Reviews for Tenacity
Soluzek chapter 88 . 6/24
I usually try to avoid reading incomplete stories, but I am so glad I've read this one. Has been a big breath of nostalgia, and more, what with the different twists and turns and expansions. Looking forward to more.
Noradin chapter 18 . 6/22
The reactions to Zacks story were off. They did not come across as natural.
Maybe you need them all to be angry with Zack for plot purposes, but the natural reaction would have been compassion and pity which would have made Zack the one ending up angry, not the other way around. The only one being somewhat understandably upset is Cloud.
GreenVitamin chapter 88 . 6/6
HEY so I just wanted to say I LOVE your story. Hopefully you can continue it with regular updates.
Just to note, I just finished binge reading it for almost 14 hours straight. I'm a slow reader and I make sure I can absorb every single detail. And not once did I feel uninterested or unwilling to carry forward. You always kept me at the edge of my seat and to me that makes the story you wrote great.

ALTHOUGH the only small issue (it's not really an issue) I have is that you tend to always forget about Cait Sith. The other characters tend to have their moments and I can see that you actually have some chapters geared towards the other characters coming up. However I feel like the interactions between characters are repetitive.
for example : Tifa and Cid, Yuffie and Vincent.
Their interactions are great and I find it enjoyable but for me personally. I like seeing all characters (even these side ones) interact with the other people some more. Like I don't recall seeing very many Cait Sith Tifa interactions (with the exception of one very tiny scene where they weren't even talking). I understand the story is about Zack and Cloud, but I think it could be so much better if the side characters could have more of an impact. (especially mr. kitty!) You never once mentioned him in a battle scenario and at times outright forgot him.

Some other side characters are pretty good. Like the whole Tifa and Vincent and Yuffie thing. They seemed to be not as one-dimensional as the rest of the side chars (Barret, Cid, Cait).
But I don't know whats planned for the future chapters so yeh...

I HOPE you don't drop this story. I don't review much (actually I never really do) and your story honestly is really amazing and probably one of the better reads I had in a while.
Trashwolf chapter 88 . 5/18
Thank you so much for updating this story for as long as you have! I started reading this story since you first started posting in 2007 and cannot believe it's still going in 2015. Amazing "tenacity" you have! Now I have to go and re-read the entire story from chapter 1, which I am so looking forward to doing. Amazing work. Again, thank you so much for keeping this beautiful fic going.
DarkSeraphim1 chapter 88 . 4/28
Welcome back, and it was WELL worth the wait. I can not WAIT to see what comes next. Awesome job!


Darya chapter 88 . 4/24
Omg finally! Wow, thank you for keeping writing! I always check back from time to time and saw you updated and I was so ecstatic! This was worth the wait! _ I'm really intrigued that Clouds' body is starting to make it's own Mako and curious as to how that will affect him and the story down the road! That part really blew my mind! I wish I were able to read the whole Tenacity file on Cloud! This is so great! Thank you for posting regardless of how frequent it is! 3 3 3 3
Amarissia chapter 88 . 4/24
AERITH. OH NO, not Aerith. :(

Gaia, woman, where have you been? I need to reread this to remember everything if you're really resurrecting this badass epic. And here you are, tugging my fragile heartstrings again.

And now I have to go, because Genesis won't stop talking about how Angeal is inside Zack, just like every night. If he doesn't shut up, I'm going to call him a pedo for being inside Cloud.

Guest chapter 88 . 4/23
Oh wow, I've almost forgotten was this fic was about, I had to read the previous charter to remember, but as soon as I started reading everything came back and I remember how great the story is and I'm so glad that you decided to continue writing it. I hope that you take it all the way to the end.
zephyr hb chapter 69 . 3/5
I love the life you bring to the game, yes, it may be a little too large of a fic, but it's great because you feel them alive, I just wis for more changes of the linear story, anyway I love to read this, please continue
zephyr hb chapter 54 . 2/21
Oh my god, it's my second day reading your fic, it's wonderful, the characters are well structured, love the way the turks and rufus are human in this, and like very, very, bastards. The relationship between cloud and Zack is a little slow, but worth it, and... just wow, love the fic and still in chapter 53, sooo, thanks and hope you continue son.
Diclonious57 chapter 56 . 1/25
Diclonious57 chapter 46 . 1/25
I love Zack's old hairstyle
Diclonious57 chapter 39 . 1/25
Zack really?
Diclonious57 chapter 8 . 1/24
Is this fic still alive?
Diclonious57 chapter 3 . 1/24
Who's excited for cross-dressing
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