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Phangirl Guest chapter 13 . 11/16/2014
Erik, my love,
I am perfect for you. I am a good singer, I think your lair is cool, and I would totally let you kill the fop. Love me, senpai? 3
-Your Soulmate
Nadir chapter 7 . 9/29/2013
Erik? Where on Allah's earth have you been!
nyteri chapter 15 . 7/6/2012
Dear Opera Ghost,
I'm so confused about which of my talents I want to focus on. I've won an award in a writing state-wide competition, I'm fairly decent at music and have been told that I have a good voice for singing, and apparently now I'm good at drawing. I don't want to focus on all three, because I have school and other obligations. I dont really like music anymore, but everyone says I should keep doing it (I still LOVE singing.) Lately I haven't cared much about writing, but I'm having writer's block, so that may be normal...

UGH... I know that there are much worse problems than this, but my soul is in the arts, and it makes me who I am. If I can't figure what my biggest talent is, how am I supposed to figure out who I am?

I have another problem too... My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a month. And he is awesome, I feel like I could really fall for him. But, lately he's been hinting that he wants to kiss me and hold my hand all he time and 'can't stop thinking about me'. And I think he's going to tell me that he loves me, because he's been saying that there's something important he needs to tell me in person. (I know it's not bad news cause he's been saying that he's really happy lately.)

Like I said, he's AWESOME. But I don't love him like that. Not yet! I don't wanna hurt him, but how do I tell him I don't feel the same?

So sorry for talking your ear off. I wish you the best of luck in life, and I hope you find true love in life.

celeste98 chapter 14 . 1/27/2012
Dear Erik,

I have been a fan of yours since I saw the unmasking scene from the Lon Chaney version when I was 12. I know this is an EXTREMELY sensitive topic for u, but curiousity got me. Of all the versions of your story, which one do you feel most acurately portrayed your deformity? Also, which portrayal is your favorite? Thank you for reading

celeste98 chapter 5 . 1/27/2012
The Robert englund version is one of my favorites. Thanks!
iloveerik chapter 13 . 7/3/2009
just wondering: who do you think portrays you best in the movies/musicals/book/whatever.

Your extraordinarily crazy fan,

Kojinka chapter 15 . 6/20/2009
Greetings, Monsieur Erik.

I do not know if you are still responding to questions from your fans (or Phans as some like to call themselves), but I am wondering if you have ever explored the visual realm of art. I know you are a master in the performing arts, so, as an artist, I would like to know if you have ever drawn or painted. If you have, would you mind sharing your work?

I remain, O.G., your obedient fan,

Agas Spenjahgra VII chapter 15 . 1/16/2009
Whoaa.. Erik sure is a good consultant (I think). IS it too late to post a question here? It mean, you haven't updated for ages.

Dear Erik

I have a few questions. I'm a demented Phantom phan who is an EC shipper. Problem is, I've recently been told that I love you too much. I've also started to like pairing you with myself, that one of my friends say that I'm actually falling in love with you. What is going on with me? What do I do?

I hate the fop. I wonder why you put that lever that's supposed to release the grate trap (in the 2004 movie) inside the trap? He managed to survive and mess up everything!

Why do the aminta dress sleeve keep on falling off? Not that I'm calling you a pervert, but...

While I'm at it, what clothes do you sleep in (when you actually sleep at all)?

Pardon my intrusion,

Blacknayami chapter 15 . 8/25/2008
Dear Erik,

I understand that you live underground pretty much all of the time, so you don't socialize often, but you've traveled the world a lot, so you might be able to help me with this problem:

I am really unconfident. My parents encourage me, but i feel that what I do is never good enough for them, and that they like my siblings better and think that they are more talented and accomplished than I am, although I get great marks at school, I participate in several sports, and I can play two musical instruments.

How can I gain my parent's respect?

Your phan,

raveen92 chapter 15 . 5/27/2008
Dear Erik (aka Phantom of the Opera, Angel of Music)

I do not wish to be begging but I am in a tangled mess. I want to sing, but my lack of electives deny me any chance to express myself musically. I don't have money to get lessons. I have to much talent but not enough time (and money) to express it. I'm being pulled from all sides to do everything. Band, Art, AP music theory, Schoolwork, Urge to act, Urge to sing, take Japanese, etc.

I wish for you to take me from this over demanding haven and take me to where you live. I do not mind your deformetys (I like them quite frankly) I would be most honored if you taught me to sing like a prima donna (NOT CARLOTTA)I am an undertrained mezzo-saprano.

My only wish is to bring my woodwing insterments.

The Lost Angel in Shadows

P.S. I have felt your pain of being different. I was abused for being half Asian and different.
christinesangel100 chapter 15 . 4/28/2008
Looking at my last review, I have realised I do actually like the word 'Phan' and am definetely one of them.

Anyway, another question.

I would have asked it before, but I hadn't thought of it yet.

Why do you think Apearancces matter? I know people treated you badly about being deformed, but does it really matter? Isn't it the inside that counts?

Also, Sory about bringing back unwelcome parts of your past, but do you think its slightly mean that the ones who turned you into a murderer tried to kill you for it?

Also, they used to have the death Penalty. I think it was stupid, killing people for crime. It makes the people killing the criminals just as bad as the criminals themselves! DO you agree?

Anyway, I babble. Also, whats your favourite song out of the musiccal? Mine is WIshing You Were Somehow Here Again, which I sing in my singing lessons. It used to be Think Of Me.

Your obedient servant(Hehe),

O.G(Well, Christinesangel100 actually!)
tiamat100 chapter 15 . 4/10/2008
Oh cool! This is great. A while ago, before i had an account, i sent my question under the name of PhantomObsessedTwin. Please can you answer it for me? Its probably a silly one and one thats difficult to answe, but for me its quite important. Kind of.

Anyway, this is great. Its really funny and i love reading it.
Not a Member Anymore chapter 15 . 3/26/2008
There is a really mean girl at school who teases me because I like you. Then when we had the school play, it was Phantom of the Opera, and she said that I should go out for...and that I didn't need any deformation make-up. (By the way, SORRY!) She just keeps teasing me and I can't seem to build up the courage to tell her off!

What do I do?
Loreena chapter 10 . 3/19/2008
Dear Erik,

I forgot this the last time. XD

Anyways, I have been listening to the Phantom for many years, and started to sing Christine's parts when I was about five. Now, I still do this, and I can do Think Of Me PERFECTLY. Even the high notes! How can I let people now of my great accomplishment without having people mocking me for liking an opera at 13?

-Loreena (Or your biggest "phan"girl EVER!"
Loreena chapter 4 . 3/19/2008
Dear Erik,

I do not think your disfigurement is as bad as you think, because I've seen the movie.

I love you. A lot.


Sorry, random outburst.

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