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Anise Nadiah chapter 14 . 2/25/2011
Wow! this is a very great fic. I really enjoy this. just imagining dean in tux make me drool... i hoping that dean would met dan but anyway, this is epic! I'll definitely looking for your other fic now and this one will definitely be in my fav. Thanks.
Marlowe97 chapter 1 . 4/23/2009
Hi there!

I usually read through a story I like and THEN give e feedback, but your first chapter had me already hooked. So much so that I'm going to put you on my favorites-list so I won't forget your name.

Your style is amazing, a read nearly as good as a paid-for book (and I have to admit - a lot better than some of the books I paid for...) and I'm going to stalk you until your stories are finished.

So - well, what can I say: great read.
freeladyofthesea chapter 14 . 3/13/2009
I certainly like your siren better than the cannon one! Thanks for the story).
Silvertayl 57 chapter 14 . 5/14/2008
I have just read your excelent story from start to finish, love me some hurt Dean and Sammy angst, thanks for an entertaining read.

Ihni chapter 14 . 3/23/2008
Do you realise that I've been up WAY longer than I should have, reading this story? I'm just thankful that it's complete. Because it's a damn good story. And I'm telling you right now, I'm never going near a cruise ship ever again. Scary shit.
Rat chapter 14 . 3/5/2008
Great story!
Charlie Girl 79 chapter 14 . 3/1/2008
Started this fic last night and finished this morning. You are an amazing writer. Even your bit players (Dan, Janey) have depth. Love your use of humor during tense situations. wonderful story!
JenBurch chapter 14 . 2/6/2008
First, two things: One, I'm so upset now because I've run out of your stuff to read! No fair :( And two, I lost my internet connection just as I finished reading this final chapter and so I couldn't review at the time!

This story has managed to really lighten my day. We've had 19 straight days of really hot weather and being pregnant its been really uncomfortable for me... but today it's raining and beautiful and I'm so happy and comfortable - I'm even sitting here with a blanket over me! And so sitting here with this story and the rain outside has just been so wonderful! I couldn't think of anything better - and now the story's finished and I think I'm gonna pout for a while now :(

As for the chapter, it was great! I loved it! The conversation between Sam and Dad was great, it wasn't too easy on him, Dan was annoyed with him, feeling betrayed and used which I think was understandable on his side... but then when he understood the truth I thought he took it really well and seems to have forgiven Sam. He didn't let him off the hook and that was good because it would be unrealistic for him to just be like 'yeah, man, whatever', but he didnt leave him hanging either! Have to admit, I'm impressed with how well he took everything Sam was telling him. Most people would've thought he was nuts, but he still seemed to trust Sam and could see the honesty in his eyes.

Now, I'm SO relieved we didn't see that painful woman again! I know I said I wanted to see her on the date with Dean, to see Dean squirm a little, but it was such a relief to not have to hear her go "Oh" again! lol

The talk with Dean was great. I'm glad Sam brought up what was really bothering him. I wonder if Dean feels bad for spending so much time avoiding the conversation now that he knows that Sam spent that time thinking that everything Dean had said was true. I'm glad Dean got the chance to say that it wasn't true and to try and make him feel better - I'm not sure if it was quite enough for Sam, though. That stuff would really have hurt and I dont know that he would just accept what Dean was telling him without a doubt in his mind that maybe Dean did mean some of it deep down but he wouldn't want Sam to be hurt... still, time will heal all wounds :) And I liked that Sam 'pushed' Dean off the chair... poor Dean, that had to hurt, but then again poor Sam because he immediately felt bad for it! They've been through the ringer so much in this story, it was painful to see them both broken and hurt in their own way, trying to put the pieces back together while trying to act like everything was as normal as possible.

It's good that, since Dean made the choice himself and stood up to the siren to protect his brother, he wont be left with the desperation and pain of being without the siren like the others who had never pried themselves from her control before the siren was killed. She has no power over him now, thank God!

