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2442 chapter 6 . 11/6/2007
I loved this chapter! And it didn't send me cowering into a corner like the last one did. :D You guys did an amazing job writing this, it was quite fun to read. Great job, can't wait for your next update! O.O I think I'd be sorta cool if I could tie a cherry stalk into a knot with my tongue... Lol...

Yearofthedragon chapter 1 . 11/6/2007
Wow. I must say I was impressed by the whole thing and I enjoyed it. (Most stories are just lemons) This had a decent plot, stayed in character, and was an absolute pleasure.

By the way I did like the over all concept of The fairytales. Very fun. One to the next!
Lara chapter 6 . 11/6/2007
Amazing chapter! It's incredible how their relationship is so twisted yet so beautiful and powerful!
FireanIce chapter 6 . 11/6/2007
Thatw was breath-takingly amazing your area wonderful writter and you always leave me wanting more. You must update soon
milk0bar chapter 6 . 11/6/2007
This is my absolute favorite chapter so far. Everything about it was just so perfect. L actually has a heart in this chapter, and you can tell that he genuinely likes Light (whether it be because of love, lust, or just plain interest). I pity L, because nothing good comes out having feelings for a psychopathic mass murderer, and I just KNOW that's going to hurt like hell later; because when the shit hits the fan and Light becomes Kira again (and I assume he will, since you said that L will die) whatever feelings he had for L will be nothing compared to his lust for power. L has(canon) everything to lose in this relationship, while Light doesn't.

Also, I know that this story is not supposed to be one of those fluffy romance pieces, but I can't help feeling like they really ARE falling in love... Or maybe I'm just a sap XD That bathroom scene was seemed so bitter and romantic to me.
Ali chapter 6 . 11/6/2007
Oh! I was THANKED for my last review that’s very nice of you to acknowledge me! Anyway, on to this chapter-which I loved. n.n It Makes me way less antsy now that i know there is something more then rape there, I'm glad its developing this way. n.n However, if its at all able, I do have one very SMALL request, if its not to...disrespectful of me to ask. We’ve seen a lot in Lights pov, and although it is rather fascinating,(and I don’t know how other readers feel about this, I can only speak for myself after all) But I was wondering if we could see more into L’s pov? I’d like to know what he’s thinking, and not knowing all the time, and seeing L kinnda….trap Light in his little mind games ALL the time… makes light seem rather….I dono…. Naive? Is that the right word? Maybe that’s a little harsh…well anyway, I certainly don’t whish for this to be offensive in anyway, your righting is simply beautiful may I add—a pleasure to read—and I love the way the plot in unfolding, So that’s really my only request at this point. Because you are the Author(s?) I can only assume you know more about the story and were its going then I do, so if you have it set up this way so a specific reason, then by all means—keep it that way, Only a suggestion from a VERY gripped fan.
The Apple's Pie chapter 6 . 11/6/2007
Wow~ What an interesting chapter. Personally, Im amazed Light is able to walk, let alone RUN after being done by L two times over. Personally I feel that L got won their first round, seeing as he went even farther than Light did. But thats just me. *shrug*
Banan-nonne chapter 6 . 11/6/2007
OO Ohmigod. I've just gotten well enough to look at my computer and then I read chapter 5 and 6... I just think I'm gonna lie down now, and pull the covers up over my head... don't be alarmed if it looks as if I'm having a heart-attack...

- Well I totally agree with Narroch, I was afraid this was turning into an entire story about taking revenge in the cruelest ways possible and how they both end up losing their minds and... *cough*

Awesome as always! :D I'm glad they laughed too, after running away. I think they needed it. Looking forward to next chapter!
kiyoiyuki chapter 6 . 11/5/2007
Wow, that was a /really/ good chapter! Still too much Disney citing and references... but other than that, I enjoyed it. I especially liked the part where they first get over their laughing fit in the 19th floor bathroom and L says "I don't care either". Loved it.

Other themes besides Disney relations, like the dominance, desire, etc. are really well written. Make sure to post this chapter on deviantart and I'll fav it again )
nuttx chapter 6 . 11/5/2007
Oh, it's lovely.

The scenes in 4. and 5. were yummy, but because I'm a softie at heart, it was very nice to see something deeper in this chapter.

