Reviews for Crimson Door
My Hopes and Dreams chapter 30 . 7/14
At first I was hesitant on reading this but when I through the second chapter I got more interested and I have to say this was AMAZING! One of the best stories I ever read. I can't wait to read the sequel which I'm about to do now. XD
xyra kaze chapter 29 . 2/13
Lol. That absolutely touching.
Xyra Kaze chapter 30 . 2/13
Sad and sweet. This is the best vampire knight fanfiction in the world. Reading any other story feels so wrong because you write so beautifully.
Xyra Kaze chapter 28 . 2/11
Yuki really just lost everything. That's beyond sad.
Xyra Kaze chapter 27 . 2/11
That is sad! No! Kaname needs to carry on living!
Xyra Kaze chapter 26 . 2/11
If I could just kill rido I would. He is an ass.
Xyra Kaze chapter 25 . 2/11
I feel like crying. That has got to be the worst thing in the world.
Xyra Kaze chapter 24 . 2/10
Ichiru is such a jackass in this story. He really gets on my nerves every time I read anything about him.
Xyra Kaze chapter 23 . 2/10
Shame man. This episode really makes my heart ache for kaname. Life is completely shit if people don't understand anything you do or why... awesome chapter
Xyra Kaze chapter 22 . 2/10
Shame it must be difficult for them to understand each other's point of view. Hopefully they can work past that.
Xyra Kaze chapter 21 . 2/9
Takuma is like the most loyal person in the world. He is such an inspiration. The interaction between everyone is actually kind of funny. Lol it was an awesome chapter.
Xyra Kaze chapter 20 . 2/5
Sexy and a little on edge at the same time. The desperate actions of Aido really got to me and it's so nice that Takuma would help them like that. As for zero and kaname... They have a long road ahead of them.
Xyra Kaze chapter 19 . 2/5
This was quite the chapter. It shows a lot emotion behind kaname and zero.
Crazy.rabbit2 chapter 14 . 1/4
I liked your backstory for Kaname better than the original one, were he's Yuki's ancestor/brother and he orchestrated the death of Zero's parents.
Tsumujikaze Yumi chapter 30 . 12/10/2014
Thank You so much for your story ! You made me dream haha xD
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