Reviews for Little Secrets: 'Intimidation'
clarkfan325 chapter 1 . 6/21/2011
Great story. It was funny and heartwarming.
thekiller00 chapter 1 . 8/27/2008
Kala is deffinently Lois' daughter !
witherwings1972 chapter 1 . 1/13/2008
Hi. this was very good! I love the way Kala fixed that guy. It was funny in parts too.

omgiminheat chapter 1 . 10/24/2007
Just curious, but how is it that Bagel is a puppy in this story, when in another story you wrote where Jason and Kala were a bit older, Bagel was a puppy then too? If I remember right, they'd just gotten her recently in that story as well...
Tee2007 chapter 1 . 10/8/2007
Warm fuzzies for this line: “Good point. Fine. Kiss me, then, hero,” Lois replied. Caught up in the slow, loving kiss, neither of them heard their daughter laugh softly from the kitchen.

"She snuggled against him, burying her face in his shirt, and sighed. Sometimes you just had to forgive Daddy for being so good all the time. “Do you have to be Superman all the time?”"

- How cool would it be to have Superman as your dad? I love that little bit :D

“Yeah,” Lois replied, utterly deadpan. “I don’t know how I cope. At least this god-awful anniversary present isn’t yapping. But I don’t know how Martha tolerates this smelly creature on her nice furniture.”

“Aw, Mom,” Jason teased, unable to resist. “Since you quit smoking, you’re not that bad.”

- roars with laughter...oh my...that was too good!

That was really cute and sweet! Great job, as usual, guys!
Trekkie6 chapter 1 . 10/7/2007
{two weeks of being spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa Ben.} TEEHEE!

{the last drop of iced tea drunk,} M

{With a last half-hearted warning to behave from their father,} *shakes head laughing*

{Captain Bonnie} ROFL Glad to see that some of the pets are still alive. I take it that Captain Jack has moved on to greener pastures?

{the iguana clung to Jason’s shirt for dear life.} lol Jason’s bound to have lots of little holes in his. *wonders how big lizard claws are*


{the whispering noise it made as she moved goaded her into another run.} There’s nothing like a good run. Or maybe there is and I just haven’t found it yet.

{She came to a halt and peered over the grass, squinting along the trail she’d left. He was just leaving the cornfield miles behind her} *snark* So does that mean she’s got the telescopic vision too eh? Does he?

{it was clear that the twins each had their own specialties and probably always would. Fate had arranged for them to complement, not duplicate, each other.} Just like in real life. Every child doesn’t have the same talents, or physical characteristics even, as his/her siblings.

{“It’s not just us, either. If we blow the secret here, Dad’s cover is gone, too.”} *rolls eyes* Don’t be such a worry wart, Jason.

Juggling tractors! Awesome. I wanna learn how to juggle…

{“Jason, don’t be such a worrywart!} *dies laughing* And I SWEAR that I did NOT read ahead!

{“But how am I supposed to keep you safe when you’re halfway across the county?”} You keep each other safe. And he does have a point.

{The lizard was huge now – six feet long} GoodNESS!

{Who’s a big green salad-eatin’ machine? Who is?”

“I’m gonna heave,”} You ain’t the only one, buddy. So she’s come to love the little bugger huh?

Carmichael KIDS? ROFL Sons of Wade or siblings? I hope siblings…

{“No more than Dustin’s standing in front of a mirror trying to get his hair to lie flat,} lol Double entendre?

{Every girl in this town gets all a-flutter over Mister Kent’s handsome boy, with his sexy Eastern accent and his great … big … lizard… With that, she rolled her eyes backward in a staged faint.} ROFL I love her.

{that was a prejudice inherited from their parents.} As most are.

{Gazeera had to be carried, but then he practically lived on Jason’s shoulder anyway.} There’s an image. How tall is Jason anyway?

{They turned up in the Carmichael’s yard to find Wade underneath a car, as usual. This time it was a beat-up Oldsmobile whose primary color was Bondo.} Well that makes a lot more sense now, lol

{ Are you both back to stir up more mischief in our sleepy little town?”} heh heh What’d they do the last time?

{“Nah, we’re just walking our dog,” Kala said. “And our lizard.”} What in the world is going on with her and Gazeera? Lol Well, I guess having to put up with him for years has something to do with it.

{“I mean, I know there has to be something mentally wrong with the boy for being friends with Jason, but…”} heh

{He managed to make a couple friends – the biggest boys in his class,} Oh, I get it now.

{ Ellzeys’ back field } Who’s that named after.

