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rafa chapter 33 . 2/17/2014
i only just read the last chapter of your story..i mean the original fairy tail mixed with death note characters nd it was so cool that i find myself being least urs is a complete i cant read it coz of my xams..nontheless,the last chap was preety cool..
chibi nee-san chapter 33 . 1/8/2014
Damn. I really feel like I should shower you with more praises but I don't know what to say. Or feel.
Just... Damn.
When Boredom Takes Over chapter 5 . 11/30/2013
I don't even know what to say to this anymore.
When Boredom Takes Over chapter 4 . 11/30/2013
I don't even. Bloody hell. These two are so f*cking messed up it's insane.
When Boredom Takes Over chapter 2 . 11/30/2013
THIS. IS. AMAZING. I'm only 2 chapters in and I can quite safely say is the best characterization of Light and L in any story I have ever seen. It's so, so clever, this ensuing battle of wits which is remarably identical to the original. I love it!
picoaizawa chapter 32 . 11/26/2013
Well this review may be a few thousand years late... but I finished reading this story today (I will read the final fairytale chapter at a later date, when Im not fighting back tears and glorying in my miserable sulking...hehe and the fact that my sulking is like L... anyways.)

I feel compelled to review the story anyways! Will you read this review? um maybe. not likely, since everyone and their dogs seem to love this story. Do my opinions matter? Clearly not. But forward I plunge.

First of all, I started to read this because I have a tradition in which I pick out a yaoi fanfic to read to my two best friends before we go to bed at sleepovers. It is quite delightful, actually, usually I try to choose a story that seems bizzare or isn't well written at all, but still entertaining.

Needless to say, I didn't know what I had gotten myself into when I started to read this out loud. I searched in vain for something that I could read over dramatically or unrealistically, or even just grammar flaws or awkward wording. I also waited for the inevitable part where the two said characters actually ...well... X! (LightXL after all). But no such existence was to be found. Instead, I read the first chapter, eventually deciding that maybe this could possibly be the one in a million on this fanfiction site that is well written and with a good plot. Well I was certainly right, and needless to say I was quite delighted when, after reacting to a part I found funny and being like "RIGHT? SO Light", there was silence and I was struck that my friends fell asleep and I was free to read this on my own.

And I did, despite knowing I would murder myself in the morning and never forgive myself, I ended up pulling an all nighter, in the end still only on chapter 9 or so. Okay personal story aside, I write that simply to point something out and that is that I really don't like reading that much at all. Ive read plenty, but never have I ever read something that I couldnt "put down" so to speak or left me a complete miserable wreck. Well, until I read this. Ive only cried once over a book before and that was when I was really little, Robin Hood, I believe.

But this. This story. I can't say I've ever read anything better in my life, or experienced anything more hauntingly beautiful. I love writing, ironically since I don't read nearly enough to justify it. SO I know how difficult it is to sometimes find good descriptions of a moment or feeling. I found myself over and over gaping with my mouth open like "YES! YES I KNOW WHAT THEYRE SAYING! I know what they MEAN!" because you two flawlessly described every movement and action in such variation and perfection I was moved by that fact alone. However, it only got better. I realized after a few chapters how every action was not only described with variance and accuracy (you know those authors who have a favorite word and suddenly everyone is "murmuring" or something weird like that) but also INTENTIONAL. You wove the story perfectly on the surface level, so that anyone who didn't know what was going on could recognize that yes, this is brilliant and educated writing. But additionally, every action and sentence was full of meaning that I only recognized bit by bit but was strikingly beautiful.

I chose the story initially because I thought I could get a kick out of seeing the characters compared to Disney Princesses. But how did you do this?! How did you make it all so real and so believable? But you did. Incidentally, you two ended up HAVING a favorite word after all, as about halfway through the story suddenly Light and L "hiss" about everything, but that only made me smile and didn't deter the quality of writing by any percentage.

As the story continued, I found myself crying over so many little references and lost in the beauty and tragedy, and even drawing fan art at school and plotting an amv I will make for it. It ended up not being fanfiction to me, but rather the TRUE story of Death Note. (consequently since Im watching the series with my mom, I smirk every time I see L and Light together and cant WAIT for the chains to come on so I can feel clever, knowing what's actually going on behind the scenes) What also struck me, is how believable the relationships were, and how I felt my heart breaking for L and Light respectively at different parts of the story. AND EVERY TIME YOU MENTIONED THE ROOF, well I think I teared up all too many times.

