Reviews for Clash in the Land of Snow: Legacy Version!
Tminor chapter 34 . 2/2
Oh wow. That was how it should've been done in the movie. You see that, Pierrot?! *shakes fist* lol anyway love the combination jutsu(beats rainbow rasengan anyday), reaffirmations of each combatants stamina at various stages of the fight (keeping it real and sympathetic to the readers), and descriptives of Doto's fear (imo a very important part to making a villain believable; the mirroring desperation from both parties coming together in a reckoning that resolves who's the actual strongest)

All in all, thank you for this epic journey! I'll definitely be in the front seat for whatever comes next! Best wishes to your writing endeavors and I hope Sakura, our favorite late-bloomer gets to strike out her own territory with a strength of a thousand !
Drag0n5on chapter 34 . 1/12
Your back! I hope you don't stay gone so long again Seriously this story is amazing and admittedly one of my favorites. The only issue I've ever had was the update speed but you always make the wait worth it! I hope to see you soon and can't wait to see what you have planned next. Hopefully my own stories will develop into something this good
Zoneshifter D chapter 34 . 12/11/2016
Unfortunately, I don't really like how this chapter came out. While it does show Team 7's full growth rather than just focusing on Naruto like in the movie... I don't feel like whatever payoff you were trying to go for with the rest of the aspects of this chapter really paid off. Which is frustrating because I actually liked Naruto tanking the Gamabunta Buster. Frankly, dragging things like you did to have Doto destroy the Glacier to prevent from repeating the same ending as in the movie SHOULD have felt more meaningful... but I don't really feel much for it.

And ending a Rasengan combo with 'no jutsu' doesn't flow right. Naruto NEVER uses no Jutsu after Rasengan, even after learning elemental infusing in the official series. It doesn't sound any better doing so here.

And then making there being an actual treasure as an unexpected twist also didn't feel that strong to me. Feels more like rubbing salt in the wound as it were.

Bakeru finally being revealed only elicited an "it's about time" feeling for me. His subplot has been going for so long that I just wanted it done and over with, unfortunately.

All in all, the chapter doesn't feel all that strong to me.
TimeShifter chapter 34 . 11/27/2016
That was a spectacular ending to the fight. I enjoyed seeing Sakura contribute to the fight even if she couldn't stay standing with her teammates. I admittedly don't remember what the nicknames mean and will need a re-ready when everything is finished, but it was still easy enough to remember where we were from the opening. As always, I love the way you draw scenes with words.

And I was not expecting the reveal with Bakeru! Glad to see you're back, and very excited to see how this will be resolved. I expect Kakashi to reveal himself in the perfect heroic moment.
Tellemicus Sundance chapter 34 . 11/21/2016
...WHO-HOOO! You FINALLY updated! It's been so long, I was certain that you'd long since abandoned this story! Regardless, though a little short, I still quite enjoyed the fights. It was definitely an interesting experience to see such chakra monsters as Naruto and Sasuke fighting on fumes like that. And it was nice to see a lot of those ideas we'd discussed way back when (has it really been NINE years already?!) finally come to fruition!

All that remains now is Bakeru to be dealt with. Honestly, with how incredibly wiped out the kids are, I just can't see them being able to fight him off this time. This would probably be the best time for Kakashi to make his own epic comeback, especially since Bakeru's FINALLY been revealed after all this time. Yes, I will admit that I was caught by surprise that it was Sandayuu all along and that such a small, subtle detail of Sandayuu 'fumbling with his hands' way back when that chapter originally came out, it completely escaped my notice! Man, I feel like such an idiot!

I cannot describe to you the level of surprise and joy I felt when I found that THIS story had finally be updated for real. I hope this means that you will be able to grind out the last few chapters left in the story in comparatively shorter a time than this one had taken. But if not, that's okay, since this chapter was a treat in and of itself.

