Reviews for Electricity
dollar-diamond-ring chapter 1 . 10/10/2007
O! I can relate! The other day I was straightening my hair and I got really mad at the straightener because it burnt my finger so I was really P.O.'d at it and then the power went out at six freaking clock in the morning so I realized I could have slept somemore and not get ready but whatever, so anyway, after the power left I realized how much I loved my straightener and after the power came back on I love it again and we had a nice time finishing my hair straightening (this is perhaps the longest, most grammerically incorrect sentence I have ever written!).

Oh yeah, totally off track for a moment. I loved your little drabble thingy. I'm really not that into Heros (the show, Spiderman 3 rocks!) but I loveded it!