Reviews for Care of Magical Creatures
JaeniPJ chapter 7 . 9/24
I'm confused. I like the idea of the story but the point of views keep switching and I still have no idea how Hermione found him on the ground from being tortured. Did he go back to his rooms? Did she go to the Forbidden Forest? I hope it the writing becomes more clear.
Sorasdream chapter 54 . 9/18
Wow, i didn't see that coming lol
Sorasdream chapter 53 . 9/18
Dude, albus dumb-as-a-door is idiot. And honestly, harry, ron and especially ginny don't deserve hermione's friendship.
Good advice gary chapter 1 . 9/8
You need a second beta, mistakes are still abound, and some of it needs a second read through, in order to ascertain what was truly conveyed.
Lavender-Lillly chapter 7 . 8/18
I am absolutely LOVING this fic! I love how you’ve developed the characters - if Snape did marry Hermione, this is how I’d picture him!
EddaValkyrie chapter 2 . 8/11
Severus isn't pureblood, though, he's a half-blood.
delia cerrano chapter 67 . 8/9
I don't have the right words to say how much I enjoyed this story...I was worried it wouldn't turn out as I wanted, I cried, I laughed and it did turn out just like I wanted.
Thank you. Now please do a sequel and Gussie is a terrible name.
Lianore chapter 67 . 7/24
There, finished. Such a lovely story. You did a very good job at adopting hbp despite it being released during writing. If I recall correctly. It's light, not to heavy on the angst which I prefer. Too much full on angst stories out there. I was confused on times, not understanding what was being said, especially when Hermione thought of things such as the wovs. I thought he didn't tell her who his father was but in the last couple of chapters it seemed as if she knew. A lovely story indeed.
Guest chapter 67 . 7/10
Guest chapter 64 . 7/9
Snape keeps talking about being a Snape as if it's his heritage, but he and his kids are Riddles by lineage. I did love the baby Fred idea.
Guest chapter 63 . 7/9
Good scenes with the elves, though I did feel bad for Winky when she rolled off after Apparating and nobody checked on her during the battle. Also: Albus is the villain who tried to kill Snape and Hermione. Lucius is the villain who tortured Snape half to death. With friends like these, who needs enemies? Snape should get rid of both of them permanently, make the world a better place, and quit getting into destructive co-dependent relationships with any new power-mad megalomaniac.
aelfwynne chapter 59 . 7/10
You are such a fine observer of the human condition. 3
Guest chapter 61 . 7/8
Lucius still has the rest of the heirloom elfin glass and who knows what else. Bank vaults?
Guest chapter 60 . 7/8
Guest chapter 59 . 7/8
Long boring tedious chapter. She should have died from dehydration after 3 days.
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