Great work, my old friend! It's nice to see some of these old stories are still being worked on. (Man, that really makes us sound old now, doesn't it?) Until next time...
Guest chapter 1 . 12/4/2015
Awesome fic but update faster
ConqueringWriter'sBlock chapter 33 . 2/16/2015
Wow, just wow. I have to take this time to say I absolutely adore what you've done here. You've taken a concept that originated with Tellemicus Sundance, and not only have you shown a thorough understanding of his work, but you have managed to make it your own. I can't imagine all of the hard work and effort you put into crafting the fight where Team 7 faces off against fifty ninjas. That is some serious dedication and creativity to something you're not even being paid to do. May I also say I absolutely love what you've done with the characters? I know parts of them resemble the ones Sundance created, but you've managed to flesh them out in your own way so beautifully. Each of these characters has been forced to learn something about themselves. Naruto is learning not to take everything on by himself, Sasuke is learning just how much the others mean to him, and Sakura is learning she can motivate herself to be just as strong as the boys. Speaking of Sakura, you have managed to accomplish something Kishimoto unfortunately failed to do in canon, and that was to actually invest me in her character. I care about her struggles, her insecurities, and I've even found myself rooting for her here. With all due respect to Kishimoto's work, Sakura is a character he could have written better, and what you have here is exactly what I wanted to see from her but never really did. However, the characters do not just stand on their own. You have united them together as a team. They work off each other well, and have grown to care for each other like a real family. Together they are a group of powerhouses.

Also worth mentioning is the detail that went into further exploring the Snow Country. Considering the first Naruto movie is usually the only one most people can actually stand, it's nice to see it explored a little more here. From the politics, to that shifty witch, and the relationship between Doto and his brother; everything has been meticulously crafted and portrayed in such a believable fashion that it could almost be mistaken for canon.

I feel I should also address the relationship here between Sasuke and Sakura. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of this pairing (even though I wrote a fic about them. Though it was more of a parody) I find it pretty believable here. You were right to make Sakura angry with Sasuke for what he had done. That way we were able to gradually see them work towards reconciliation, providing their relationship with a lot of depth.

Now let me close this overly long review by saying I look forward to your taking over the Legacy series, and how I can't wait to see what you do there. Good luck with all of your projects!
XaoOfTheMists chapter 29 . 12/2/2014
Was that a Gargoyles reference?
XaoOfTheMists chapter 27 . 12/1/2014
Nice reference to Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.
XaoOfTheMists chapter 17 . 12/1/2014
Nice Jackie Chan Adventures reference.
Tminor chapter 26 . 9/24/2014
Love Sakura's super saiyan rage.

Her anger is a canonical element of her drive often downplayed even in fics centered on her. 'Course haters gonna call her bitchy but that's poop logic.

As seen in her near death monologue, she hasn't been developing her sense of self properly, unlike her teammates. Her low self-esteem wasn't weeded out by ino overnight, just took the active form of seeking peer acknowledgment through blind conformity. Sheltered upbringing certainly didn't help her break out of pretentiousness and start growing up, as Sasuke and Naruto were forced to at a young age. A tree trunk of peeling ego and a hollow id as core, so to speak. All this came crushing down upon joining team 7. As her naïveté toward reality dropped, she was forced to face her lack of purpose and sense of worth. Feelings of uselessness, frustration, and all around disorientation as to how to stop becoming even more helpless. Urgency from recent events speeds up this vicious cycle of anxiety in the teen, the repressed aggression sparks her innate competitiveness and anger.
Kishimoto no doubt didn't intend this; but sakura makes for a realistic case of an bare-hand struggle for distinction in the midst of giants. It's very fitting that she snaps, delivers fatality, and survives. You arranged this battle very well imo. I'd like to think that this is the beginning of her late-blooming.

Anyway I know that I sound like a stan and I promise I'll review on other's just I'm suuuper happy to see a well written sakura that doesn't take over the stage like canon naruto. I can just feel her frustration to fucking destroy, to find but a sense of purpose and be of substance.

...also as a martial art practitioner can I just say how cool the concept of enhancing close combat with perfect chakra control and timing is! ...the optimization of muscle performance and seamless coordination ...honed to a level that enable the frail human body to dish out explosive attacks and withstand bone-shattering reaction force. (I sound like gai :') ) pinnacle combination of the knowledges of physics, fighting, and anatomy. Super risky and super cool combat medic idea.

