Reviews for Little Secrets: 'Connections'
clarkfan325 chapter 1 . 6/19/2011
Wonderful story. The way you wrote Clark & Lois was amazing and allowed a reader to empathise with both of them.
witherwings1972 chapter 1 . 1/11/2008
HI. good job.

what else can I say?

NiteAngel chapter 1 . 11/11/2007
lol...this was REALLY good! loved it! very married...not that i would know but you sounded it though. D

Tee2007 chapter 1 . 10/8/2007
Wow...that was really intense. And sad. Accurate though. Marriage is tough work and being married to a superhero is gonna have it's drawbacks. I think it's tough to show the real side of a love story, and you've done a great job. It really was bittersweet in a way...sad cause you hate to see two people who belong together fight so bitterly, but touching still, because they love each other enough to endure.

Good job guys :D
Trekkie6 chapter 1 . 10/7/2007
{Home at last – and with the notes for a front-page exposé in her purse.} Awesome.

{The only thing that could make her feel even better would be a hug from the twins.} huh Surprise!

32 hours straight?

{Lois’ hand dropped to her purse instinctively, unzipping it.} Geez Lois! Well, can’t blame her really…

{Lois stalked through the foyer, her gun up, peering around corners.} I don’t know why the visual is so funny. Maybe cuz I know where the kids are and that she’s severly overreacting.

Windows and balcony locked. All signs that no one’s home, Lois, lol.

{The study upstairs had been intended as a master bedroom when the apartment was remodeled, but it was right above Kala’s bedroom and thus had been turned into a home office for both reporters.} *knowing laughter*

{It was also empty, Clark’s desk neat as always, and the profligate sprawl of papers across Lois’ desk hadn’t been disturbed.} *snort* I love the details.

{Clark had disappeared from Jason’s piano recital to assist the fire and rescue department.} It’s always something.

{he wasn’t there, and Jason had been disappointed. There had been cold silence from the driver’s side of the car the entire ride home.} If it were a van and I were in it, I’d have been sitting all the way in the back…

{So much for ‘I’m always around,’ huh?”} Oh, low blow.

{Chlorine gas had been released from a water processing plant, killing thirteen people and leaving many more with permanent damage to their lungs and eyes.} Ouch.

{Of course, the way the argument had ended didn’t resolve anything. Kal-El had heard shots fired, and hastily told her he was leaving;} Geez, Clark…

{she’d heard about the shootout in Suicide Slum on the radio later that evening. On the car radio.} Wow…she just left. I wonder if he thought she was leaving him…

{Lois had been hot on the trail of a story, and had stayed at the office last night.} I’m guessing she didn’t exactly discuss that decision with Clark.

{Lois felt justifiably heroic} Her turn to be the hero for once?

{He hadn’t signed the note, but then, he didn’t need to.} lol Did he need to put her name on it?

{not even caring that the magnet holding it there had flown across the kitchen.} lol Details!

{“What?” Martha asked. “Lois, he isn’t here.”} LOL Yeah, definitely can’t get to him now!

{“Goddamn you, Kal-El, I’ll kill you for this! I hope you hear me, goddamnit!”} I’m sure he can. This isn’t funny but I can’t stop laughing. It’s genius. Turnabout *is* fair play.

{Lois snatched up the phone again and dialed his cell number … only to hear the phone ringing from the kitchen an instant later.} ROFLMBO Oh she’s gonna be SO pissed…

{He’s taken them millions of miles away. And just because he felt like it} lol, that’s so wrong. And childish. I think he took it too far with that one. Especially since that was something she’d already once been afraid he’d do.

{To take them so far away, and deliberately prevent her from having any way to contact them, now seemed incredibly cruel.} And then there’s that too.

{It had been very lucky that Clark felt the sudden stinging dryness in his eyes seconds before his heat vision flared.} Ooh. *takes a step back*

{Never mind that in the days when Perry had stayed around the clock at the paper, he hadn’t had a wife and a child.} That’s a point. And Clark’s got it. And hold up! *says slowly* *Does* Perry have a ‘wife and child’? *eyes narrow*

{perfidy}New word!

{Clark had suggested that she delegate some of her responsibilities…“If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, Kal-El. Try taking your own advice, you’ll miss fewer recitals.”} *mouth hangs open* Hitting him where it hurts…She’s got a point too. They really need to talk.

{“Daddy! Daddy, what’s ‘ossentatious’ mean?”} He’s gonna do so well on his SATs, lol Somewhere in there Kala's yelling at him to shuddup.

