Reviews for Wind Lord
Guest chapter 36 . 11/22
Very good story I hope it will be finished
Guest chapter 1 . 10/29
Fuck this. Your story is crap. And your bashing is over the top. I can't believe you started to gather Kakashi bash fics. You make me sick.
Guest chapter 8 . 10/29
Stop bashing Kakashi and Sakura, damnit.
Guest chapter 36 . 10/18
Love it
jman47 chapter 26 . 7/27
death by beating my bet
Full moon wolf chapter 6 . 7/26
AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH! KAKASHI! Stinking useless hypocritical, cowardly, favoring sonovab****!
...okay. I'm done.
Pato HM chapter 6 . 7/6
This story has a lot of shit that no matter how hard I try to read it I just can't.
This is the first fanfic that I review negatively and that must tell how bad is it.
And I just got to say that, yeah I like the bashing in a lot of fics but this is really pushing it. The way that make you made the other characters like Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi is just horrible.

Guest chapter 13 . 6/18
"If that's the quality of an Ame shinobi then I can see why Hanzo-ojiisan likes me," said Naruto as he began to walk back to his teammates.

Hahahahah! Damn Naruto! I can't stop laughing XD!
Guest chapter 7 . 6/18
"So," said Tazuna once they were out of range. "Explain to me how that super brooder is the best when he needs the help of the hopeless dreamer."

I really love the Tazuna here! Not that I didn't like him before but, you get the point!

And this fic really made me hate Kakashi! I could just kill him slowly and painfully!
Imagine having him look while I pulled his intestines out without anesthesia!
Battlesny chapter 16 . 5/31
if only Anko had remembered that she and Naruto only decided to take the exam to get away from Sasuke.
Battlesny chapter 14 . 5/31
Zaraki isn't supposed to loss fights that quickly :(
Battlesny chapter 12 . 5/31
lol keep adding characters like this and soon you'll have to turn it into a crossover
missmentle chapter 12 . 5/25
I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the Bleach references your putting all throughout the story
Kishimoto-baka chapter 6 . 5/12
Man, why is Kakashi so stupid in this story?
ShadowTheG chapter 26 . 4/8
I have to say, this fic is quite interesting for all that I've read so far. But, at the end of this chapter, I just HAVE to quote something... "I'VE KISSED THE LIPS THAT HAVE KISSED YOU!"
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