Ahem sorry I'll stop now
Can't wait to see what you plan for team seven in the future!
Tminor chapter 20 . 9/23/2014
First time reviewing here, after marathoning these twenty chaps since finding out about this fic.
So! Lots of things to say but first let me express how much I appreciate your execution with sasuke/sakura here
I am so moved i want to hug you. Seriously.
You don't pull punches with your recognition for sakura's place alongside the boys. She shares their hotheaded-ness, combat acuity, drive for strength. She belongs. (Fuck kishi's "dunno how to write girls","forgot about her" lolgic) Looking for this in fanfics, I constantly see authors still putting her in a special bubble among the trio's dynamics despite their pro-equality claims. That leads to my approval of your view on the three-way deadlock and realistic look on power levels. In martial arts and competitive sports, one's winning record simply is not a guarantee for future performances in all kinds of different settings.
In short, I fucking love how you let sakura join the boys' pummeling style of bonding and how you give both fights realism in its unpredictability and symbolism. Through each exchange of blows the three of them use their intrinsic violence to communicate personal grievances and find mid ground on budding trust and respect. Words don't work with them; that's team 7's signature explosiveness I think.
And! Aside from having sakura punch and get punched like an equal! I think her romantic feelings being clearly reaffirmed is a new source of strength, in a way. It's an empowering element of her character grown out of its embarrassing childishness.
I'm just happy cos people still diss her on this in fics that are otherwise cool.

Lots of other things to review about and I know the rant above isn't in your major interest. But first review I just want to express how high I am in finding all this in a super epic, action-packed fic! God bless you. Everything I love is here praise Jesus and Buddha.

Rock on
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 33 . 8/7/2014
Phew, finally closed up with that. Wasn't expecting the witch to come back into this, but it definitely went together well. Great job with this chapter, I enjoyed reading it. I look forward to reading the next.
Zoneshifter D chapter 33 . 8/5/2014
Well, you'd be surprised to learn that I might have changed my tune from last time I reviewed. From the way Doto is going, he's a villain that believes he was some righteous justification for doing what he does aside from the megalomania. Considering I've grown to have a distaste from Kishimoto not being able to make a villain that doesn't have some reason that is sorta sympathetic at least in their minds, It kinda puts a crimp in me fulling enjoying this chapter.

The thing that did surprise me was what Koyuki's father WANTED to be brought down. Specially his motivations to do so. Although he makes an argument for bringing democracy because it would have been more just than the current system, the fact that his starting motivation was to get out of a job that he didn't want and even went ahead and willingly did things to kill his own reputation to bring about his own fall. I really hope you reveal this fact to the characters. Would be a good shock for them, even if it sours their victory.

Also, him believing that his firearms, which would have made it easier for people to kill one another would have helped the peace and replace the ninja, shows that the Daimyo of Snow was rather naive. Shinobi aren't so stupid that they won't be able to adapt to a weapon where the best strategy is to not be where it points at. Specially when said ninja tend to have super human speed and already possess area of effect illusions and attacks to deal with armed soldiers...

I can't say I'm Kosher about you trying to make Jashin into an actual existing deity. Just doesn't appeal to me as much as it apparently does to you. Stil, hope we can finally get to the endgame of this story, and that it will be satisfying.
TimeShifter chapter 33 . 7/10/2014
You definitely succeeded. I didn't see the witch coming, I didn't predict the genjutsu on Mikata, and I was shocked that Doto still killed her. And that's not even getting into Sousetsu's plan! I'm going to need to read this a second time to absorb it all, but you obviously wrote the most compelling take on Snow Country I've ever read or heard of.

For the most part, you succeeded in making me consider Doto's point of view. Where I lost it, was when he killed Mikata despite knowing she was under a genjutsu. I get that he maybe moved past her, but he had really made it to a dark place at that point if he'd kill someone who could have been a powerful ally, and despite moving past her I find it hard to believe he'd hardened his heart that much. Then again, I'm sure everyone had a different point where they stopped accepting Doto's changes, or maybe some readers side with him to the end. You did a great job with his character!

Sousetsu, I'm not sure yet. I still can't process how crazy his plan was. We'll see on the second read if it makes more sense to me. You've made me very excited for Doto's last stand though! And I'm curious if Koyuki will have a chance to understand her uncles goal. Will she be idealistic? Realistic? So many questions remain!

Anyway, overall this three-chapter flashback was ridiculously well done, and now more than ever I can't wait for you to take on Chuuten!
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