Reviews for Freedom of Flight
Estrelita Farr chapter 1 . 1/3/2008
Whoa, a story about a Soren's yearning to fly. I certainly didn't expect something like this to come up as a Legend of Legaia fanfic!

It's a good story. You described Nightengale's yearning nicely, one could almost empathise with him. The story flowed nicely from one scene to another, from the part he was in the air enjoying the flight to the point he discovered the hang glider. A story of hope and dreams.

My only complaint is that when you fast-forwarded the time from during the era of the mist to two years after the mist is gone, it surprised me. Really. Maybe it'll be good to insert a line between those two times to indicate a time change?

But overall, it's good. Keep it up. D
Barako chapter 1 . 10/10/2007
Ah! A fic about the Soren! I didn't know it was possible! I love you now! XD

I really liked it, you captured the feeling of wanting to fly really well... and I loved how it ended in hope, and especially with Cara and Grantes. Those last two lines were just amazing.

I'm totally keeping an eye on you