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7137 chapter 29 . 9/19
Great story! If you aren't continuing, I am greatly disappointed, but if this is another EXTREMELY long break, then I am eagerly looking forward to the next update and hopefully Lelouch meeting CC. A little disappointed that Lelouch wasn't secretly a hater of the corrupt Britannia, but still very interesting seeing a version where he supports it. Please keep it up!
Moonbagger chapter 29 . 9/17
Great story. I hope you finish it.
Dazzle chapter 29 . 9/14
What a lovely story. Cheers!
G2BattleConvoy chapter 29 . 9/7
Holy shit, this has been an awesome story I have been reading.
And I'm betting the Warspite doesn't disappoint when they say, "Give no quarter." Hehehe, serves those rebels right for targeting the Black Prince!

Also, no meeting with C.C.? That sucks, but hey, that opening with Luciano was an absolute gem!

Keep on writing this excellent take on the Code Geass series, man, and as always, ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!
Blond Dude 42 chapter 29 . 8/23
An amazing story. I just binge read it all. But after noticing that it has been over a year since this was updated I can only assume you have moved on in life. Or died, that's happened to some authors I've read.

Well hopefully you aren't dead and eventually update this story again.
LookinForLuk chapter 29 . 8/4
I know how hard maintaining the desire to write a story can be, hopefully this review finds you in good spirits and health.

Looking forward to more!
stabertiger chapter 29 . 7/31
Awesome work. Great writing and plot!
tora1802 chapter 23 . 7/30
OH Pls Not lelouchx bitch Kallen -.-
lkcsi chapter 29 . 7/14
Dude, this is the best CG fanfic I have ever read. Interesting premise, colorful weaving of words, pretty characters, I love it all. You earned my undying loyalty by the time you mentioned the name of Tom Clancy - may his soul rest in peace - and Jeremiah's hidden phobia of oranges. At the moment, I haven't seen much of him since Kewell died.

Today is July 14, 2015 in my timezone. So it has been more than a year since you updated this. I'm making an exception and continuing to read this when you update.

Nyaggerz chapter 29 . 7/6
You Sir (...or Madame) are awesome! :D

You made me love characters that I considered as insignificant or hardly payed attention to in cannon (which is a testament to how much of a good writer you are). Heck, I'd be loving the KaLulu ship if it happened as you described it in this fic! You made this fic seem so realistic and phenomenal it made me question cannon CG more than I already do. That's saying something because when I nitpick...I NITPICK.

So Kudos to you for your work and may you keep up with the awesome job that you're doing with it :)!
luckychaos chapter 29 . 6/29
Just binged this story like crazy over the past few days. I'd been rewatching the series with a friend for a few weeks now and I decided to look for a decent fic since I was falling in love with the story all over again. Fortunately, I found this via the TVTropes fanfic recommendation page, and I have to say your fic is phenomenal. The depth and detail you put into both the world and characters is on a level few writers, let alone fanfic writers, even attempt.

Keep up the good work! I hope to be reading more of this in the future.
johnterrencekelly chapter 28 . 6/27
Oh, and before I forget, I'd like to commend you on the way you begin your like what Jack McKinney did with the novelizations of Robotech, your introductions flesh out the world of Geass in greater detail. I have a suggestion: you could have introduced the last chapter with a news dispatch from AP/Reuters/whatever it is they have in the world of Geass as a world news service about peace in Africa. It's just a suggestion, and I hope you don't mind.

P. S. I was supposed to put this review in the last chapter, but I forgot to add it in. I hope you don't mind.
johnterrencekelly chapter 29 . 6/26
Howdy. I've been rereading this work, and I'm fairly impressed; for a fanfic novel, the writing is certainly above the average of what I'm seeing in this site, the character interactions are quite appropriate, especially when one considers Code Geass canon, and the fight scenes are fairly good, when you compare it to standard Clancy fare, of which you are fond of as you so said. Will you be able to do something within the novel on the scale of Red Storm Rising? I can only hope.
I do have a question, though: in the Code Grass wiki, the Panzer-Hummel is described as a fourth-generation Knighmare Frame, yet you call it as a sixth-generation KMF. Is it merely a personal preference on your part, or is it something else? If my memory serves me correct, the only sixth-generation (called the 'lost' or 'missing generation') KMF is the Gawain. Will it make an appearance? I hope you can answer my questions. Oh, and keep the chapters coming! I know it is hard churning chapters on a more regular basis, but I do hope (and I am sure I am not alone on this) that you won't give up. My best wishes to your writing endeavors.
Guest chapter 18 . 6/26
Guest chapter 13 . 6/25
Don't worry about slights against Australians, we offend ourselves more than you ever could :)
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