Reviews for Care of Magical Creatures
Wobalo chapter 2 . 12/7
I dont usually review on such early chapters, but I just had to due one line.

“From across the room? Pray tell, what book you learned that from?” I can hear his voice, see his eyebrow raise, her blush rise. Its perfect and it had me silently cackling to myself so much that I had to re-read the next section a few times!
Julie5 chapter 67 . 12/5
Oh man that was lovely! Thank you!
heidlebergchick chapter 24 . 11/16
Regarding the issue with Hermione's magic being somewhat out of control, and the things Rolanda noticed and repeated at the meeting, you're either building to something about the rings that's insidious on the part of the Ministry, or some kind of soul bond. I am praying the Ministry is involved, because that would be something I haven't seen, but I doubt it.
heidlebergchick chapter 7 . 11/15
Honestly, this is just fantastic.
heidlebergchick chapter 5 . 11/15
As cruel as that was, given her inexperience, it fits exactly with the tension and stakes thus far. Very well done, and I'm honestly glad you chose to forego pleasure this round, very smart writing choices here!
heidlebergchick chapter 3 . 11/15
Fantastic, Severus is having far too much fun with this. I'm sure he's going to spin it that when she threw herself at him, he snapped her up so he could control a member of the golden trio on LV's behalf. Don't know, but that's what I'd do.
heidlebergchick chapter 1 . 11/15
Lmao! His response is the best!
Idebadwolff chapter 1 . 8/29
I spent any a month reading this story after it being recommended so many times in Facebook S&H groups. it is the longest story I've ever read and the journey was beautiful. thank you for writing and sharing this.
ScarletRen chapter 67 . 8/22
The third time I have read this and it only ever gets better.
finishthedamnstory chapter 1 . 8/17
Just downloaded this to my kindle and started reading now. Ive seen this rec'd so many times and read the one by a different author (which is mainly Remus/Hermione with only a splash of SSHG) I was so confused! Can't wait to start!
Renny236 chapter 66 . 8/13
I just read this again for probably the third or fourth time since I found this story all those years ago. This was the very first HP fanfic story I ever read … it took me a long time to find one I enjoyed as much. And when the plot details had faded from my lamentable memory, certain images linger - the soft sheets, the tea, the smells of eucalyptus and spearmint.

I still love it.
embracethebright chapter 67 . 8/5
I need an epilogue! Great story. Why did you make the baby a girl?
embracethebright chapter 58 . 8/5
Immediatly! I want an apology from Albus!
Reeves chapter 67 . 7/18
Best story EVER! ️ ️ ️
Diarrhoea Verborum chapter 67 . 7/10
It was... It was... Amazing! No, this word is not enough to express my admiration and the flow of emotions from this story. I was laughing, I was crying, I was worried, I... ahem... Well, you know what.
Sixty-seven chapters of incredible pleasure. You are a hero! Thank you!
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