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Avatar Conner chapter 44 . 5/8/2015
I'll admit, I was genuinely surprised when I read the final chapter. And personally I agree with how Kishi mislead us. But in the end it's his wonderful story and I respect that as much as I do with what you've doe here.

I do hope that this story continues on, helping develop sides of characters that we never truly had a chance to see before.

If I may recommend something, I was wondering if at one point you could dig into a part where Sakura works hard on a patient on the hospital, only to loose them. It'd be interesting to see how she deals with something like this considering it's something that I haven't seen.

But it's your story so I'll leave it up to you. Although I do have a question about a the Kisame's sword.

Kakashi was able to wield the weapon during the fourth shinobi war using only one had, now keeping that in mind I would think that Naruto would be able to do the same thing, but again, your story.

I can't wait for the next installment, keep up the good work Claws.
Greed03114 chapter 44 . 5/8/2015
I honestly have no idea what's going on anymore. I'd had to skim previous chapters to get a sense of which story this was. Might of just been me who had to do that but a quick summary at the top after a long absence of chapter would be much appreciated.
Nightmaresc3 chapter 44 . 5/8/2015
Nice chapter I agree with some of the thing you said, in my opinion on the whole paring deal Kishimoto doesn't know how to write a female character like at all or he can write them decently accept only for the antagonist. Most of the female cast come of as needy, obsessed or crazy, they all think they need to chase after the guy they like in order to get with him and they let their emotions cloud their judgement. Particularly with Karin as she tries to get with Sasuke sees he has no interest with her, feels that his chakra is to dark for a rational teenage boy, gets struck with the chidori and still likes him or wants to have his kid. For me I don't like most of the Kunoichi except for Temari and Konan both of them are winners, they are both are fierce women they don't take shit lying down or in some cases chase after scumbags and they have a mind set of a true ninja. Heck Konan would have killed obito if it wasn't for the sharigan hax. well that's my opinion have a good one buddy
animeforever1 chapter 44 . 5/8/2015
Nice to see you back at this. A great new chapter. I take it that Izanagi and Izamami are dead too? I personally think this was one of your best chapters. You did a great job balancing the fights with the emotional pull of the situation. I hope you update again soon.
animeficfan chapter 44 . 5/8/2015
That chapter length. That's what I call an update.
SlytherinNinjaKnight chapter 44 . 5/8/2015
Excellent chapter and welcome back! You did a brilliant job at balancing the multiple fights throughout the chapter, it was pretty easy to flip back and forth between the fighting.

I loved your rant at the end of the chapter. I totally agree with all your points about how Kishimoto ruined his creation with only two chapters, and I liken it to how JKR wrapped up the Harry Potter series; the pairings for the main characters are very similar (hero gets with majorly underused fan-girl, while heroine got with the boy who deserted his friends multiple times). I am a Naru/Saku fan, much like Harry/Hermione in Harry Potter, the pairing was the only one that had a substantial amount building up throughout the series, whether it be platonic or romantic. Question: what are those podcasts from where you got those transcripts? I'd love to listen to them.

If Naruto's feelings for Sakura are only because of his rivalry with Sasuke, something which totally destroys Naruto's character (as you pointed out) then what does that make of Sakura's feeling toward Sasuke? Sakura's feelings toward Sasuke are that of a crush, and in hopes of beating Ino at something. In the manga, Sakura claims that Ino is her 'love-rival' in the pursuit of Sasuke's heart. She wants to beat her best friend at something, that being Sasuke's heart. Naruto wants to beat Sasuke at something, that being Sakura's heart. To claim that Naruto's feeling for Sakura were false, to me means that Sakura's feelings for Sasuke were just as false.

Can't wait to read your next update.

Naruto-Sakura chapter 44 . 5/8/2015
I like to share something. -

In - Paradise Life on a Boat Arc
Naruto confesses he loves talks to Shizuka(a Kunoichi) about his unrequited love for Sakura Haruno.

In shippuden episode 235, Naruto is on the ground with a kunoichi who is distressed over a law that forces her to marry someone she doesn't love. In order to show her that destiny can be changed, Naruto admits his feelings for Sakura. He goes on by saying that Sakura instead loves Sasuke in the cutest way, and though he would never force her to love him, he will do anything in his power to win her over just as she does for Sasuke, and that the kunoichi should do the same for the person she truly loves.

Later, the kunoichi asks if Naruto will ever profess her love to Sakura, to which he admits he doesn't have the courage. When asked if he was satisfied with that, he says that, although it would mean the world to him if Sakura chose him, he would be fine if Sakura chose Sasuke, as long as she's happy, because regardless he will be watching over her.
St3rfire- serafina chapter 43 . 4/18/2015
I love how you explain every detail . On each chapter. I also love how you explain each act. On the lemon part . On how they foreplay there part. Please updated this story soon. By adding more chapters.
Shifa Ayunda Shafitri807 chapter 1 . 12/2/2014
i like the story
ahmadaziz chapter 43 . 9/10/2014
I found this story way back when I first got into fanfics. I remember being somewhat naive and unrefined in the ways of a true connoisseur of FF. As it was, I wasn't really sure what I was getting into by the title and the summery. Boy, was I glad I got into this one. I'll be honest, at first, the outright AU-ness of your universe somewhat irritated me as it seemed childish at the time. The story and the OCs seemed outlandish, far fetched and somewhat ridiculous. In time though, I have learned to separate the universes of fanfics and canon and have really come to enjoy original takes on the characters and this fic ranks among the top of my all time favorites. So imagine my pleasant surprise when you started writing again.

