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Beik chapter 1 . 10/14/2007

57) Penny

When I first saw that episode I thought :" Well at last he made sure she has a penny for the ferryman"

greetings beik
XxNightfirexX chapter 1 . 10/14/2007
Ha! I loved #2! Silkiepregnancy is always funny!
Raven's Secret chapter 1 . 10/14/2007
chase Raven chase!

omg, this was fantastic. you never let us down, do you? this was a very creative idea.

and for 14, i adore that saying. it is very true. weep, and you weep alone. nothing fits BB better in my opinion, or many people for that matter.

and that was an interesting choice for Swahili. Jambo. that means business, right?

baffle was very cute. mind if i use that in another story of mine?

haha, boost was great

poor physician, and Robin. i say Raven should have killed him

and who doesn't hate mosquitos?

O.O that's all i have to say for 30

haha, 34 is clever

it is a scary world down the toilet

oh should defenitely make a oneshot out of 37

didn't you mention 38 on your profile? i was wondering when you were going to do something with that

aww, 45 was sweet

huh...i never really thought about 47, but you're right

ouch...48's gotta suck for Cyborg

haha, 49 is so cute

50 is very clever

interesting bet you have going in 51

52 is right. its surprising how smart criminals really are with guns

55 shall never be answered

huh...58 sounds very true

61 is hilarious. you definitely need to have that in another fanfic

i'm not sure i understand 62

again, 63 is a question that will never be answered. hmm...maybe it was someone beast boy worked with when he sold vacuums...

haha, 65 is pretty funny, and probably very true

71 is a good question. wonder how they did that?

o.0 not sure i want to ask about 80...pretty creative though. what'd he do, turn into a starfish? lol...*crickets chirp* bad joke, i'm sorry. i'm just as bad as Beast Boy i suppose

82 had me screaming in laughter. changeling slaughter...nice...

83 is cute

84 is great

88...ah yes, counting brush strokes. all hail the mighty Stranger Than Fiction.

89 is pretty clever, and funny



99 was creative

100 was sweet, and true.

this was really good. there are a lot that i commented and a lot that i didn't that would make great oneshots or full fan fictions. so, sorry for the super long review. it was fantastic. :)
Kayasuri-n chapter 1 . 10/14/2007
Okay, just who does number 96 refer to? Cyborg?

Okay, secret- wow. Had me in stitches. Actually, most of them were pretty fun, though Abandon made me sad.

I like how you pulled in the 'Raven flushing BB down the toilet' thing, and the problems. Still angry by those scenerios, huh? As for Starfire having trouble seeing Beast Boy...

Okay, what's your reasoning for Beast Boy being able to regrow a leg?
Millie-pops chapter 1 . 10/14/2007
Gosh, words don't describe how brillaintly funny I found this! I tried to go through and pick out my favourites, but really I can't; they're all too great! 35 is one of my favourites though.

I really like how you made some serious. It gave a nice balance. But, seriuosly though, I didn't think Iw as ever going to stop laughing. Keep it up! Best wishes,

BoardApprenticeD chapter 1 . 10/14/2007
They were all great. When I scrolled over (22), I just burst out laughing. It's quite an amusing thought. Anyway, keep up the good writing!

cheekylildevil chapter 1 . 10/13/2007
amazing, I never thought this would be so good but you proved me wrong

you write amazingly and it always makes sence- unlike some people, not mentioning any names, who just write things like the cat sat on the mat and ate a T-rex- what I read that somewhere

keep up your wonderful work

Indi chapter 1 . 10/13/2007
12 15 18 21 22 24 29 36 37 40 42 45 46 48 50 52 53 54 55 56 58 60 62 65 67 70 77 80 81 82 83 87 89 90 92 94 95 96 99

those were all the ones i've ever contemplated marginally (plague stood out), reminded me of other fics (penny comes to mind), delighted me (nearly all of them), put me into a minor depression (the words settle and rectify are going through a thorough reevaluation on their placement on my list of likable words in the english language...) or otherwise tickled my fancy. the others probably elicited a giggle or some other passing emotion, but this selective process was thorough and i couldn't just put the whole list on the review. it'd just be unmanageable.


fine, 1-100 was perfect.


i really shouldn't stroke your ego like this, but damn it if you haven't earned it...
Kryalla Orchid chapter 1 . 10/13/2007
LOL! Silkies pregnant!

BB with a tail _. Liked Starfire's reaction. And Raven.

OMG these are incredibly funny little tidbits into the Titans, just adorable.

Some hard truths in there too. Very nice.


Paosheep chapter 1 . 10/13/2007
Will any of these plotlings be growing up?

Regardless, that was a fun read. Good job.
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