Reviews for Care of Magical Creatures
kinnik chapter 1 . 6/27/2019
Oh, this is going to be fun!
Acantha Rayne Oak-Moon chapter 54 . 6/27/2019
Fuuuuuuck! Oh my god, what a twist... and I know it's a damn good twist as I have it in my story too... although in mine Voldy is already gone.
Tempest E. Dashon chapter 67 . 6/26/2019
Well Mia...I have to say I am just a mess now. I had a friend send me your story and I have been reading it almost non-stop since. I am running on 3 hours of sleep due to not being able to put it down and have officially made it to the end.
I have to say there were times I wanted to throw my phone and stop reading in frustration, times I needed a tissue because I thought I might actually lose some of the precious liquid in my eyes (of course it was not a tear! We Slytherin's do NOT cry), and I laughed out loud so much my daughter thought I was losing it.
I realized once I hit this moment that I did not even review like I normally do because I was too busy hitting next to keep going. Whatever house you feel you would be sorted into, I begrudgingly (if it's not Slytherin) hand you the house cup as this was an amazing story from beginning to end.
Thank you so much for sharing your vision and your story with us. Very well done...indeed!
weird333 chapter 67 . 6/7/2019
Thank you so much for writing this story! It’s been 10 years, and it’s still so amazing and beautiful!
muzzarae chapter 67 . 6/2/2019
Beautifully written story. Devoured and cherished the read.
rlsa chapter 1 . 5/30/2019
The dialogue is completely brilliant! Snape is perfect!
Guest chapter 67 . 5/26/2019
This was incredible.
Lonelywicked chapter 67 . 4/8/2019
Beautiful story. Thank you
Lonelywicked chapter 1 . 4/7/2019
I die here with Hermione and Snape LOL
Guest chapter 67 . 3/19/2019
Awww! Such a lovely ending to a wonderful story. Thanks so much!
WriteAwayMaam chapter 67 . 3/3/2019
worth the 68 chapters! what a wonderful story! i loved the muggle religion mixed in with magic, i loved the soul bond, i loved the last few lines of this been wondering about the title the whole way through the story, and not knowing the significance of the title until the absolute very end was a reward in itself!
great plot! loved the twists!
RowanRhys chapter 67 . 2/17/2019
This story is simply magnificent! I am so grateful that I stumbled upon it on a favorite author's favorite stories list. I got so caught up in the plot and the characterizations that I couldn't help but stay up far too late to read the final chapters before finally going to bed. Thank you sp much for sharing your beautiful, complex and satisfying tale. Outstanding!
Lily of the Shadow chapter 67 . 2/17/2019
I read this waaaaay back when, but I don't know that I kept up with it as it was finished. I'm so glad I came back to reread it, this epic draws you in and drags you kicking and screaming through so many emotions! It is simply wonderful and thank you so much for the tale!
Hetc chapter 67 . 2/12/2019
Thank you for your lovely, epic story. I like the awkwardness of the affection. The story is internally consistent while not predictable. Her parents are an interesting couple and Albus' machinations are plausible.
Thank you
SaraiR chapter 1 . 1/8/2019
I can’t stop smiling at Hermione’s antics.
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