Reviews for While You Were Gone
Lady Imara chapter 4 . 10/18/2007
I think I have a new favorite story! I love Hermione and Fred together and you portray them so well. I can almost feel their emotions. This is really great.

SeanEmma4Evr chapter 4 . 10/18/2007
I think I've told you this before, but it doesn't make it any less true; you're ability to change your own personal characters while maintaining their own attributes is astouding! I love how you're creative enough to distinguish the traits J.K. created (lol, it's as if we all know her personally) and your own, more personal spin. You've kept Hermione the bookworm, but unlike 'Secret Life,' 'BIT,' or even 'OITWOD,' you've made her an entirely different person here. She's a prankster, someone more easy-go-lucky, and so forth. Amazing job, really.

As for this chapter, strictly adorable. You had me cracking up throughout, ESPECIALLY THE STARING CONTEST! I was busting up over that. Just the short little interlude really made my day. I like the way you did that through this chapter; just writing short little stories to explain so much. I can't believe that many years passed!

I'm looking forward to see Harry and Ron's response. I'm sure both of them will not only resent Hermione for this, but the feelings of guilt will come about too. They had the opportunity to take her along and they didn't. Now - not that I won't deny them of anything; I'm sure they'll get their own lives started at home again - they'll get to see first-hand what everyone else already saw - that Hermione and Fred were meant to be and the newer trio is (lol, at least in your story) the stronger one. Yeah, that will probably be a little blow to the ego.

I'm selfish enough to say I do hope you update soon, but take care of yourself. I know how hard everything can be (midterms, internship, my best friend's serious illness has me on bloody edge) so just take some time to relax. I say take a second to breathe, go read a book, watch some Dane Cook comedy, get a good night's sleep, and then approach the day again. It may help getting your mind cleared.

Great chapter - can't wait for more!

FmaFan10 chapter 4 . 10/18/2007
ok omg, i loved this chapter! please update soon! and are harry and ron ever going to come home soon?
Cibbler chapter 4 . 10/18/2007
This must be the first story Ive read where Ive become more then just a little annoyed with mr. Harry Potter.

Other then that its been great fun so far. Loved the twins with Hermione teamup and how it progressed from there.

Looking forward to the next chapter(s)
kazfeist chapter 4 . 10/18/2007
You know, this was a nice chapter...this could even be an ending chapter and the story, thus far, be entered in a ficexchange. You really don't need to do R/H points of view. :D
misssweetsweet chapter 4 . 10/18/2007
They're lives look like they're shaping up nicely. I don't look forward to seeing when Harry and Ron arrive back home, mostly because I expect them to behave like Grade-A Jackasses. I enjoyed reading this chapter. But, I do look forward to the next chapter!
Sampdoria chapter 4 . 10/18/2007
Loved this chapter! The realationships where brilliant, absolutely brilliant! I almost feel sad for Ron and Harry, they have missed out on so much, moments they will never have with the family and friends.

Update again soon!
UniverseInsideofYourHeart chapter 2 . 10/18/2007
perverted monkey chapter 3 . 10/18/2007

Amanda, my darling, lets run away together. With you, the most brillaint writer of the age, and me, being alright in the looks department, we could take the modern world by storm.

I can't believe how fantasagorical you are. I pine AND perish for your next installment of this passionate,angsty and hillariously joke-ridden adventure.

I have never felt well inclined towards Hermione Granger, but now that she is the third member of our favourite Devilish Duo, who could help but love her?

Though i do feel that a hair colouring is needed for the full effect. Who doesnt love a mischeivious red head?

I think it is very selfish of you to want to actualy socialise or even leave your house when this prodigy is waiting to be born and thrust upon the world of FanFiction.

I anxiously await the return of our pig-headed,unfeeling, utterly MALE antagonist and laugh as they try to clear up the sticky but tasty mess they seem to have unwittingly created.

Do not fail me, darling! I split my time between building a shrine for you( and finding some idnorant natives to worship at it) and spreading the news that the greatest author since God wrote the Bible has dained to come among us!

Happy Hunting!

