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Leeleechanlee chapter 28 . 1/11
That's a weird thing, with Rukia's ring and all. But all the IchiRuki in here was so cute. :) I loved it. You threw me off with Hisana not dying. Truly cheesy ending, but regardless I loved this story and both of them opening a restaurant is very, VERY cute! lol, loved all the death glares towards Ichigo from Byakuya, lmao. Would of loved Gin getting jailed, but fired is enough karma I guess... No Rangiku closure, but oh well... :( No Isane visit either. All I can say, plan the story better, to fill the little plot holes, other then all that, great and lovely story. :) *hugs* TY for the AWESOME read! :)
Leeleechanlee chapter 27 . 1/11
A lot could of been done, to not make this story feel so rushed, but I love the happy ending and how they both ended up as equals, lol. How they both had closure with the company, especially Ichigo with that wonderful punch, after that fake speech. I also figured he would find out from Hinamori. Awesome story over all. Thank you for making this. Someday I just might draw fan art for it on my spare time. Still wondering about Rangiku, lol. XD Did not mention this before, but I liked the idea of Hisagi and Isane as a couple, lol. Love all the sweet IchiRuki at the end. :)
Leeleechanlee chapter 26 . 1/11
Oh boy... Poor Rukia, poor Ichigo having to see her like that... Hope all resolves well in the story. :( I don't mind the gloom. it both excites me and saddens me, lol. XD Wonder what's on Rangiku's mind... New building? Interesting. A lot going on to reach the end. Great chapter.
Leeleechanlee chapter 25 . 1/11
lol, drama! But seriously, Rukia being nervous over creepy Gin, who could blame her, lol. Once again, loving the trio with Rukia, Isane, and Hitsugaya. That party waas random, lmao, but this is such a good chapter, with more Ichiruki! Don't really mind the lack of HitsuHina, don't care for it, lol... XD BTW, I noticed when you made the small mistake of Gin saying good morning, when it's 2p.m. ... lol. Just thought I'd let you know. Awesome chapter! :)
Leeleechanlee chapter 24 . 1/9
I loved the trio thing with Rukia, Hitsugaya, and Isane. It's very cute and charming. :) The pace was good. you're ideas were in good place, so it did not feel really rushed. Aizen and Gin destroy everything, lol... XD Poor Rukia, ugh... Gin just had to stop her. Great cliff hanger, lol. XD Great chapter. Minus the HitsuHina to come... I'll just try to pretend it's Karin, lmao. Also, thanks for clarifying those feels at the beginning. It's okay.
Leeleechanlee chapter 23 . 1/9
To answer you're question about HitsuRuki, in my opinion, it's just one of those crack ships that work. They have a lot in common. They both are ice related, both were treated with rejection by others, Rukia by her peers at the academy and Hitsugaya by his peers around the village he grew up in. They both have the ability to act flustered. Both have childhood "friends" who have attacked them. I could mention a lot more, but these are a few reasons why people might ship them. I personally don't think there is nothing wrong with it, as long as shippers don't bug other shippers, ship and let ship. Everyone has their preferences. I personally love IchiRuki and GrimmRuki, while also multi shipping Rukia, because she fits well with everyone in my opinion. lmao. The girl has the power to bring good out of everyone. That's just me. As for the chapter, it felt a little fast pace, but I get it's an intro. So that's cool. Gin was a whole lot creepy with that question... lol... Poor Rukia. Also, I loved the small amount of IchiRuki here. It was so sweet with Ichigo acting so natural and loving towards Rukia. :) P.S. Rangiku finally not slacking? Hallelujah! lmao. XD
Leeleechanlee chapter 22 . 1/5
What a nice and cute chapter. I loved how everyone felt so comfortable, minus, poor, embarrassed Ichigo. lol. XD The IchiRuki moments were to die for. As usual and I won't lie, I'm disappointed and disinterested that HitsuHina won that poll... Wish I was around to vote for the opposite ship. Oh well. Bummer... Another great chapter regardless, ty.
Leeleechanlee chapter 21 . 1/3
Oh that kissing in the office, awesome! XD :D Their so comfortable now, i love it! Gin the creeper, ugh, lol... I knew Hisana might go through this. Hope Ichigo can help Rukia out. As for other couples in here, I only care about the IchiRuki and I know this FC is complete, but I want to voice it anyways. I like HitsuKarin. They remind me of IchiRuki. It's such a parallel, because both big brother and younger sister are so much a like. They both match with their ice "lovers", lol. XD Not to mention that Isshin being Hitsugaya's past Captain makes the connection so possible, lol. The possibilities
Leeleechanlee chapter 20 . 1/3
OMG! Drama! lol. XD Moving everyone around? I don't like that... lmao. XD No surprise there with Aizen's back stabbing ass. I hope Unohano cheats on him with Kenpachi, lmao. XD Ugh, Gin the creep... staring at the bunny pray, like a thirsty snake that he is... Awesome and crazy turn of events. Poor Yama! Where are his two boys when he needs them?! XD lol. Awesome chapter. :)
Leeleechanlee chapter 19 . 1/3
So effing cute how they can bicker and then love. It's so cute and sexy! XD All their conversations here was interesting and playing hooky was so cute of them. Totally surprised me. lol. XD It was so cute how Rukia asked if he was okay, lol. XD AWESOME job with this chapter! Kisses were to die for!
Leeleechanlee chapter 18 . 1/3
That small kiss was not out of character. It was very daring of Rukia. :) It was so cute and tender, and so was her taking care of Ichigo. Just like her to do that. :) Everything was perfect and even though I'm a GrimmRuki shipper too, his role is fine here. lol. XD Just would of liked a little emotion from him. lol. Just a little. The whole fight was awesome. IchiRuki VS. Grimmjow! AWESOME! 100 stars! :)
Leeleechanlee chapter 17 . 1/3
So nice, this awesome date is! The family interaction was so cute and funny. :D Way in character. lol. :D What was more cliche then the perv and hero scenario was the part where their hands meet after dropping those files, so I don't mind the whole Grimmjow VS. Ichigo thing. lmao. XD I was waiting for this. lol. XD ; Great chapter! evil/nice cliff hanger, lol. XD
Leeleechanlee chapter 16 . 1/3
I loved the part of the meeting, where they looked at one another. It fit well. It was reminiscent to all the eye smex they had on the series. For the most part, they are in character. Like I said before though, Rukia is not the infatuated type. She actually understands Ichigo. Infatuation is more of Orihime's style. Other then that, I'm loving the story and the way you portray it. Plus, it's a different genre, so it's natural for some things to differ. :) I hope both Rukia and Renji stay good friends through this. :)
Leeleechanlee chapter 15 . 1/3
That was so effing cute. :) Their little bickering was on point and Rukia has no control of her mouth here, lmao. Loved this chapter very much. :) Especially at the end, lol.
Leeleechanlee chapter 14 . 1/3
It did not feel to rushed to me, just felt a little slow, but it was worth the IchiRuki moments. TY so much for this lovely fc. You actually have me feeling bad for Renji, lol. XD Those silent moments made me feel excited and anxious, lmao. Great one! :) HitsuKarin? Sounds great!
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