Reviews for A New Beginning
Guest chapter 37 . 5/7
Hi! I really like your story! Raven is my favorite Teen Titan! Please update this! I really want to see it to the end!
Hana13 chapter 1 . 12/13/2015
Is this still on-going?
LilLinkGirl chapter 37 . 12/9/2015
Dang another great story that will probably never be finished. But well, here's to hoping :)
Kat chapter 37 . 6/26/2014
Please continue with this. This is by far one the best fanfiction pieces I've read for Tern Titans and I hope that you finish.
dragonstorm24 chapter 1 . 12/9/2013
please continue
YoungJusticeSeason3Confirmed chapter 3 . 7/10/2013
I clapped when the martian annouced ravens name...I LOVE THIS STORY!
YoungJusticeSeason3Confirmed chapter 2 . 7/10/2013
patattack chapter 21 . 6/16/2013
smart move on slade's part, letting the league take the bait.
Archaint chapter 37 . 6/25/2012
Please finish the story... Im waitingto see what happens next.
Archaint chapter 28 . 6/24/2012
I apoligize for not reviewing beofre know but...I got so sucked into this story. You're a great write and I love your portrayal of all of trhe characters. This plot is absolutly brilliant.
Archaint chapter 7 . 6/18/2012
This is the most entertaining story Ive read in a long time. I absolutly love the direction you're taking this...An I think I know who going to try and meet Batman if the Blue bird can make it that is...haha.

AN you have my loyalty by bringing in my favorite characters in Justice League & the Question,and a few others of course.
SatoshiKyu chapter 1 . 2/28/2012
It galls slightly to see her end up with the JLU, to be honest. I mean, she went to them for assistance with her father originally, and they flat-out turned her down. If it weren't for Bats and his whole "teen super-heroes" idea, Trigon would have won. I'd expect her to still be a little sore about that, personally.
anonymous chapter 37 . 1/26/2012
Okay, I love the plotline, it's amazing! And there are so many twists that I want to keep reading. However, there isn't anything else to read... So please keep working on this, it's awesome!
HappiestClam chapter 37 . 9/10/2011
Awesome story! Can't wait to find out how it ends. Keep writing! :)
Apprivoisu chapter 4 . 6/27/2011
Finally some action. Wonderful story.
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