{“Kissing, mostly.”} lol, mostly

{serenity} Squee! Sorry. Love that movie…

{I’m going to kill him as soon as I can find a big enough piece of freakin’ kryptonite…”} heheh Happy searching.

{“Mother!” Lois snarled. Whose side was she on, anyway?} There are no sides. Only the truth.

{Ella tried to get the facts in order quickly as she pulled the stepstool out of the pantry and used it to reach the top cabinet above the refrigerator.} That’s a weird place to put tea…

{Now Clark’s taken off with the kids – I don’t think he’d do it out of pure revenge.} Sounds like revenge to me.

{ As she took down the bottle of aged bourbon that she kept for medicinal purposes} Oh well then that explains it.

{She sipped her own drink and set the bottle down on the coffee table where both of them could easily reach it.} Gonna be a long night?

{Lois sighed, running a hand into her hair with a familiar gesture.} Familiar?

{The question was rhetorical, but Ella had an answer ready. “Divorce him,” she replied smoothly.} I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything cuz it would’ve ended up all over my laptop. She can’t be serious. It’s just reverse psychology. Right?

{I already uprooted their lives once…”} *curious to see how that went*

{“They’re my kids, why the hell do I have to ask him anything?”} *bonks her on the head* Cuz they’re not just yours!

Ella snapped. Wow.

{Richard let you get away with this nonsense because they weren’t biologically his. You can’t pull the same stunt on Clark. He has just as much right to them as you do.”


Lois looked lost, unsure of how the tables had turned.

{by-your-leave} I had never heard that term before I started reading SR fic. It sounds so foreign to me.

{You even knew six years ago that this would become a problem.} 6? Aren’t they like almost 8 now?

{She chuckled then. “Welcome to life as a general’s wife, Lois.} Or a doctor’s for that matter.

{there were a lot of times we had to wait} When we had to wait?

{Clark loves the twins equally, and as far as he’s concerned the pair of them hung the moon and stars.” Aw!

{“They don’t miss him all the time,” Ella corrected. “It’s not like you and Sam.} So *that’s* what this is all about. She doesn’t want them to hate Clark the way she hated her father.

{You never got that with Sam, but Lucy did. You should talk to her sometime about it.”} Yeah right. She’s never gonna give up those feelings.

{It hurt you to see Jason hurt, but is he still upset?”} Good point.

{“Lois, life isn’t a fairytale.} *conspiracy smile*

{Actually, you probably have more and worse fights than an ordinary couple.”} Isn’t that how it always goes? There’s a lot more at stake when people are constantly trying to kill you. And all that other stuff heroes have to deal with…

{I’d hate to see you destroy all} Is ‘it’ supposed to be in there?

{You can risk your life to save his, but you can’t compromise to get your kids home from school on time?} lol Another good point. Points are being made all over this thing.

Lois made front page for rescuing Superman? Awesome. I assume she knows that then…I mean, before leaving for SV.

{With that, and a hidden knowing smile, Mrs. Lane was off to bed.} And then someone on tv says something about reuniting…

*sings* Reunited and it feels so good!

{Kal-El finally got the twins to bed, but he wasn’t ready for sleep just yet. He paced the darkened Fortress, the looming crystals seeming to echo his mood: dark and cold.} Can’t exactly talk to Jor-El about this, can ya? Guess who you *can* talk to?

{Knowing Ella, the conversation was at least partially meant for him anyway; at time she had far too much in common with Ma Kent.} *smiles* She knows that whatever she says, he can hear it. Another use for superhearing: You don’t have to give the same lecture twice. And put an ‘s’ at the end of times.

{He loved her, she loved him} You know, sometimes love isn’t all that matters.

{So how on earth had they gone from that blissful certainty to talking of divorce in just one year?} It’s not talking! It’s mentioning and it was just to make a point!

{instead of trying to work things out, he had just pretended everything was okay.} Now I feel like *I’m* the one being lectured…Always speak up about how you feel. Yes, ma’ams.

{I can’t believe myself. I hurt her on purpose} Never thought I’d see the day.

{As furious as she was, she hadn’t even begun to think of leaving him.} Why would she? It’s just a fight. They’ll talk about it and get over it.

{And bringing the kids here, where she can’t follow, was a mistake. A big one. Almost as big as taking her memories…} Well if you’re gonna go there…

{Tomorrow. It’s too late to wake the twins up and move them tonight.} And if you left them there, she’d have your head. And your balls…

{But I’m not looking forward to dealing with this tomorrow.}Oh it’ll be fine. *she says, being on the outside of this whole mess*

{Ella, in spite of being retired, kept disgustingly early hours} Ugh. My grandfather has been out of the Army for 20 years and he STILL gets up at 4 am. At least he doesn’t insist I do too. Sorry, Lois.

