Reviews for Another Burning Year
Minstrel of Fire chapter 1 . 11/29/2007
When I saw this on your page, i literally started squealing in delighted surprise lol, because I'm also writing a fic about these two in their teenage years. It was neat how you wrote this from Ozai's point of view, and kind of foreshadowed what he would become. (When he goes to the Dark Side...) lol The race at the beginning amused me, b/c it very much reminded me of the Prince of Egypt (in which brothers also end up on opposite sides, oddly enough). Hmm, I always thought of Iroh as being "better with the ladies", but maybe they both are in different ways. Anyway, good job, and thanks for writing. (Btw, the two things you mentioned in the author's note at the beginning have helped my appreciation for that character as well...)
It'salreadycreeping chapter 1 . 10/9/2007
Nice. Iroh and Ozai's relationship is very interesting, and you did a good job of it here, describing it nicely without being all... OMGEMOTIONSANDFORESHADOWING. There was just enough there.

Everything about Ozai's demeanor just screamed S.1 ZUKO, especially the bit about the fireball going into the dust. I guess pyromania runs in families :D

It was good, the way Iroh was the same, but younger too - he was less tactful, I felt.

Very well written overall :)
TheJabberwocker chapter 1 . 10/2/2007
I'm glad to see a story like this finally get written, seeing as Ozai and Iroh's relationship is one of those great enigmas the show has yet to explain to us. I like that you can see the beginnings of the men they will both become in their teenage selves. Iroh's concession that Ozai is better with woman made me laugh. Well written, enough that one can ignore the occasional "Uzai" and "Oroh", and a great idea. Good work.
words without chapter 1 . 10/1/2007
Ah, creepy last line! *waves at bed behind me since that's where you are right now* I liked it a lot. Good foreshadowing for the twisted future Ozai ends up having.