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Guest chapter 27 . 2/13
this is really like a book i can never put down once i started. i'm totally hooked and i can't remember how many times i've re-read it, and some more for years now. this is really and always be a masterpiece. my favorite, all the time. i wish there will be a book, really a hard copy and i'd be more than eager to dish out even it will cost fortune.

of course, i still hope this will be updated. i'm really in love with the story
TinyTini chapter 68 . 2/12
Still patiently waiting for an update...
Guest chapter 68 . 1/15
please update next chapter, this is new year already
setsuna.kobayashi chapter 68 . 11/13/2016
Random hug! :)
Hope this isn't dropped! :)
Yumi Himemiya chapter 68 . 11/5/2016

It's been a long time since I have written to you. Hope you are doing well. I wanted to ask if you will be updating the story anytime soon? I been rereading it now for years now but wish to see if you could spare some time to post the next chapter. Thank you for your story and time you have dedicated to it.

A wishful and hopeful fan

Je yurigirl chapter 68 . 10/25/2016
um ano faz que não temos o prazer de apreciar sua escrita
a muito passei de simples ansiedade, nem sei mais o quanto imaginei o que virá a seguir :(
Sempre há receio de que os autores abonem suas historias por diversos motivos
mas quando se trata de inter nos, acredito que os seguidores tem uma preocupação
maior assim como de verás preocupante que é com a saúde do autor
Além de imaginar os futuros acontecimentos da trama me pego imaginando a razão para seu desaparecimento e sinceramente desejo que esteja bem, que apenas esteja ocupado demais ou
num momento de falta de inspiração mas acima de tudo bem :)

Eu reli a historia recentemente e como sempre me impressiona seu talento, quero muito ter o prazer de me perder em sua escrita seja lhe acompanhando até o final de inter nos e quem sabe em outras historias .. ok! outras talvez seja pedir demais haha, sinceramente quero atualização de inter nos mas espero que demore muito a acabar, ainda tem muito a ser feito

ate breve :)
Assim espero
Urooj chapter 1 . 10/16/2016
Hi sorry for reviewing this story to communicate but not actually reviewing. I can't seem to send you a private message and I was wondering if you wrote a story where Nao likes Natsuki, goes to a bar and talks to a bartender describing her ideal girl and in the end Natsuki said something like "but we'll always have each other" referencing to shizuru. Did you write that story?
Trial1 chapter 68 . 10/9/2016
Just this night, I was thinking about how Inter Nos just celebrated 9 years since its publication. And I was amazed that such a wonderful story could span so many years. I also realized that I have been here for most of that journey, from when you regularly updated, to when you stopped updating for a few weeks, then came the months, and I remember the longest being over a year. It truly amazes me! There was a time when I used to eagerly wait for each chapter. Especially during the cliffhanger you brought with Suou's demise, and Natsuki's uncertain future. I remember vividly, with my then slow internet connection, reading the next chapter when it came out. I was so relieved.

Time has passed, it's been about 5 years since that day. I've been busy with life and other experiences, and from these things, I've come to discover how easy it is to be swept up with everything. How fast life goes by if you let it, and how slow it becomes when you will it. There are times when I completely forget about Inter Nos, arguably the best fanfiction I've ever come across. That's why I know how unfair it is for me to ask for an update, knowing that each one takes a lot of time and dedication. I just want you to know, ethne, that you are truly one of the best writers. And I truly hope to see Inter Nos to its completion! Good day!
chinks chapter 68 . 10/4/2016
ahh... this is always a good read, great actually.. oh how I wish to know if you are okay and is still planning to continue this magnificent story.. I'm always dying to know what will happen next, if there will be more to avenging one of my favorite characters: Sou, and what will happen to Natsuki's adoption, will she be a big bom/surprise to those opposed to her lover.. etc.. etc... ahh... please, I hope you're fine, and will grant us again the continuation of your masterpiece... I love All the Heroins in this story..
Guest chapter 45 . 9/25/2016
you know I keep wondering if you have finished this story in a book somehow, and published it, then changed the title or anything maybe. Because I'm also searching if there is any, and I would gladly buy more than two, because one withers, I still have a few more.. :)

BFs be damned who hates LGBTs. I'd be proud to have it displayed on my bookshelf!
so please... if you have, or did printed it out in a book, let your avid readers know... have mercy...
Chino chapter 1 . 9/23/2016
Hi ethnewinter...
I am one of your avid fans, and I check so often like a lunatic if you have posted any update. I am not rushing you of course, it would be rude. Pieces of art this magnificent doesn't come easy like a fart. And this shows what a great author you are with excellent skills like that of a pro. No, scratch that; You, are a real pro. So, even if this is only fiction, I hope you haven't abandoned this story yet. You have fed the minds and touch the hearts of many. That is needless to say how superb this story is. I hope you are doing fine and would one day, in your own pace and time, would share us another part of your inspiration in this story.
Loyal reader chapter 68 . 9/13/2016
I just re-read the whole story for the 5th time. Please don't abandon this masterpiece!
xkiyohime chapter 68 . 8/15/2016
Hello! Avid longtime reader, first time (I believe?) reviewer. I cannot begin to express what an incredible privilege it has been to follow this story from the outset.

I've had a burning question for years - what Latin phrase or saying, do you think, would encompass your particular incarnation Shizuru Fujino?

Any other phrases you strongly associate with any of your characters?
Chenmao chapter 68 . 8/7/2016
Superb as always. Every time I read it, I discover something new and exciting I missed the other time around. Keep up the good work, hope ur not dead. Hahahahha
Komett chapter 68 . 8/3/2016
I don't read fanfiction anymore, but I still make sure to check this one every few months for an update. This story has essentially grown up with me from adolescence to adulthood, and I really do hope it gets completed one day.

I think I have praised your literary flair before in previous reviews, but I don't think I have mentioned how glad I am that you are still updating this amazing story after so many years. Thank you very much, you incredible writer :)
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