Reviews for Adrenaline High
Requiem10 chapter 1 . 8/7/2012
That was so cute!
Anon chapter 1 . 10/16/2010
Sooo cute!
Bite The Dust chapter 1 . 8/8/2008
kawai!i luv it! but what is an amusement park doing in konoha?
Kikushi chapter 1 . 12/6/2007
I loved it. Write more!
lovieta chapter 1 . 10/18/2007
Oh! I live in Indiana and I luff Holiday World! I know what you mean about riding the rides multiple times, I have a cousin who I went with once and we rode this one ride 28 times, needless to say we were a little dizzy by the time we stopped.

I love your Neji, it's just so like him not even react to something as simple as a roller coaster
sora girlfriend chapter 1 . 10/9/2007
great story!
Zinbuki-san chapter 1 . 10/3/2007
aie. X3 X3 X3 Bya-chan, I loves you :D Dearly, AND queerly! XD harharhar.

This just. omgz. made my day XD

rather; week.

Yush, this made my week. As I've had a crappy one until now.

I was severly pissed off about half way through reading it. Why, you're thinking? (lol I read minds) Well, you see, our doorbell rang. ...And I had to go see who was at the door. DX No fun when I'm reading!

H'okay. Moving on, here.

I don't know what makes this best; the rollercoasters (I love rollercoasters, I'm addicted to them), the NejiTen (lol shamelessly admitting...), or ... well, the fact it was dedicated to my beautiful, awesome, conceeded self. XD

I loved it :D I squee'd like a fangirl all the way through it XD

Yush, but I really liked's it :D It was vury well writ, and the description dosage was perrfect.

And YAY KISAME -lol random-

But yah. Rollercoasters are hawt. And so very fun. And fantastic. As is NejiTen. As is my beautiful, awesome, conceeded self. As are you. ...and Kisame.

X3 I love this, yus I does! And to think, I almost didn't read this (laziness is a common struggle within me). Tchaw.

There was something else I wanted to say but I don't remember. Eughah... er...


Yeah. I'm thinking too hard here. XD


I'm the bestest reviewer ever AND a favorite worthless peon :D And I had a fanfic from my favorite ff-writer dedicated to me! XD How much more awesome (and loser-ish) could my life get? :D
Teera-Chan chapter 1 . 10/3/2007
That's so cool! The ending's really poetic, but there's one little thing I'm confused about. Was Tenten pretending she didin't know Neji when Sakura & Ino were around. If so, why? Please explain!


loverofallthingschocolate chapter 1 . 10/1/2007
That was wonderful! But why isn't it under the Naruto section?
cali-chan chapter 1 . 10/1/2007
heh. neji WOULD be stoic, even through a thrill ride xD

this was cute! question, though: are you aware that it's filed under 'misc. books'? *blinks*
Winter Thunder chapter 1 . 10/1/2007
I gotta ask.

Are you SURE you didn't write this at like...3 in the morning? You missed some stuff you usually wouldn't have.

But still.


Besides the fact that it's not UNDER a Naruto fanfiction.

That's so cute. The kissing.
BuBuLiCiOuS chapter 1 . 10/1/2007
Why didn't you put this fic under Anime/Manga? I wanted to put this pic under a C2 because it's really good, but I can't!
kcn chapter 1 . 10/1/2007
Aww, that makes me want to go on a roller coaster with a guy... And Good Charlotte is amazing... -squee- Heh... I loved the story! It was uber-fantastically-smexy!
AGENT KELL chapter 1 . 10/1/2007
yo! bya-chan

woah, another great oneshot -i notice you speacialise in them a lot, but i kind of didn't get the flesh and blood thing,

like... they have a child?

and! where's sasuke-kun!