I have been thinking about that Mermaid and wondering what happened to her. I felt bad when Sam told Dan he thought he'd killed her, but it was so nice that she came after Sam to let him know she was okay. It was a quiet message for him, just so he knew she was okay and he hadn't hurt her, and that was a really beautiful moment I think. Sam doesnt need to share that part of the hunt with anyone else, its a nice little moment he shared with her :)

This was such a fantastic story! I loved it so much, hun, and I think you've done such a fantastic job of it all! I can't wait to see what you're going to come up with next - I really CANT wait :)

Thanks so much for writing such a wonderful - and oddly beautiful - story :)
JenBurch chapter 13 . 2/6/2008
humph! Dean does TOO need to talk to Sam! Mean ole woman!

Now, onto the review! hehehe I loved the line about their father having a martyr complex - so true, though, isn't it! Still, can't help but feel sorry for the boys throughout this story, knowing all that stuff is so fresh. Like when Sam and Dan were talking about why they took their jobs on the boat, and that they did it for their dads - even though Sam hadn't really admitted that yet until then, he could acknowledge that he was doing what his father wanted him to do... very different for him than Dan though, I must admit. It wasn't just some bartending job on a boat he'd taken, it was his whole life he'd changed, everything he had ever wanted was now overshadowed by wanting to do right by his father. Redemption for the fight they'd had before John died - I really hated that they fought, by the way. He could've said something nice to Sam instead of just asking for coffee... anyway, that's not exactly something you can fix is it LoL Just ranting.

Oh, loved the 'poor man's terminator' line, that was genius! lol

And Sam saying he was considering playing dead to get out of lectures! That was great! hehehe Gotta remember that next time I get into trouble :)

The ventriloquist line was brilliant! Gotta love one liners that come out like that, so natural that you gotta wonder if it was you or the character that insisted on getting the line in there. If you're anything like me, you probably have characters yabbering in your head day and night, and the line between what you wrote and what they want to say gets a little... blurred :)

Oh, I hope we get to see Sam explain things to Dan! Oh, and I hope that Dean has to go on that date with the inconceivable Libby - take that as many ways as you like! lol

Would love to know how Dean could come up with a cover story like that when he's just woken up after a week and a half! hehehe Those Winchester's have WAY too much experience with this stuff!
Guest chapter 12 . 2/6/2008
Man, there are so many things in this chapter that I just loved! Dean was hilarious and SO cute! Talking in short sentences like he was too tired to form complete ones, was just so adorable! I wanted to cuddle him through this whole chapter! lol

There were a few lines I liked too:

"The little brother card's gonna run out soon." - as if! lol

"Nobody calls my brother you bitch and gets chocolate!" - hehehe Yeah, you tell her Dean!

"No Sam for bitch." - Yeah, go Dean! lol

"No time for cuddle." - ALWAYS time for a cuddle! lol

I loved all the brother moments, it was so great! Dean resting with his head on Sam's leg, all of it! And the story Dean told him at the end, that was so cute! Not quite what I would've imagined, either, but it was so sweet! Little brother aint so bad after all :) Aw...

I think this was my favourite chapter so far :) Beautifully done!

And HA! to the siren! Yay boys!

Oh, and tsk to Dean for forgetting to load the gun... definitely not his normal self! lol
JenBurch chapter 11 . 2/6/2008
OMG! I freaking loved this chapter!

Dean was such a mess, saying all those horrible things to Sam and oh man, that HAD to hurt! Poor Sam having to hear Dean throw back everything that's hurt him over the passed years, dredging that pain up again and adding new pain to it at the same time! Ouch!

And Dean's gonna hate himself for the things he said, too!

And then the 'chick flick moment', yeah, Dean woulda hated that :) But that's half the fun! That was so awesome, I was just about ready to cry when Sam finally broke and said he loved him and couldn't live without him, and didn't want to! I knew it would come down to Dean choosing Sam over the siren, and dang he made the right choice! Way to go Dean!