{Seemed like Junior was just an average shot – until they started bettin’ real money. Then he got better all of a sudden.”} The bastard hustled ‘em. Will the Lane-Kent kids

{Mom and Dad are saying he should’ve known better than to gamble.”

{Kala muttered something under her breath that no girl her age who’d been born in Smallville would’ve said} Kala! lol That’s what kids do at that age. Though I’m surprised she’d use it around an adult. Well, he *is* Wade…

{Jason, if you want me to, I’ll run home and ask Mom if you can stay for dinner here.”} How far does she have to run?

{The dog went gratefully to her water dish and started slurping up a big drink.} lol Thirsty much?

{Meanwhile, Martha turned away from the oven with a tray of cookies} I neglected to mention how glad I am that she and Ben are still around.

Highfalutin’? ROFL

{“No, it’s just a favor for my daughter-in-law,”} *cheesy smile* Cuz they made up years ago!

Lois and Clark on the couch…AW! At least they’re as much in love as they’ve always been.

{ Mom and Daddy broke apart} lol Mom and Daddy?

{turning around with wide-eyed guilty expressions just like teenagers.} lol No need to feel guilty. I’d be totally nonchalant about it.

{“I’m not gonna be traumatized or anything. I mean, I know you didn’t exactly find me in a cabbage patch.”} LOL Though it would be hilarious if she’d told Jason that when they were younger.

{“Can Jason stay at the Carmichaels’ house for dinner? Dustin’s really upset, and he needs a friend with a giant lizard of doom right now.”} Why’s she being so nice?

{Then I’m gonna go help Grandma make cookies and let you to get back to necking. Forget I was here.”} lol

{ We’ve been married for eight years, remember? I doubt she cares. Besides, don’t we have to watch her with Ben?”} LOL That’s cute but I wouldn’t wanna watch it either.

{“Fine. Kiss me, then, hero,”} Lucky fish…

{And at that very first meeting, before they’d even exchanged names, his gaze dropped straight down the v-neck of Kala’s hunter-green sleeveless top and remained there.} Boys…And now she knows she has power over him.

{she sauntered up to him with her hands clasped behind her back, face tilted down and eyes shyly peering up.

“Hi,” she said softly. “I’m Kala Lane-Kent. You’re Junior Evans, right?”} lol Playing that boy for a fool.

{on the inside she was growling the way she did after her lessons in Kryptonian history.} Ooh, that does not sound like fun. And since Jor-El was giving them, I can see why.

{Auntie Kala}lol I can see a little girl running up to him, “Uncle Jason!”

{“Otherwise I’ll have to assume that Junior Jerkface there somehow managed to suck all of the common sense out of her head.”} Nah, she’s too smart for that. And Lois is her mother. The girl definitely knows what she’s doing.

{Several townspeople had called the Kent farmhouse to warn Clark that his daughter had been hanging around with unsuitable company.} *rolls eyes* Will these people ever let up?

{It was the expression of ‘we need to talk’, and Kala had been seeing it quite a lot since she turned twelve.} LOL

{he’s got all the charm of Mr. Lombard,} HA!

{Clark sighed, and didn’t see the shadow that flickered across Kala’s eyes at the words.} A good shadow or a bad shadow?

He called her ‘munchkin’. Hee!

{“No, he probably wouldn’t. He’d feel too guilty afterward.} lol

{And I will – but without hitting him anywhere besides his over-inflated pride.”} Get him where it hurts.

{“It’ll make Dustin feel better,” Kala replied before thinking it through.} Aw. Does she like him too?

{Sometimes you just had to forgive Daddy for being so good all the time.} Aw.

{“Do you have to be Superman all the time?”} lol Such a nice moment.

{obsequiously} New word!

{The bully was now throwing veiled insults in Jason’s direction.} Dumb, considering that his ‘girlfriend’s’ brother…

{Mathilda, Bagel’s mother,} And the circle is complete. Where’s she been anyway?

{she still ruled over the pack of younger dogs that had invaded the household when Martha and Ben got married.} YAY! How many do they have now?

{Bagel herself, of course, was right in Lois’ lap} lol Of course.

{At least this god-awful anniversary present isn’t yapping.} LOL She loves that dog.

{“Since you quit smoking, you’re not that bad.”} BURN!

{“Jason! I thought you said you were the good twin?”} lol He’s just better at hiding it.

{ Even now, more than half-grown, they were both still her babies.} And forever will be.

{That unruly curl in front seemed a bit hereditary…} lol Can’t escape it!

