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OP-MC and Harem-Lover chapter 3 . 12/5
Haku in the Harem? Seriously? Why do people like Gender-bender so much? It's disgusting.

6 people in the Harem, is so little and so boring. And, why are you paring Rangiku with Toshiro? Just because they seem close? Of course they're close, they're in the same division. I hate people who pair them up just because they seem close. It's like pairing Tsunade with Jiraiya.
Kesshi Uzumaki chapter 34 . 11/10
Please update soon!
knarf3 chapter 7 . 11/8
So the Shiba clan chose to leave Seireitei? Whatever. Apparently all they do is make fireworks. That sob story of a flashback is totally unnecessary. Kukaku made the right decision to get her clan to leave because she couldn't understand the concept of doing what needed to be done without the aid of said story. Really, was it that hard for her to process that he brother got turned into mass-murdering hollow and thus had to be destroyed? The alternative option was to leave him be and watch him kill more shinigami and people of Soul Society. But hey, that option was apparently more preferable to her because the hollow wasn't just anyone, it was wearing his brother as a meat puppet! So therefore according to her sake-addled logic, her familial relation should have taken more precedence over the safety of countless innocents! If you wanted the audience to gain some empathy for her, you have done just the opposite. The fact that it takes a sob story to change her view when the facts of the matter demands she should have done so immediately just makes her more despicable. And oh yeah, don't forget that she tried to kill him for doing the right thing. So yeah, get out of town bitch.

Rukia, as of the end of this chapter, doesn't deserve to be one of Naruto's woman for the simple fact that her character is rotten. Oh ho, so she regrets her cunty reaction. Well guess what, it is worth jack shit unless she acts on it and demonstrates actions to correct her behaviour.

Having said all that, Miyu's unconditional love and confidence in her precious big brother makes everything better.

Challenging Marechiyo is the right move but the timing is retarded. This is the third time in this story he has gone off fighting an opponent knowing he is not at full strength. I thought he was supposed to be an genius? Last time I checked, fighting with an easily fixable handicap is not the smart thing to do. Yes he should have taken the vice-captaincy much earlier, so yes he is indirectly responsible for the injuries and deaths suffered under Marechiyo's incompetency, but the answer to fixing a mistake is not to make one more retarded move. That aside though, one of the good things to come out of that battle is that no one can doubt Naruto's power when he squashed fatso even under less than optimal conditions.

"Your mission success rate is pathetic and no doubt covered by the Omaeda clan." At the end of this sentence you should have added something like: At this he stared murderously at the clan head, who tried to look disdainful but his slightly shaking body said otherwise.

If Central 46 is so corrupt, why doesn't Gotei 13 just commit a coup d'état against them? The latter is the military so who has the actual power to stop them? They can design and set up new checks and balances later on, with the first law being that maybe the members of the judiciary (and why the fuck are there forty six members in the first place? Nine is sufficient) cannot hide their faces. Seriously, when people don't even know whom the members are, is it any wonder the organisation is corrupt?
knarf3 chapter 6 . 11/8
Naruto not putting in more effort into his hakuda practices with Soifon seems like a bad excuse. I find it hard to believe that someone with his level of movement control cannot simply focus on non-'perverted' body regions like the stomach, upper limbs, and hands instead.

So how long before Naruto's zanpakuto spirit to fully materialise and be given solid form? Chances are their relationship will become a lot more intimate.

The confrontation with Sasuke is pretty stupid. Naruto knew he wasn't in peak condition (remember what happened last time when Sasuke caught him at low power? Oh right, he had to die in order to kill the Uchiha.), so why the hell didn't he just ask his captain for help? Soifon was right fucking beside him! What, did his overbearing sense of responsibility not allow for any help? Sasugay becoming a hollow is the direct result of all the fucked up shit he did while alive, so why the hell did Naruto felt the need to confront the teme alone?

Kukaku and Rukia behaved like royal cunts. And yes, I will call Rukia a bitch because she behaved like one. If she wanted to save Kaien herself, maybe she should have done something about it. Why didn't she? Because she is fucking weak and doesn't have the strength to defeat him. Little bitches do not get to complain about broken promises. And what the fuck was Naruto thinking for promising her to save Kaien? It would have been better for Rukia to witness Kaien's death instead; that way, she wouldn't be bitching out and blaming Naruto for not being able to achieve the impossible.

When she screws her head back on straight, Naruto better not making a stupid and unwarranted concession by saying he is sorry too or some shit like that. She is one at fault so she will need to get down on her knees and beg for forgiveness.

Well, the good thing is that Naruto has finally unlocked more of his power by being able to call on the lovely Tsukiyomi from now on. I never cared for Kaien so his death doesn't bother me.
knarf3 chapter 5 . 11/8
Grrr, why does my choice always lose?! I would have preferred Rangiku (Temari only got 7 votes. WTF?!), but Anko will do.

Aww, I positively love the relationship between Naruto and Miyu.