And geez, that was a gamble on Sam's part! Lucky for him it was Dean, coz Dean has lived for Sam for so long he doesnt know any other way. It would make sense he wouldn't want to let anything happen to his brother and if he wasn't there then who would protect Sam?

*sigh* I just have to keep reading, I cant stop now! Gotta go!

Oh, yeah, and to the sire: ner ner! You cant get him! *blows raspberries at the screen* Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, b*h! hehehehe

Okay, I feel better now :)
JenBurch chapter 10 . 2/6/2008
Oh, that Libby... oh man, I have never shuddered so much from any character in my life! I hate when women play up on the dumb blonde routine, you know? And it's so frustrating because there really are women out there just like her! It's hard to believe she's actually a virgin, I might add... I'm half expecting this to be the reason why Dean has to rescue Sam - and thereby choose him over the siren and break the spell - because her blood isn't as pure as it's meant to be! hehehe That'd be funny, and definitely something to point out to Dan. 'Dude, the chick aint a virgin and it nearly got my brother killed!' Now there's a conversation point! lol

Okay, I finished this chapter last night, but I'm only reviewing this morning because I was so tired the words were blending into themselves :) And now I have breakfast to contend with as well, so I'm gonna go onto the next chapter - which I've been dying to do for ages! hehehehe Yes, even in my sleep I was wanting to read on. I swear I dreamed this story last night!
JenBurch chapter 9 . 2/6/2008
EVERY time I think of Sam "I lost my shoe" Winchester, I just lose it! I laugh so hard that my sides hurt! I just watched that yesterday and between me laughing til my eyes watered, my friend rewinding it and replaying it, the baby bouncing happily on my bladder and the amount of water I'd had to drink, I was about running for the loo! But ONLY after I had finished the whole episode because I couldn't bring myself to walk away from that episode! hehehehehehehehehehe

Sam and Dean on a haffalump hunt? That's just too cute! I hope Sam mentions it to Dean!

LMAO "Shall I tell her a very sad story?" That line is the very definition of perfection!

Why do I get the impression that its all going to come down to Sam trying to take out the siren and then Dean protecting him from the siren and her realising she lost him to his overwhelming need to protect his little brother? Sam comes first, after all:)

I actually felt bad for Bobby when he said they could stop by when they werent bleeding or dying :( Poor Bobby!

*sigh* Must read on!
JenBurch chapter 8 . 2/6/2008
Puppy dog shifted so I can review easier now :)

Yup, had to be a siren with the music going like that!

Oh, and I have to admit that Greek had occurred to me, but I wont pretend that that had anything more than to do with the fact that it was really obscure and I used a line similar to Bobby's "All sounds Greek to me" hehehe

Jerry's story was sad, and I have to admit that when Dean was 'loopy' and you described the sound of Jerry walking away I was gonna ask why his footsteps sounded so funny. I thought maybe he had a funky leg, but I forgot and now here I am saying "I knew it, really I did!" lol

Okay, I cant wait anymore - except to say that it really bites that Dean screams whenever Sam gets near him :( That's gotta hurt! But the 'mermaid' knows that there's only one real weakness in Dean's life, one thing that could risk stopping him diving overboard, and that's Sam... even if Dean's determination to be there and protect his little brother cant undo the sirens spell, it can at least work the other way and Sam can be a royal pain in the ass while Dean tries it! lol

Have to read on!
JenBurch chapter 7 . 2/6/2008
I'm typing this one-handed because I'm getting lovely cuddles from my little dog so it'll be short.

a) NO idea what the language is and cant be latin coz Sam would've understood it.

b) Good ole Jerry - yeah not so peeved at him this chapter - for helping Sam.

c) HUGE points to you for not making it easy for Sam to just jump in there and take out the mermaid!
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