Lois called Junior a little creep! LOL

{“That’s my boy,” Lois said with a voice full of maternal pride. “When in doubt, compliment Mom. Your father taught you well.”} haha

YAY! Both kids got kissed my parents. lol That makes me happy for some reason.

{“Hey, Dustin!” Jason called, glad to see someone sane.} I know the feeling, buddy.

{Nobody else in town had ever gotten to hold Gazeera before.} Must be a special friend.

{out in Ellzey’s field, along with Junior’s friends and some other kids from town.} Showdown. What’s she gonna do, race him? Does she even know how to shoot? I wonder how much seeing farther than people can affect your aim.

{“I don’t need to shoot things to make my point,” Jason replied.} And he gets a high five from me!

{“Wow,” Kala said. “That is good! Can I try?”} Sucker…

{“Hey, Steve! Betcha five bucks Kala can hit all five cans.”} Well she should just miss on purpose then?

{ Kala didn’t even elbow him, just giggling inanely} Caught another one.

{“That’s okay,” Junior said. “It counts as a hit.”} It didn’t when you were playing Dustin ya jerk.

{“Okay, fine, laugh at your own sister in front of everybody. } Hey, when it’s funny, it’s funny.

{This time, she knocked four cans down, and completely missed the fifth.} What is with that 5th can?

{She happened to be wearing a tank top that day, and she crossed her arms behind her back as she studied the line of cans. Jason saw Junior’s eyes flick toward her after he took the first shot, glance and linger.} LOL I don’t think her parents would take too kindly of her doing that.

Oh my goodness! KALA!

{“But if you lose, it’s twenty – and a kiss.”} Never happen.

{With a wicked smile, she blew a kiss at Dustin. “Wish me luck!”} In other words, I’m doing this for you, baby! You’re getting your money back!

{“You lied,” Junior said, his face going red. “You said you never shot a gun before.} Playing dirty’s not so fun, eh kid?

{ I’ve shot my mother’s .357 magnum} She did?

{And I’d rather kiss him than you, anyway – Dustin’s much better looking, and he’s not a cheat.”} Careful. Dustin just might propose, lol

{“Don’t make me kick your ass for welshing on a bet.”} And she so would.

{“Don’t raise a hand to my sister,” } Yeah, boy! You don’t know who you’re messing with! *totally instigating*

{ Kala leaned in and kissed Dustin} *dies* Hey Dustin, wanna join me?

{“This won’t be the last of it!”} Does that mean we haven’t seen the last of Junior boy?

{“Ick,” Kala replied. “Please, Jason, we just ate breakfast an hour ago! I’d sooner kiss Gazeera.”} *snort* Me too.

AWW! She hugged her bro. Glad to see they’re still bonded. Though, I guess they would be having gone through what they have, not to mention the secrets they always have to keep.

{ Wade says it’s a good thing your mom’s gorgeous, that kinda makes up for it.} lol Kinda?

YAY! Kala saves the day! Must be the genes... Dustin gets his money back and all is good in the life of the family Kent. Until the next threat rears its ugly head...How far away is that actually? I mean, in their timeline...
laramary chapter 1 . 10/7/2007
Ah! Jason and Kala are so wonderful to read about!

I loved the twins chat at the beginning and the mother/son and father/daughter talks too!

A very sweet story.
Dannie Tomlinson chapter 1 . 10/6/2007
*Giggles* Loved the fic!
Eviefan chapter 1 . 10/6/2007
HA, she showed him didn't she. This was so good, and I real treat seeing the twins older. I was wondering if Kala had lost her mind when she started hanging around Junior but then it started to make sense as things went along. I kept wondering if she was going to deck him one, but then again she has style.

Also liked the talk with her and Clark. Daddy's Princess

Fun all around ready for more of the twins.
lere chapter 1 . 10/6/2007
Oh, man! That story is fantastic! I love how you developed "Kara, The Vigilante" and "Jason, The Protector". LOL And the way Clark and Lois knew exactly how to deal with each twin. Awesome job!

Hug from Brazil!
MacKenzie Creations chapter 1 . 10/6/2007
Oh I absolutely loved this! I love it when bullys are taken down a notch or two. I can't wait to see what Jr. has up his sleeve to try to get back at Kala. He did say it wasn't the end. LOL

There was also the father/daughter scene tat I adored as well as the mother/son moment. Can't wait to see more of those and then the mother/daughter and father/son moments too.

t wrecks chapter 1 . 10/6/2007
This was a cute little story