I haven't reviewed in five chapters – heh – but this was too good to just go without commenting.

I love the bittersweet way their relationship works, and the way you guys write it. Everyone stays in character, and the dialogue is beautiful, as is the use of italics.

I'm showering you with praise, aren't I?

That's because you deserve every word of it.


'Nutt. )
Venus Smurf chapter 6 . 11/5/2007
That opening sequence was absolutely amazing. Very intelligently written, very powerful. I'm sure you're getting tired of hearing this, but I'm absolutely awed by you. Most writers would give their eye-teeth to accomplish what you did in just a few paragraphs.

Seriously, though, have you ever considered a career as a professional writer? Of all of us, I think you'd be the one able to succeed.

Matsuda on Youtube...hee...

You know, I honestly can't picture L laughing. It's just...too normal, too human. I'm glad you had him laugh, though. Makes him almost...well, I honestly don't know what it makes him. It was a good thing, however.

I enjoyed the switch between kissing like lovers/like enemies. Fantastic word play...and this is why I admire you so much. You ability to use and twist words is proof of your genius, and they make this story absolutely inspiring.

Anyway, I thank you again for this amazing chapter. I'm completely floored by your skill, and I'm desperately hoping you give us more!
Stargirl7 chapter 6 . 11/5/2007
Great chapter! Looking forward to more...:)


Nokturnal Augury chapter 6 . 11/5/2007
Hahaha, yeah, I noticed L with the cherry stem XD I remember laughing my butt off while showing it to mom - who didn't really care at the moment. lol He looked so cute in that panel XD XD XD

Shoot, now I kinda want to go find it again and squee at the picture. But I wont.

I put my L costume on again today, since it's L's 3rd anniversary of Death and whatnot. I also went to my grandparents' house like that and kind of freaked them out...but they fed me, so it can't have been too bad. It's alright. Light dies in 2010, right? Well, the initials of my name are MMX :D 2010 in roman numerals! Booyah~

Uh... Yeah, how about I go back to reviewing the story, huh? *lesigh* Awesome new chappie. I love where all the frustration seems to be going. The OMGWEREGONNAGETCAUGHT runaway lmao-rofl part was awesome too. Awesomely CUTE, that is XD

Okay, that's enough compliments; now the complaints.

YOU GUYS SUCK. *pretends to be angry* Who gave you permission to manipulate my dreams? I don't have dreams like the one I had a few nights ago, and it's all your fault D: To sum it up (well, part of it), I was dressed in a Disney-princess dress and I had long, Disney-princess hair and I kept walking down this path that was apparently enchanted, because I kept re-appearing at the beginning and walking it over and over. Wtf? There was a guy leaning against the wall in the middle of the path (prince?) but he kept ignoring me. The dream itself wasn't a problem, but if you guys are gonna give me the Disney disease, why not the dream-of-L disease as well? (Btw, the dream ended when a robot carrying a viking axe came after me to kill me and I kicked its back panel open and chewed at the wires to destroy it O.o Then the guy (prince?) looked at me weird and walked away. When I picked up the axe and went after him, my aunt called me, waking me up. Hence why I remembered the dream.)

I know this is a very long review, but you earned it. This is the first time a fanfic has slunk its way and left its dirty little mark in my DREAMS, of all places. Why no smut? Why only a dress and a good-for-nothing prince...and viking robot? Why? And the story itself is amazing. :)I DID love the fact that L took his revenge, and the way their relationship is morphing despite of that has me hooked and dying for more.

I'm sleepy. Goodnight XD Bug ya again next time!
Death-to-the-tadpoleclowns chapter 6 . 11/5/2007
i loved this chapter it made up for the darkness (which i enjoyed) of the previous two chapters. i cant wait for the next chapter!
LawliPop chapter 6 . 11/5/2007
I actually dressed as a Death Note character! xD To go to school, I dressed as L. When I got home, I changed into Near to hand out candy. lol

But anyways, onto the important stuff like reviewing...

This story never ceases to amaze me. It is brilliant and sexy and absolutely wicked. I love all of the allusions to the fairy tales, it really does fit the characters and the situation frighteningly well! I also love the way you've characterized both L and Light - they're absolutely PERFECT.

Keep up the excellent work!

- Lawli
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