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Morizono Kat chapter 33 . 5/28
wow.. l literally am speechless... struck dumb by your story, I've grown attached to it, this is soo lovely... I don't know why I found it a decade after! and according to me, it had a kind of happy ending, as they would share whatever fate has in store for them, together... a big MK SALUTE for you!
P.S. now I grin like a madman whenever I see an apple... my family and friends complain... only I know what is running in my mindXD love apple!
Nikki Keehl chapter 11 . 4/16
MattxMello! Also I just ate an apple, I hope not poisoned. And ENCHANTED is the best!
LalaSpade chapter 33 . 4/11
This is one of the most intense fanfics I've ever read. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me mad, and I loved all your characters so much! I truly think you made a wonderfully dark fairytale. I kinda wish this wasn't a fabric but a really published story so I could go read fanfics on it. Seriously. This was honestly so intense at times that I almost quit reading it, bit then you would do something to suck me in. I loved your, characters, plot, writing skills,character development, and your ending was EPIC! Thank you so much for the great story! Sorry for the long review but I felt a story like this deserved it. I'm not kidding though, I wish this was a published fairytale. Thank you so much! I can't decide if my favorite part was the beginning or ending, so I'm gonna say both. The fairytale at the end was super awesome too.
Nikki Keehl chapter 8 . 4/10
Why am I not surprised that Light would have a sewing kit in his wallet, Mr Perfect lol. And yes I totally got the link between that and his watch. Tension!

"Don't suck it, that won't help."
"That's not what you said last night."

I died. I literally died!
Guest chapter 30 . 4/10
When i read the first 10 chapters i totally loved it. Honestly. But later when L died and the chapters getting darker i felt it's made me depressed. I really love the dark and angsty stories, but it was too much for me. Btw thanks for the chance to read.
RedHeadsRock1010 chapter 4 . 3/8
okay... didn't expect this to have rape. a warning would have been nice
mellomeup chapter 6 . 3/2
I haven't read this chapter yet and I'm years late but want to answer the question. I was Misa the Halloween before last, and last year I was Mello Wonka (basically Mello's outfit with a Willy Wonka type jacket and hat, with a Caramello chocolate bar wrapper stuck on the hat) I told you, I'm weird, but someone had to do it! Ps. I love Mello
mellomeup chapter 5 . 3/2
My favourite clothes shop recently had a tonne of stuff with L's font on it! I got a t shirt and a jacket, which has LA written on the front but I covered the A with a Death Note badge of L (I also cosplayed him wearing it)
One of my favourite bands (Lacuna Coil) use the font in their logo, I was at their concert and there was a huge L on the wall behind them in his font! (Incidently, i went in Misa cosplay, her outfit suits their type of music, and I brought a little Mello figure with me as my "date" Yeah I'm weird)
I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't picture L in a dress in Light's dream, that would be wicked hot. Ok bye, I love the story!
Kloness chapter 2 . 11/21/2017
How tall is L, as tall as light but slouching so appears shorter, or taller than light but slouching so appears shorter, or just shorter and slouches?
holy fuck chapter 33 . 10/31/2017
lmao i cant believe im reviewing because im p sure you guys dont check these anymore... i mean im too embarrassed to even LOOK at the reviews for my dn fanfic written 10 yrs ago when i was in middle school lolol but i mean just in case you are? i recently watched the death note netflix movie which sent me down a horrible nostalgia self hate route to rewatch the show, reread fanfic, and watch the amvs that i had consumed 10 yrs ago lol and i gotta say... this kinda still holds up? i mean youre right about the purple prose stuff, definitely REALLY pushin those disney metaphors and symbols in a very corny way, and also the rape and abuse is obvs unacceptable- the darkness of that abuse being romanticized is p fucked up but u gotta know that by now since yall are what- 30? regardless of that it was still p enjoyable to read somehow LOL maybe because of the nostalgia factor? and i was also able to get a refreshing different take on it now that im not blinded by my evil fetishistic 'omgz smexy yaoi' 13 yr old female gaze. when i was a kid, this fic meant so much to me, i was so obsessed and in love with it, and by the time i started understanding the degree of severity that rape has i really condemned this fic. but now it was kinda nice to read it and fully understand whats being romanticized and whats being conveyed, and also just to understand it as a part of the dark romantic aesthetic that took us all by storm when dn came out and also when emo was big lmao this really was my 'killing stalking' which i havent/dont want to read but know 13 yr olds are obsessed with now. anywayyy all these other reviewers are wrong, theres no beauty or even ugliness here, just a lot of young ignorant 2007era foolishness and also just more evidence of how evil the affects of yaoi were on our young minds... i'm sure youre both much better writers by now and hope you're still writing at all!
metometometome chapter 32 . 10/16/2017
Let me tell you, that was one fuckin' emotional rollercoaster to binge read in two days. Two days! I still can't quite believe I managed to read a fic this long in such a short amount of time (for me, anyway).

I also can't believe that my first venture back onto this website after having jumped ship to ao3 a few years ago would have led me to some Grade-A Good Shit. I read all the good Death Note stuff over there, and, still desperste for more, warily came back to FF. But, wow. I was intrigued by the summary, but I was completely blown away by how great this fic is (and it is great, don't you ever think otherwise). I actually loved the symbolism and metaphors; I've always adored Disney (but now I'll never watch those movies the same way again), and I enjoyed the atmosphere of the whole fic. You guys really nailed the dark fairytale vibe, imho. If nothing else, let the fact that I decided to leave a review on a decade-old fic stand as proof of how wonderful a job you've done. I had to scrounge up my password from the depths of my memory, confront my past self, and promply delete my embarrassing profile nonsense to leave this review.

Speaking of being a decade-old, that fact had me tripping a couple times, haha. Like, when this fic was being published, I was 9 to 10 years old. Reading your ANs about Heath Ledger and Enchanted and whatnot entertained me simply because I remember when those things happened. How interesting that, a whole 10 years later, 19-year-old-me would finally watch Death Note, search for fic, and be consequently sent down memory lane.

But I digress. This was a joy to read, even as I cried (multiple times). I hope that, even though you guys have likely moved on after 10 years, you can look back at this fic fondly and be proud of what you avcomplished.
Neferpatra chapter 30 . 10/15/2017
And what is with the sex? describing the "cold hands" during sex. Light's prick needing to be coated with "syrup" because he tasted bad according to L. Rape. Rape again. Character describing his excrutiating pain! This didn't turn me on at all, it would have given me blue balls if I had any! The fairy tale references bored me so much. The only thing that amazes me about this fic is how someone can like fairy tales this much and be so unromantic.
Neferpatra chapter 30 . 10/15/2017
I couldn't find love in this fic.
LLight chapter 1 . 9/29/2017
For those saying L would never meet people in how the hell did Beyond Birthday know what L looked like then? Maybe because he met him in person, duh. L likely met his successors before, it makes sense as they all grew up in Wammy's House.
Beautiful Depravity chapter 4 . 9/7/2017
I've never left a bad review on a fanfiction before- I always appreciate the effort writers put into their stories, even if they aren't great- but this is ridiculous. It was tolerable until the fourth chapter, but the characters are extremely out of character, the writing makes L and Light seem like they're only of average intelligence, and rape is completely abnormal for someone with Light's psychological profile. He has a God complex and extremely high moral standards, stooping that low would be seen as pathetic and immoral to him. The inclusion of that event truly made me doubt whether the writers had seen the show, especially considering how forced and childish it seemed.
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