{Lois had fled to the office in search of people who weren’t wide awake and cheerful before nine o’clock in the morning.} What, she didn’t think Clark would be there?

{Much to her surprise, her office wasn’t empty when she walked in. Clark was there, sitting in the chair across from hers.} AWW! That gave me tears…

{He’d caught her before she had a chance to get really angry again} I hate when they do that. I wanna be mad and tell you off!

{“Don’t even mention taking it back – I’m having flashbacks as it is.} heh

{We’re right back to the same problem that screwed us over the first time. Not quite the same office, but close enough.”} Irony. Sometimes you wanna laugh at it, other times you wanna slap it.

{Both of us are a little too dedicated to our careers.”

“And neither of us is willing to give ours up,” she replied.} Well, you don’t have to give up totally. Just take away 10% of what you both do. Or something. Heck I dunno. It’s the writers’ job to come up with the solution, lol. I just comment on it.


“No,” he said very softly.

“Me neither,” Lois replied.} *sigh* I have a phone call to make…

{That was one of her little habits, fiddling with her engagement ring when she was nervous or simply deep in thought.} Yeah, I know. Details!

{“And Barbara’s bringing them here afterward.} Barbara’s back! Have I ever mentioned how much I love continuity?

{I wasn’t sure whether you were planning a follow-up on the senator, so I thought I’d make things easier for all of us.”} Smart man.

{But when she did forgive, it was total.} *small* It’s all anyone could ask for.

{“I’m still wearing this ring, and I’m not a quitter.”} OH! You two! And I mean you writers! I mean Lois and Anissa! Geez…

{He held up his left hand, showing her the gold band with her name inscribed on the inner surface.} lol Does hers say Kal-El?

{The whole world’s too heavy a burden to bear alone.} heh

{Lois had turned her computer on, and she was looking at the screen instead of him.} *shakes head* Sometimes she is so like me that it’s frightening.

{“Now quit cluttering up my office, Kent. I believe you have a department to run.”} lol Well at least things are getting back to normal.

{Grinning, Clark replied, “Yes, Chief,” before heading over to International.} He’s still working over there? Then where the heck is Richard? EVIL! ‘A few spoilers’ my foot! That’s a big one!

{he caught her muttered, “Jerk,” as she turned her attention to her work.} lol She loves him.

Ah, there’s nothing like a big fight. Does that make me a sadist? I should go look those up…

This just may be my favorite one shot of LS. There’s no ultra happy ending, just the assurance that things will be okay in due time. Like real life.
Reena Lin chapter 1 . 10/7/2007
Nobody is perfect! Even Super hero would make mistakes when in the marriage.

It is so real. I can understand why both sides were so angry at each other.

You portrayed the fight and the cause of the fight very well.

And I really like the Lane-Kent little stories you have written so far.

Please write more. Thanks! :D
Dannie Tomlinson chapter 1 . 10/6/2007
*Snicker* "Jerk."

lere chapter 1 . 10/6/2007
The story is also very good. Real life would be a bit to real for Superman to live as a husband and father. I'm glad they worked things out at the end. I'm really happy about the way you portrait Lois reactions. Mad dog Lane indeed.

Hug from Brazil!.
Eviefan chapter 1 . 10/6/2007
Wow was this good, and very real. I hated to see them fighting and using the twins on one another, but this was still great. I love Ella, she's becoming one of my favorite characters. When she said Divorse, I was shocked just like Lois was, but that seemed to work for both Lois and Kal-El.

I'm glad he got to say his part, though and that she still wasn't ready to hug and make up, you did a great job on this story you two, now its time to read the other one
lilbit4 chapter 1 . 10/6/2007
you have to have the bitter with the sweet that's have the love survives.
MacKenzie Creations chapter 1 . 10/6/2007
Love it! I love it when people show the reality of a relationship. Even the most loving marriage has problems. If you don't argue with your spouse then something is wrong in the marriage. You are still two different people with different opinons and different reactions to things. And sometimes even the different childhood experiences will make an argument come about.

I loved how you showed their first real fight and how they both handled it. He maybe Superman, but he's not Jesus and he does make mistakes sometimes. And he should be allowed to.

t wrecks chapter 1 . 10/6/2007
good one