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xkiyohime chapter 68 . 8/15
Hello! Avid longtime reader, first time (I believe?) reviewer. I cannot begin to express what an incredible privilege it has been to follow this story from the outset.

I've had a burning question for years - what Latin phrase or saying, do you think, would encompass your particular incarnation Shizuru Fujino?

Any other phrases you strongly associate with any of your characters?
Chenmao chapter 68 . 8/7
Superb as always. Every time I read it, I discover something new and exciting I missed the other time around. Keep up the good work, hope ur not dead. Hahahahha
Komett chapter 68 . 8/3
I don't read fanfiction anymore, but I still make sure to check this one every few months for an update. This story has essentially grown up with me from adolescence to adulthood, and I really do hope it gets completed one day.

I think I have praised your literary flair before in previous reviews, but I don't think I have mentioned how glad I am that you are still updating this amazing story after so many years. Thank you very much, you incredible writer :)
kkmkws chapter 45 . 7/27
I have just recently found your story and just finished reading the first arc and I have to say I love it! I really love the elegant phrases, the well constructed plot, the deep characters and the relationship between Shizuru and Natsuki. I really enjoyed the story and I truly hope you are well and are willing to continue this story until the very end. I thought it was the best fanfiction I have read yet and I love the way you describe Shizuru and Natsuki. The reference of the original animation was also great and the comparison of Natsuki's interpretation of the way Shizuru treats her as a Hydra was absolutely fascinating. Anyways, I'm going to continue reading the rest of the chapters and I truly hope you are well and could find time to finish the story. Thanks for the great story :)
Guest chapter 1 . 6/27
I just hope that you are fine
Lyr chapter 68 . 6/9
I have to express my gratitude at your excellently woven story. You have a great characterization, and also keep up a good level of tension. It's especially nice how you keep weaving in new opposition, or showing more facets of old ones, so that even though one threat might have been dealt with, there's always more lurking. And without making any one side seem all powerful. I mean even though Shizuru is a brilliant commander and politician, there are still constraints and even opposition that can really hurt our heroes. And your world building is just amazing. The only problem I have with this story that it keeps me reading even though I should be doing other things, like sleeping. I always think that just a bit more is needed until I get to that bit that is currently gripping me. Of course by then there is something else. Although I suppose all that should be a compliment to how gripping the story is, that it is hard to stop reading. I especially love the, admittedly quite fewer, parts where we see Natsuki's thoughts. They always show so much of her reasons, which are not always obvious otherwise. It is quite nice how a lot of the conflict between Shizuru and Natsuki is because of good intentions and not completely understanding the others reasons. Or, in Natsuki's case, not always being able to accept the reasons. Independent people make bad invalids and are even worse when you try to smother them, in my experience. I do have to admit that the amputation was a hard hit emotionally. It does introduce a lot into the story, especially new character development, but Natsuki is such an independent and capable person that seeing her capabilities reduced is painful. Not that she is useless, far from it, but still, seeing her lose such a huge part of her own identity is not easy. Also, I am really curious about Chikane's offer of adoption from her point of view. An obvious reason would be to help her friend, but I am wondering if there are other motives. Like the regard Suou had for Natsuki, considering that Chikane surely read the letters left by Suou. I do wonder if that offer of adoption might also be an extension of the protection Suou gave Natsuki when gifting her with her katana. It was stated that the katana would show that Natsuki was under the Himemiya's protection, if I remember that right, but since the katana was supposed to eventually go to family, it might look a bit like Suou was unofficially taking Natsuki into their family. Just a thought, though.
All in all I do want to thank you for providing this great story, and am patiently waiting for more of this tale. Considering the size and quality of your chapters, a great lot of effort must go into them, so trying to hurry you into posting would be very disrespectful.
SixPerfections chapter 7 . 4/1
Heh. Natsuki spoke. It was pretty epic the way you set it all up. Poor Shizuru is done, just done.. her heart has been stolen. I know its been a while since you've written this and updated but still wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this chapter XD
SixPerfections chapter 1 . 3/28
Just put my toe in the water for this monster story by reading the first chapter. Wanted to say, promising start. But damn. This is a long yarn XD
T chapter 65 . 3/27
How is it even possible to right anything this fantastic!?
Ethnewinter, you have absolutely no idea how much I love your story (and pretty much your writing in general). The unbridled love and adoration between Natsuki and Shizuru is unlike anything I've ever read and it's what makes this story so brilliant! Anyway, That was a very pleasant surprise in the end, I'm pretty sure I screamed 'hallelujah' in happiness when It happened.

Thanks for writing even after all these years and I can't wait till your next update. Until next time.
Skeeter451 chapter 47 . 3/25
Wasn't Ovid during Imperial Rome?
Skeeter451 chapter 5 . 3/19
Haha, Shizuru is going after a bunch of pricks.
Insane Onna chapter 50 . 3/9
Hello Ethnewinter, firstly thank you so much for writing the labor of love which is Inter Nos. I've been a fan for years though I've only come back intermittenly once every year. I'm currently catching up on everything I've missed, the last being chapter 48.

Secondly, I really love how you have been so careful to build this universe, set in the roman empire. I appreciate the details: the politics, the skirmishes and especially the character interaction. You've made these characters your own, reflective of the culture they were born in and that's something I've really admired in your work.

My favorites will always be Shizuru and Chikane how they are so alike yet different so some of my favorite scenes are when they interact. Though I also have a strong preference for Chikane x Himeko scenes as I feel there's still a lot of historical background to discuss: like how did they meet? How did they fall in love?

Thank you so much for everything you've done. It has been an enlightening journey these past few years and I'm glad to have read your work.
We love us chapter 65 . 2/18
Too cute Shizuru is, I swear
We love us chapter 50 . 2/16
Man I think you set an unattainable bar for writers. Your story just kills me and revives me at the same time.
We love us chapter 37 . 2/15
God Shizuru is very romantic with that last part. Made me breathless.
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