Reviews for Dragon's Kiss
dragonlady222 chapter 1 . 10/6/2007
Good chapter. I hope Atemu and Bakura aren't really dead and can help a witch to help break the curse. I sincerely hope not all the witches are insane.
The Blonde Midget chapter 1 . 10/6/2007
AH! O.O ANOTHER DAMN GOOD FIC BY YOU! -squeals- And it's a FANTASY one! How did you know that fantasy is my fav genre in stories? (well. Except romance. XD)

So far, yes, it IS a bit confusing...but as you said, this was just a prologue. But you had better update the fist chapter soon! I am dying to know what will happen in it! There will be puppyshipping, right? RIGHT? O.O O.O O.O Please tell me there will be puppyshipping...? -puppyeyes-

Err, anyway...; I...don't really know what more to say. This story has got potential. It will probably turn out just as great as your other stories. And there's fantasy, and dragons in it! :D HOW CAN IT NOT TURN OUT WELL?

...err, yeah, anyway...I beg of you to update, fellow authoress of mine! -bows- (both this and the other triplet story...)

-The Blonde Midget
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