Perverted Monkey.
BubblesPopElectric chapter 3 . 10/17/2007
ok. i was so ready to turn to the next chap and then... KaBoom! there was no more chaps! i am so sad! :( plz plz plz update soon! i want to know wut happens next! plz!

or i might die from something. and noone wants to die from said something. that something is called... anticipation. dun dun dun.

no pressure or anything. lol.


galloping-goose chapter 3 . 10/17/2007
It seems odd to think of Fred or George paying ANY attention at all to papers and technical office type stuff. It's know?

Hey! I watch Friends too! We should get together and discuss! I'd like to know their opinion on the ugly naked guy. And have they seen the episode with the falangies?

Yeah, RIGHT, they don't know they're touching each other! I've known every touch I ever did give somebody I was close to!

Uh...Snape is not worse than Voldemort. That being said...lots of people have greasy hair...even I, on occasion, have been unfortunate to have faltered in the hair-washing segment of my schedule. Does that make me a descendant of Snape? No! Certainly not, and I stand up for all us injusticed by the cruel remark that was just made!

Hey! I've seen YOU sneer! Does that mean YOU'RE a Malfoy cousin? Eww! Shame, shame, thy name is Amanda!

I'll bet they went to Mr. Mike's for dinner. Best salad bar in town! Now THAT'S romance!

As long as a random threesome (or foursome, if Crookshanks shows up) doesn't start, I'm fine with this sleeping together thing...


Aw...I like the relationship between George and Alicia...I wish this was a George and Alicia fic...

I know what Fred was doing in the back...heh heh...imagining his audience was naked o'course!

Oh...or maybe I wish this were a George/Lee fic...maybe George, Lee, AND Alicia, lol!

Okay, are just getting me TOO excited with this whole Fred eating icing off Hermione's face thing. That was just way too sensual and steamy for my virginal little mind...

Aw...poor Georgie...poor, poor Georgie...bested by and jealous of a couple a ten year olds. I don't want to read the Alicia/ten year old boys fic! Leave that up to Michael Jackson!

“ I don't want to lose that because we had a... whatever” - That is SO Grey's Anatomy! I always knew Fred was a fan! Who's his favorite character? I'll bet he has a thing for McDreamy!

She was going to quit him? QUIT HIM? Holy, Brokeback Mountain.

You're supposed to be my forever was sweet, but when you use comparisons involving your parents, it gets a little bit creepy...though because it's Arthur and Molly, it's not AS creepy, and it's more on the sweet side, so I'll say that this one deserves an 'aw.' beast...Hermione thinks George is a sexy beast...which means she thinks Fred is a sexy beast...anyway...I think George and Alicia seem a lot cooler then what Fred and Hermione are acting like right now...

I hate when things get awkward between two 'forevers'...kills the loving mood, you know? Makes me sad...

Okay, first off: isn't it just crazy how people will begin to talk faster and spew random junk whenever they're caught in a situation they don't want to be in, or feel guilty about? Good one on making Hermione that way. And secondly, why would George be mad? hasn't he been dropping hints for something like this to happen for AGES? Mhm...ain't he smart?

Naw, I think they should just give up and SHAG already!

Darn prostitutes, always taking the Polyjuice Potion and disguising themselves as Hermione, so they can run their fingers over his chest.

Hermione should be more offended Fred's willing to share himself with her and the prostitute. I would be!

Leaves are not meant for bug! Bugs actually eat relatively few leaves, if you think of all the different species, and their diets. Geez, wizarding school really leaves you out in the cold for knowledge, huh?

I doubt she'd meet them already sobbing just because she was angry Hermione forgot a casserole.

Lol, the only thing that can stop Molly Weasley from hugging somebody...burning dinner.

A little EARLY for them to be living together? Is she insane? They were living together SO long before anything even happened! Crazy kook!

Ah's alright...but your story's better. It's coming along nicely!
galloping-goose chapter 2 . 10/17/2007
WHAT! I want to see gnomes rocket out of holes!

lol...Hermione has herself a pranking personality now...I saw that when she mentioned how great Sunday tea would be if they aimed a little more to the left...come to think of it...I'd like to see that too, lol!

CHILD ABUSE! CHILD ABUSE! Mrs. Weasley hits her son in the head with a spatula...that's just great. Somebody needs to report her to the authorities before this gets out of hand...

Poor Hermione, led to think Molly hates her.

“Keep you busy, tryin' to keep us in line” Well, when you put it that way...nah, doesn't sound like fun at all actually!

