his racing career. I always wondered about the aerodynamics of the Phoenix when she opens up to launch Jason's car. Guess in cartoons, it doesn't matter, or maybe they have a sleek hull force field, of some sort. Keyop's background was sad; I really felt for him, having been so completely altered, through no choice of his own. PFEH! Blue eyes! Princess is clearly blind, or deluded... but you already know how I stand on the Jason vs. Mark issue. Funnily enough, I can't help comparing the two teams (G-Force and Thunderbirds) finding that the more militaristic structure of ISO changes the group dynamics, considerably. That, and their not being relatives. Anyhow... suppose I'll get used to that interloper of a Marek, eventually... (grumbles) Any explanation for the use of "Bird-Style", by the way? Looks cool, but seems like an odd combat fashion choice. Sorry, I'll stop being random, now. Very much enjoying, looking forward to next installment.

Math Girl chapter 1 . 10/21/2007
Hah! Back to reviewing! Go, me! Seriously, I'm enjoying all of the detail, and the interplay between Jason, Princess and Tiny. I don't much like Anderson, but I suppose that's to be expected; he's a jerk. It's interesting to postualate that Jason's self-imposed disability leads to Mark's replacing him as the team pilot. He's still hot, though. Good work.

transmutejun chapter 2 . 10/9/2007
Oh, I'm enjoying this! I always find it fun to see people's takes on how the team got together, and yours is one of the most original, and intriguing, I've found. I'm even laughing slightly to myself about Princess' instant attraction to Mark, but I think you know why that is... ;-) In any case, I'll be keeping an eye out for the next chapter!