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zephyr hb chapter 69 . 3/5
I love the life you bring to the game, yes, it may be a little too large of a fic, but it's great because you feel them alive, I just wis for more changes of the linear story, anyway I love to read this, please continue
zephyr hb chapter 54 . 2/21
Oh my god, it's my second day reading your fic, it's wonderful, the characters are well structured, love the way the turks and rufus are human in this, and like very, very, bastards. The relationship between cloud and Zack is a little slow, but worth it, and... just wow, love the fic and still in chapter 53, sooo, thanks and hope you continue son.
Diclonious57 chapter 56 . 1/25
Diclonious57 chapter 46 . 1/25
I love Zack's old hairstyle
Diclonious57 chapter 39 . 1/25
Zack really?
Diclonious57 chapter 8 . 1/24
Is this fic still alive?
Diclonious57 chapter 3 . 1/24
Who's excited for cross-dressing
jellyfish'confetti chapter 87 . 8/10/2014
Ahhh, please update! I kinda expected you to lose sight interest in writing this Fanfiction, but please still update! I really like this story (and plus it seems like you are close to wrapping it up), so please update soon! Dx
Ardwynna Morrigu chapter 50 . 6/16/2014
I always told myself when I finally had the time to give your incredible story the proper kind of attention, I'd be here reading, so here I am, starting over, loving your phrasing, your characterization, the interactions, the twist and admiring the sheer DEDICATION it takes to keep writing this much for so long. 'Tenacity' clearly isn't just the title of the fic, it's the quality in the author that puts me to shame. I know I won't be disappointed by the rest of this story. I'm only sorry it took me so long to get to the point where I could make a concerted effort to be the kind of reader all your hard work deserves.
Guest chapter 88 . 6/10/2014
that was awesome. I have never been a huge Zack/Cloud fan more of a Sephiroth/Cloud fan really but I like this Epic tale of tortured souls and love stories that are very messed up! lol oh and that short side story on the yaoi fangirls! LOVED IT! I want that picture pronto lol!Anyways keep up the great work and I can't wait to see more! Till next time!
sleeping itasaku fangirl chapter 88 . 6/1/2014
when did project tenacity take place and when in relation to sephiroth's birth did lucrecia die? i always figured it had to be at least a year or two at most afterward with everything that happened, especially since hojo didn't want her influencing seph at all, but reading about the project seems to disprove that since cloud is at least 5 yrs younger than seph.
Xajora chapter 88 . 4/26/2014
Holy freaking…

I'm so glad I read this story and stuck with it. I've slowly been plodding through over the past two weeks while reading other Final Fantasy VII fanfics (it's a bit late in life but finally I've played the games and know the plot beyond Aerith is killed by Sephiroth), and it was so worth it. There were small slow patches back in the 40-60s of chapters I think where I occassionaly went to other stories, but I always came back and finally finished reading what you have so far.

This is an absolute gem, and definetly up there with things like Eir's Tomorrow and Green Dreams (which I don't see mentioned as much but I think highly of). You took the basic concept of Zack Lives with Zack/Cloud and just…made it so much more. There is so much great character building in this I don't know where to start.

And dang, that plot twist in Chapter 85. You had me sitting there, mouth agape, in mind-blown amazement and wondering how I didn't see it. Heck, you even said in one of the earlier chapters that he was injected with G-cells! I was close, thinking it was a Sephiroth thing the whole time, that he was becoming Sephiroth or something (especially after he chose Seraphina early on and commented how it was too short), but dang, it was Genesis and there were so many clues. I really applaud how well layed out that twist was, over three years and 400k words. Some probably saw it coming, but I'm glad I was oblivious, it was fantastic.

The story still has some twists to come, and I can't wait to see the Young One thing explained better, and of course how events like Aerith still being alive changes things. I'm so glad that this story is still alive and isn't a deadfic last updated in 2007 or something like a lot of FF7 stories.

If I'd give one criticism, it feels like the other characters are getting more and more shafted over time. Now, don't get me wrong, you characterize them great. I remember when reading how you were unsure if you should do those chapters like Rebirths and such where you go into other characters, and I wondered if I'd see them continue in the story as you clearly disliked writing them at first, but they were very interesting and shaped people like Tifa well.

However, as the story is going on (and I'm unsure if this is intentional, like Zack is falling into his own world more and more as he gets more stressed?), they are mentioned less and less, even when if feels like they should at least have a line or dialogue or do something. I don't remember when, but probably less than 10 chapters ago or something, there was a two day span where they traveled and stopped somewhere (again, my memory may be foggy) and no one was mentioned aside from Cloud and Zack. Ah, I remember now, I think it was when they were traveling to the Gold Saucer again and only at the end of getting there was Barret used as a plot speaker more than anything. It's third person limited, so it's understandable and good that we don't see much into the other characters, but it just feels so odd that they'd just silently travel along?

This isn't to yell and say "OMG CHANGE IT RIGHT NOW OR RIOT" but just to be something in mind, I dunno.

Thanks for such an amazing and interesting story that has captured me and blown my mind! I can't wait for any and all updates.
SC chapter 88 . 4/3/2014
So excited to see another chapter up. This is by far the best FFVII fic I have ever read and I've read a lot. :)
Demon King Piccolo chapter 88 . 3/20/2014
Hmm, it's been so long since I read this story. Over the course of the last few days, I re-read the story in its entirety feeling that I have a better grasp of it now than I did before and, likewise, appreciate it better than before.

All in all, your fanfic is a lovely story. You created a riveting plot and kept me strung along for all 88 chapters. Why? Partially because I'm genuinely interested to see where Zack's and Cloud's relationship goes. Partially because I'm genuinely interested in all of the characters' lives and relationships.

And partially because you have such a talent at creating sheer darkness that, by the later chapters, I couldn't help but think Marlene might be the only innocent character in the entire story. I couldn't stop myself from seeing the intense trainwreck of everything even if I tried.

But to get to the point, I enjoyed your story and I commend your efforts. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
Kay SaDiablo chapter 88 . 3/18/2014
THANK YOU FOR UPDATING! It was worth the wait! The file was quite intresting indeed to say the least. It was alos intresting to see the small interaction between Zack and Tifa. Clearly they are both still in a lot of pain.

Staying anxious until the next one!
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