LOL! Is it wrong that part of me wants her not to agree so they will move her stuff in the middle of the night and she can wake up all confused and stuff?

On our brother Percy's morals? Is that a good thing?

Ah, see? Even Hermione doesn't know!

What they heck's Bill doing in the bathroom for fifteen minutes? And that's so cruel, whatever the prank was! I don't think I can agree with a charm on the toilet seat, no matter how funny it is. That's just cruel and unusual!

Oh my God! . Even I had a thrill of terror run through me when Fred said she'd eaten the chili too!

I always think Fred and George would share a room, even when they'd grown up and moved out on their own, lol...

I like the mints and oranges smell better!

I want to be there, between the two brothers, on that bed...but not in a sexual way! I wouldn't make dinner though! No siree Bob!

I'll march with George! With signs, marching and rhyming chants! Take that!

“I just enjoy marking my territory,” he told her winking. “I'd piss on it, but we have to eat her once a week.” LOL! Nice typo! Classy!

Why the hell is mid afternoon on a Wednesday one of their busiest times? Do wizards get welfare?

You don't ever have to eat things you don't like. Not when you're a grown-up!

YAY GEORGE! Strike a blow for everyone out there! See, if Crookshanks likes the veggies, but George doesn't, why shouldn't Crookshanks eat them?

Since when is Hermione their mother? Stupid bint, taking ice cream away from Poor Georgie...

Yeah, I'd eat it while she was asleep too! She can't very well sleep with the ice cream. Ingenious plan!

They're like, what? Twenty? “George, you know you love to ride on the end of the cart while Fred pushes it,” ...Ah, never mind...I get like that sometimes too...George and I are practically soul mates...

What the hell? Why was George half naked and in a tree? I don't even get that bad on chocolate syrup. I could probably do cocaine AND ecstasy TOGETHER and not be that bad! I was just about to saw that...a mutated lawn tree. I like it though.

Can George not function by himself? He needs Hermione's help to buy things from a food stand?

And can Fred not just suck it up and pick the sand out of those uncomfortable places by himself?

LOL! I love how it ended: “Have you ever read Hogwarts: A History.” Awesome.

I love the interludes. Everything seems so carefree and happy and funny. Nice.
galloping-goose chapter 1 . 10/17/2007
Your prologue is what JK's epilogue should have been like, lol...

Yeah...Ron of all people...the first word that pops into my mind is certainly not 'soul searcher...' lol

Canada IS nice this time of year...whatever time of year it happens to be that he's talking about...Come on over!

First the Simpsons, then the kids from South Harry freakin' Potter and his one – man entourage! How can Canada stand it? Will they see the sights? Will they Boil? Will they start a tree fire in the desert? But most importantly...will they meet ME? Oh, whatever, you won't get to that anyway...

Her cats! Speaking of cats...where's Crookshanks? LOL! Now I'm just doing it because it's tradition!

Forge to her Gred...Nice! I love it! I tried to think of a better one, but couldn't!

“ the offending white liquid from its perch only to realize she wasn't even drinking milk “ - You're heading pretty quick into the relationship stuff, don't you think?

Why are they not wearing shirts around her? And PFFT! I highly doubt they have 'manly' physique...they look skinny...though, goodness knows...there are some out there with the hidden muscles...I know two. think you know a them skinny, and then WHAMMO! They show you their six – pack! Is that what's going to happen? Oh yay!I've guessed it already! This isn't a very good suspense story...

I know what's under their pants!

While I do agree that 'Fremionerge' is an awful moniker...' Germioned' Isn't THAT Germans...killed the Jews...Git 'em Auror Granger!

What? Oh...uhm, yeah...great story. I like it so far. Should prove to be very interesting...and quite humorous with Fred and George around...
MambaBum chapter 3 . 10/15/2007
:P love the story! i love hermione/fred/george stories. I'm best friends with a set of twins too, although mine are female :P and i'm not dating one :P still its cool. its difficult tho as well, seperating your attention between the two.


ex-best friend moving in with your ex? or just movin in with a boyfriend. if so you could be a fanfic yourself, no offence.
wasu chapter 3 . 10/15/2007

I love it

ii is bloody brilliant, really awesome!

I want to read more

so please update very soon and keep it up



ps. amazing work, really!
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