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Guest chapter 36 . 9/16/2016
Bravo! Bravo! *Holds back tears
Anonymous1662 chapter 14 . 5/30/2016
They didnt have mp3s or those songs during tekken 3 lol but seriously im loving ur story. -sigh- Jin... /
KJHWCCS chapter 36 . 7/19/2013
Who's actually got off their lazy ass to read fanfic? Chem has.

So this was your very first fanfic? :0 Such sweet beginnings if so. What I enjoyed most was the obvious build up, you KNOW it's not over and leads perfectly into the events of T4 (poor Hwoa at the end) I really enjoyed the relationship development between Jin and Razer. Some might say it was very fast paced but given their conditions it made perfect sense and the characterisation was spot on; Jin wasn't hardened and as stoic at this point as he became later on and I am rreallllly looking forward to seeing how his change affects Razer particularly.

My only nit-pick would be Hwoarang. I expected him to be much more vocal and aggressive about his dislike of Jin/jealously over him and Razer, but his acceptance was touching and gave you a real idea of just how much he cares about Razer, who I can say fit the mold of Tekken very well. I'll be getting the next one crammed onto my tablet today to start reading, so hopefully I'll get that one done right and quick too!
Guest chapter 8 . 5/28/2013
Woooohhoowooow! Dude that is so great writing. Love the relationships that are building and the introduction of other Tekken fighters! Got to love it!.
CaryKazama chapter 36 . 4/27/2012
Hey, look who showed up using a account.

First of all: I loved this. When I started reading last night I simply couldn't finish, I've kept my phone ready with the page open to finish a chapter whenever I had enough time to.

It's so well-written and I love the way you wrote every single character. And Earshot's 'Wait'being quoted in this got me hooked up completely. (Yes, it's easy to get me).

Since my phone doesn't support "italic" it was hard to follow at times but that's not your fault, but a technical issue.

And dammit, Razer's awesome. Midget :P I shall name Xiaoyu that from now on, heh heh.

See, I said aaaaages ago I'd read it, and now I did and I am off to catch up on the other stories.

PS: I am bad at writing reviews, sorry!
Aurelia Faiza chapter 36 . 6/11/2011
stayed up all night so i could finish this, and it's been completely worth it i'm not usually so big on OCs, but i can honestly say that i love razer. i love the relationship you built between the characters - jin and xiao's jumped out at me in particular; she was still as childish and cute as i imagine her to be, and he was kind and humoured her and all, but still managed to be a complete emo at times :D i've loved reading this, it's fantastically written, and i look forward to staying up all night to read the sequels! thank you for writing xx
Silent Turn chapter 1 . 3/13/2011
Hahahahaha wow Tsburi, that was brave of you, taking on Tekken's finest writer. If you want to see a 'self insert' you'll not find one here, go check out the "My Immortal" Harry Potter fanfic, self insert and sue!
Razer Athane chapter 1 . 3/13/2011
To Tsburi Fanbare Wolfchild,


No but seriously. If you dug around you would've heard me say a few times that she's not a self insert. It's more or less "I can't find a better username so I'll take this one of my OC, oh shit now I can't change it because I'm known by this name, oh well QQ for me." I'd been considering other names but none really stuck or were unique enough. So I took the eight-year-old OC name.

Secondly, "normally that's bad", yes it would be if she was a self-insert - if you deem her as such, then explain why I somehow accumulated (and I'm not kidding) over a thousand reviews across the whole series, google search results, recognition in real life such as conventions, etc etc? Dying to hear your explanation on that one...! :3

Of course if you're intending this as a compliment, then thanks a bunch, its appreciated; otherwise... ROFL.
Tsburi Fanbare Wolfchild chapter 1 . 3/13/2011
a self inserted character? normally thats bad
Lacuna The Lost chapter 18 . 1/6/2010
Aw! This chapter was too cute! I'm glad that everyone got to have fun for a day before they had to go back to fighting one another :)

Naturally the heartwarming moments between Jin and Razer and also Hwoarang and Razer were may faves
Salysha chapter 36 . 12/31/2009
-blinks- Finished? Man... you leave me little room to leave any awesomely cool finishing comments on the story. That's good, too, since I'm not sure I could whip out any. Starting now could be a challenge.