WOW! this review is way too long. Moving onward.

I guess you know how amazing it was, because you have about a million reviews and followers, so I guess one more wont make a difference whatsoever, but what can I say? You deserve it and I can't HELP but write this review.

HOWEVER. I only have one complaint. ONE ALONE. I cried more reading this than watching Clannad (TELL ME you have watched Clannad, hopefully you have otherwise this wont make sense.) but at the end of every sad episode, the credit scene rolls on and suddenly, its all bright and sunny and the music blasts out cheerily as Ushio merrily skips across a field of flowers. And you're left like "SHUT UP! IM CRYING HERE! GET OUT!" ...Incidentally, that's how I felt after every chapter reading your all too cheery commentary "lalala YAY! POLLS! joy! cheeriness!" or even worse, after L and Light have their emotional intimacy and Im just crying and like 'oh gosh no, its so beautiful! they love each other *blows nose* i cant handle this. this makes so much sense. this is so amazing. this means so much. wow. this was like written to make such a point. it doesnt even matter that theyre both guys or anything I get it. its like so deep and wow!" and then I read at the end "I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED THE LXLIGHT! hehehe so evil! you are all devious!" and Im like "SHUT UP! GET OUT! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!" oh my... probably thats my problem.

ANYWAYS. (again) This was the most moving thing I have read. Ever. Or experienced, for that matter. Everything was so real, so raw, and so human. The lyrics interspersed throughout were beautiful, they love L and Light shared was beautiful, the way everything reflected everything else breathtaking. Overall, this story was a masterpiece.

So I guess this review is to say in the end, thank you so much for writing this. It has been such a journey (basically pulling all nighters for the past week just reading) and added so much depth and meaning to the story of Death Note. OH! And can I say I was so impressed by the way you kept them in character the whole time and basically how smart their conversations were as well as how much meaning was in everything they said. I suck at predicting anything so I was a slave to genuine shock every few chapters or so.

This story.. it broke my heart, haunted me, and mesmerized me. It was absolutely beautiful and stunning. The metaphors, the "love apples", ace card, rooftop, everything was so beautiful. Every few paragraphs or so towards the end of it all I had to just stop and admire how hauntingly beautiful the whole story was, the writing and the implications.

I am so impressed. From the bottom of my (now broken) heart, thank you.

Thank you so much.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/21/2013
OMG!!You are such a genius !! You wrote for 33 chapters ?!
I'm a Chinese, I saw your particle has been translate to Chinese for two chapters in a china website.
I wish my english is good for me to read the original article, though! XD
Quinn chapter 13 . 11/11/2013
So excited to read Danse Macabre, I can't wait for the good parts! :D
Phoenix's Inferno chapter 33 . 11/10/2013
This is beautiful 3 but I was rlly hoping for a at least halfway happy ending xD
C.A.C The Book Owl chapter 5 . 11/4/2013
Just started reading this and devoured the first five chapters and all I can say is: Damn! I'm probably not gonna get any sleep tonight because I'm gonna be too busy READING THE SHIT (excuse my language) Out of this fic!
imagaYthgiL chapter 5 . 11/1/2013
I had to take breaks while reading this chapter. It was just so... I don't even know what to say. Just wow. That aside, I love this story and will continue to read it. :)
YoSaffronBridget chapter 32 . 10/14/2013
I know it's been a long time it's finished but I just read it and thought I should let you guys know how much I enjoyed it. I hardly feel any emotions when I read something (yeah I'm a bit... like that) and I actually laughed at some parts, and I know it doesn't mean much, cuz that's what normal people do, but believe me: I never do. Well that's just me trying to express that this fic was really good, different, interesting, well-written and I'll never forget it, cuz I spent some good times reading all of it... And I usually spend my days trying to feel anything. Of course it just didn't make me laugh, but that's what I most liked about it, but also made me sad and curious and excited to see what would happen next, and I loved feeling all of this. And of course it has that nice nostalgic feel with the fairytales...
Ok. Now I'm gonna check out more fics of both of you, can't wait to read more. I bet it just gets better :)
Quinn chapter 4 . 10/8/2013
I cringed reading this chapter, because I knew what was coming and didn't like it at all! Personally I dislike this chapter, however it's very well written and essential to the plot!
Quinn chapter 1 . 10/7/2013
Re-reading this because it's that good :)
Kate chapter 32 . 10/4/2013
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