Reviews for Valor of the Defeated
misc chapter 5 . 5/15/2009
Lupa was a pretty great character wasn't he? He did turn in the end, but he held it off for so long that it's hard to imagine how. I liked Fred too, but his voice kinda bugged me, it just seemed a bit too mature, not that he didn't need to be mature to grow up the way he did, but still. I could see how Serph would envy Lupa, he may not have had the best life, but he did make the best of what he had been givin. So far so good on your stories, there's plenty more to go though, so I'm movin on, best of luck to you. Oh and on your profile you mentioned not liking vamp, werewolf, and high school stories, and I gotta say, I agree, they are overdone, the only ones I ever read are the Persona 3 ones, but I only like a few of those, Guiding Light is my favorite so far, don't know if you ever played that game or read those fics, but if you do I suggest that one. c-ya
misc chapter 4 . 5/15/2009
Well, this one was inspiring if anything. It makes me think a lot of how war really is, one way or another there's always extreme amounts of anger and hatred, and if we could actually learn from the mistakes of our past and present, it would make us better people. Serph seems to have realized Varin's mistake and chose to walk the path of, the heart, as you put it. Very nice I enjoy the idea. It totally sucked when Argilla died trying to save Roland though, she was my strongest magic user and at that point I was just plain urked, they stole both my favorite characters. Oh well, what's done is done, good chapter, I shall continue on to the next one and leave yet another review. Hope you don't hate me and my annoying opinions by the time I finish all 40 some of your stories. Best of luck in all things. c-ya!
misc chapter 3 . 5/15/2009
Mick was quite an unlikable character, I don't think anyone could argue with that, bad looks, bad attitude, and bad morals. Now that I'm on the subject of bad things, Serph's hair and outfit sucked, his uniform made him look scrawnier than crap, and his hair, what were they smokin when they drew that and thought it was acceptable? He would have looked so much better if they would have changed those two things. I'm getting off topic though. This one basically stated what I thought of him, though I can't find it possible to see Mick in a good light, I think they just wanted to give us someone to hate. I admire the fact that you give Serph personality in your stories, and I like him in the ones I've read so far, and to see you showing how he's evolved internally is nice especially since he's a silent protagonist. Well, best of luck in all things. c-ya
misc chapter 2 . 5/15/2009
This was good, I like how you related Jinana's death with Heat's betrayal. How you said that her hope's were to spread her peace of mind in knowing she had done the right thing, not in those words exactly, but you get my point. Both of those scenes in the game made my heart sink a bit, I like the way you put more feeling into them and looked past just the scenes into what was going through Serph's mind at the time. It did make me happy when Heat came back towards the end though, I later found out that was because of some choice I made in the game, I was glad it happened though. The second game kinda ticked me off though, what with everyone I used the most being stripped from my party. Anyways, it was good, definately liked, so kudos to you my friend. Sorry, after seeing that on your page I had to, thanks for that by the way. I hope only the best for you in any and all things. c-ya
misc chapter 1 . 5/15/2009
Well, I suppose I'll leave a review for each chapter since they're of different people. I think it's great the way you described not only Serph's point of view, but Harley's as well. Then had Serph's opinion of Harley change after he tried to rationalize what Harley had really gone through. I mean my first impression of him in the game was that he was a pansy, but if you really think about it, the idea of being devoured is pretty darn freaky, I would probably do the same thing. So yeah, you did a good job of describing the true nature of fear. As always, best of luck yadda yadda (no idea how to spell that)...c-ya