I had forgotten to say anything about the band shirt Jin got Razer as a gift. Now, reading about her sitting down and wearing it and thinking... That's a sadface moment. :/ I really enjoyed that part in Chapter 23 where Jin went to get and pick the shirt, too. He seemed kind of helpless to me; well-intentioned, but so out of his depth. He's pretty smooth, in the end, but SADFACE, dude! He's thought dead at this point...

And so the story finishes; you move on to the canon, to Hwoarang getting drafted and Jin disappearing off the face of the Earth, but it's been a journey to remember. I like it that the story went through the entire scale of emotions: angst, sadness, anger, good humor, elation... It doesn't-and it mustn't-leave you cold, and it's got a touch of everything in there. It's even got hints of hotness to feed the so-inclined dirty mind. (I speculate, Razey. I speculate.) And, Razey?



... Congrats on writing one heck of a story!
Salysha chapter 35 . 12/31/2009
One chapter left to go, so I thought I'd stop over for some introspection and save the last chapter for the light comments.

I was going to take a moment to go over my observations about the entire story, good and bad. I was really pleased with your last message, so I know you've got a solid plan for the revisions department. Short list: profanity, punctuation, and heavy premodifiers. Notes from my reviews on different stories apply. Also, watch out for one-sentence paragraphs (that aren't dialogue) and spell out the numbers below ten (not a problem you've ever had, but that is the grammar rule). Quote sources if you have them (the later stories had been influenced by at least M. Mishima, and if it’s deliberate, please credit). That's it; we can move on to the good stuff!

The story has a good pace, and the angst and hurt/comfort is done very nicely without overdramatization. I quoted my fave lines as I went along, so those should be just about covered. You know, one thing I've been wondering: how much is Razer Athane you? I mean, how much is this a self-insert? Just by cross-reffing your author profile on FanFiction and original character information as it is given, I do spot that many similarities: the name, the age, and the nationality match. The musical taste for characters, not only Razer: yours or what you think the game characters would listen to? Self-inserts and OC stories aren't always greeted with open arms in other fandoms, but you have most definitely an audience. That is not a small feat!

In this first fic, I liked the fight scenes: rather than calling the moves by their names, you described how they are executed and what kind of an impact they had on the unfortunate recipient and that was much more engaging for the reader than seeing proper names. Everything's still kind of in the air-I don't think Razer's background story was explained in full here, only rather explored through flashbacks? It leaves room for imagination, but it's also good that there are more fics to choose from to learn more about the character.

The dialogue was nice (the devil is a lot of fun, too!), and I found myself hoping for less humor in it, at times! I mean, the nasty quips were a little John McClanesque (Die Hard) at times, and the world's only big enough for one Bruce Willis. The kinder bits of humor here and there were nice, though, and the scenes where the character bonded could be really heartfelt at times. Jin was especially good with this; Hwoarang's characterization as a prick I can’t agree with, but each to their own with the understanding of the characters. :)

One chapter left. What might be in story there...? Time to click on.
Salysha chapter 34 . 12/31/2009
I liked the angsty, stopping moments in this chapter and the ones that conveyed urgency. Favorites were the "I mean it, Raze, hide" and that passage that little by little revealed that something ill was bound to befall. This one I really liked, mind you, despite the unhappy face at the end!

“Pigtails? What’s wrong?”

“Julia just called… Jin won the first round.” - “Julia said to pass on a message to Razer, too.” - “He said to say ‘I’m sorry’.”

The computer revealed the full extent of the horror, but the quoted lines had a really angsty feel to them. :/
Salysha chapter 33 . 12/31/2009
“And what are you doing here, Kazama?”

“I was keeping your best friend company while you were too busy having a wank! Dickhead.”

Fists clenched as Hwoarang placed his arm across the passageway, his voice laced with frustration and state of the art sarcasm, “Whaddya know, he can insult. A knife through my heart, Kazama. That really, really hurt.”

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do and all that... Ahem.
Salysha chapter 32 . 12/31/2009
Heihachi chapter... that's sinister. I'm getting Tekken 6 vibes from the prologue that explains what has gone on in the previous tournaments. That's quite visionary of you-you beat the game developers by nearly two years! XD
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