I really loved the back story you gave both Naruto and Sakura. It was original and very maturely done. Similarly, their relationship feels real now that they have built upon it and overcome their demons together and continue to do so. The OCs and the plot elements are well thought out and clever. Hinata and her feelings weren't ignored and Sasuke wasn't just a target for the author's anger, no matter how justified :) , but a real character who made mistakes and is now actually redeeming himself, not effing just waltzing back in with nary a care for his past or present actions, like a goddamned hero.

Anywho, I am liking where this story is heading. You have overlapped different arcs together and it doesn't feel overbearing. Too many times, an author just keeps writing one challenge after another, without inserting some normal depictions of the everyday life of characters. They are important for the balance of the story and for connecting different plots together. This latest arc in Wave is one of my favorites. I actually find the antagonists here really fun to read. Kudos on that.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for sharing your creativity with the world. These fics really make my day. Especially when they come back from the dead :P Please take care and upload the next chapter as soon as you can :)
zigmas chapter 5 . 8/12/2014
0. 437 and 469 and 615 and 631 - sums up as NaruHinaYES, NaruSakuNO.
1. I never relied on (or accepted) what fans assume based on Kishi's words.
He'd never tell any spoilers for sure.
But that's totally different with the manga itself, you know.
2. Yeah, it totally meant that *SasuHina* will happen.
LOOOL, wishful thinking indeed.
3. GokuChichi is not only extremely similar (and WEAKER in interaction) to NaruHina, but it also happened BEFORE DBZ.
But, yes, I mostly base my acceptance (NOT shipping, I don't ship them) of SasuSaku on VegetaBulma.
And let's be honest - Sasuke DID pull off quite a 'Vegeta' in 620s and on.
But NaruHina is a firm story of their own, no need to rely on other examples.
4. Probably agree to this one.
5. 469 and 631, nuff said.
Sakura has showed NO REASON to actually like *Naruto*, not the *HERO-Sasuke-the-Second* that she so openly called him as.
Which is a COMPLETELY another story with Hinata, who liked the *proud-failure-Naruto* even when he WAS a FAILURE and a DEAD LAST.
Sakura only came to "like" him after he defeated Pain - and even then she did NOT make this any more convincing.
Sorry, but that's NOT based on my LIKES - it's based purely on my LOGIC and OBSERVATIONS.
NaruSaku will NEVER have that level of SINCERITY OF AFFECTION that Hinata expressed in 98.
Oh, and I love Kagome, Akane, Kaoru and some others, especially Anna Kyoyama from Shaman King.
But Sakura is NOT like ANY of them.
Actually, Anna is my major reason for ANTI-Sakura and ANTI-NaruSaku.
Mostly for her being a part of a "HinaNaruSaku" (quite literally, since Tamao even has Hinata's seiyu) triangle of her own, TamaoYohAnna.
Except that I support YohAnna over YohTamao by 9000%.
Tamao is truly secondary and useless, and despite her crush on Yoh, she openly admits having ZERO chances against Anna.
Hinata, on the other hand, is NOT secondary at all (except cast-wise).
She's extremely IMPORTANT for the plot (and Naruto's SURVIVAL) - which in Shaman King is rather Anna's role, NOT Tamao's.
And she has NEVER expressed any DOUBT in NaruHina - up until (and including) her "dream".
Hinata has NEVER showed being jealous (or worried) of Sakura as a RIVAL.
She simply never thinks that way at all.
Tamao does, which makes her literally a pointless "girl with a crush" that has been put there for unknown reasons.
Hinata HAS a whole bunch of REASONS to exist, from SAVING Naruto to BOOSTING him, both on multiple occasions.

To sum up:
NaruHina makes sense character-wise, has plenty of canon sources and reasons (and even perks), and should be the END GAME.
And I'm 9000% sure it WILL be so.
zigmas chapter 1 . 8/12/2014
I know you started this as a NaruSaku fic around 350s.
But, man, that became so much OBSOLETE by 437 and 469...
Guest chapter 43 . 7/25/2014
Wtf!? dont tell me its a wrong end? Why would you do this with such a terrifing end? I enjoyed a lot of this but i...i...don't undertand!
Silent Bunshin chapter 43 . 7/6/2014
Great update. Been a while waiting for this update. I hope another one is coming soon. Great story twist here. I hope the protagonists find a way out of it. Thanks for some wonderful suspense.
InARealPickle chapter 43 . 6/15/2014
I have zero idea what is going on here. I'm so completely lost. I hope it's not important to the overall plot, because I just quickly skimmed to see if the OCs would go away. Since they didn't, I didn't actually get anything out of this chapter.
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