I'm disappointed that none of the captains noticed Aizen's irregular interest in Momo; Soifon of all people should have picked on it considering she leads the squad the is responsible for assassinations and intelligence gathering, so she should be noticing all the subtle details. Besides, his attempt at recruiting all the promising fresh talents is a naked power grab, how no one else in the room saw it as such is disturbing and pathetic.

Kukuku, I admit the creepy laugh is one aspect of Orochimaru that I definitely admire. And yeah, Naruto is going to be having fun in the second division alright, especially with Soifon's and the fat bastards' bodies, though for wildly different reasons of course.

Naruto humiliating imbeciles is always a sight to see.

I have no problems with the collective except for Tatsuki. Seriously, what the fuck?
knarf3 chapter 4 . 11/8
I am going to assume that "nice hugs" is an euphemism for fondling.

Why doesn't Naruto know his zanpakuto's name? He already respects and trusts her, so what gives?

Aww, I love a good rescue romance. Good battle scene.

The poll is already closed, but I hope either Hanabi, Temari, or Rangiku becomes one of Naruto's women.
knarf3 chapter 3 . 11/8
I'm glad to see that Naruto is getting the academic results that he deserves. When he doesn't have scummy academic instructors from Konoha holding him back, coupled with his natural talent, hard work, and prior experience, of course he is going to excel. It also helps that he is charismatic and doesn't have a 2 feet pole up his rectum and a duck-butt hairstyle.

I don't get why you keep referring to Rangiku and Momo by their last names when they are supposed to be close friends with Naruto.

Why would Naruto secure his swords (maybe katanas?) by his hip while in ANBU. the scabbards would surely get in the while during combat.

I love that Naruto gets along so well with Zabuza. The two never held genuine ill will toward one another while alive because they were merely working for different interests. Naruto able to convert a ninjutsu to kido is simply revolutionary (I hope that he doesn't teach this new branch of kido to anyone else except his trusted lovers, not that he needs to worry about non-shinobi shinigami stealing his secrets since they don't even know what elemental releases are). I have high hopes that he will far surpass kido masters like Kisuke and Aizen.

Rukia was pretty inconsiderate of Naruto when she accepted the offer without telling him first. With all the time they have spent together, she should know that he has her best interests at heart and won't prevent her from doing what she truly wants to do.

This is bullshit. First Tatasuki beats out Temari, and now Rangiku? What the hell is wrong with the poll participants?! My only solace is that Naruto will still get together with my favourite kunoichis when they do arrive in Seireitei.
knarf3 chapter 2 . 11/8
I resent you calling Marejirosaburo a pig because that is an insult to pigs. Unwarranted insult to pigs aside, it is satisfying to see Naruto put that cochon in his place, even if he is a weakling compared to an elite shinigami. On top of that, Naruto even gained a cute little sister in Miyu!

I hope Miyu becomes one of Naruto's women when she grows older. It would be so hot when she moans 'oni-chan' over and over again while he repeatedly plunges inside her.

Naruto's experience with women clearly shows. He knows Soifon is a powerful woman from a few glances but is deliberately brazen enough to eye-fuck her. He has clearly peaked her interest. And I'll be expecting regular sexcapades from Naruto and Rukia if she becomes one of his women since they will be living together for the next six years.

I'm bummed out that Temari didn't make the cut. How the fuck did Tatsuki of all people beat her in your poll?

Who likes Miyu? I LOVE Miyu! She is such a cutie!
knarf3 chapter 1 . 11/8
I can see some of my favourite kunoichi are Naruto's bedmates (i.e. Ino, Hanabi, Temari, and Yugito); Sakura is fine as long as she underwent a major attitude adjustment, and I have no opinion on Tenten.

I have to assume that the list of princess amores for Naruto includes Koyuki and Shion, because otherwise the list would suffer from quality.

You could have made Kyuubi a female vixen you know. Having a male (presumably, unless the kyuubi is sexless) being as a part of Naruto for all eternity doesn't sound too appealing.

"Reiatsu test, complete. Hitsugaya Taichou, reading was 982 units." It would be hilarious if the AI said "it's over 9000!" instead lol.

How can Naruto not be ultra strong? At this point, giving his accomplishments in the story, he should be at least mid S-rank in power.
cain221 chapter 34 . 11/5
Please update this. It is by far one of my favorites.
MCRasengan chapter 34 . 10/9
Please return to this story. I’m really enjoying it.
MCRasengan chapter 18 . 10/8
Vegeta, what does the scouter say about the word count?

…It’s over 9000!

What 9000?!

Did it just cause you said not to.
Guest chapter 2 . 7/26
Is Miyu naruto' zanpakto
Guest chapter 1 . 7/26
"Pein and Konan seemed to be rethinking their loyalties to Uchiha Madara"
Not as if that will help much if Madara decided he's going to fight
pandalarios999 chapter 16 . 7/17
damn booty
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