Reviews for How Much I Love You
Liah English chapter 25 . 3/18
Really Really really really good!
Guest chapter 13 . 2/24
I CANT BELIEVE THIS!, what is happenning to rae? Aaron! I LOVE YOUR GRAMMAR, is soooo soooo sooo neat! I love this story so much.
MY kind of fanfics are: good plot, nice grammar, and long chapters! Youve got all of em, just that 2 chapters i think were i little too short...

from ur fan
Raven chapter 5 . 2/17
She kinda is a tad out if character but itz still a amazing story but it okay if she is cuz this is your story u can make the characters how u want them keep up the amazing work
Raven chapter 3 . 2/17
BEAST BOY! Slade wants him! But why!? This story is tha bomb #1 story
Raven beast bo chapter 1 . 2/17
What's happening to raven?is terra ganna come? I guess ill have to continue reading 2 find out!good story love it your a really good up the good work
Guest chapter 7 . 2/16
omg its so funny, BB is soooooo funny i love him! I mean, the cereal? Omg best scene ever, the cafeteria, almost best scene ever, omg so hilarioussssss
Winnie chapter 2 . 2/16
BEAUTIFUL! i cant describe how happy i am that Raven did it! She omg she just, she is just amazinngngngngnn! omg! I love her. And it may sound weird but Im glad the sahdow came and blah blah, because the we wouldnt see Raven feeling her feelsss, aaaand its just so cool, ppl would see the next chapter, like, for real! I LOVE IT
Drtcnf chapter 25 . 12/22/2016
Just wow, I've read quite a bit of fan fiction stories but this one defiantly is one of my favourites. Thank you for writing an amazing story that actually could happen in the teen titan universe.
RPGPersona chapter 25 . 7/12/2016
That was a wild ride. I didn't get to see all the ups and down since I was so late to the party, but it must have been an interesting experience, having a story go on for so long.

I am glad that Raven was able to heal Robin. Starfire looked so sad. Raven even went the extra mile to protect his mind from a relapse.

Gyline found a new home with a nice group of people. She seems to be much happier for it.

It took until after ethers thing was smoothed over, but Raven and Beast Boy finally got some time together. There was a little tension from the whirlwind of events, but they settled back together nicely. I wonder if Beast Boy ever told Raven about the seduction incident that had him running from Raven's room.

Thanks for writing this story, I enjoyed reading it.
RPGPersona chapter 24 . 7/12/2016
I see Slade fell into the the common villain trap of gloating and monologing. Hislan was truly horrible. Using Raven like that. Good thing she is back to normal.

Kid Flash to save the mayor. time to kick Slade butt.

Well, Kage took the bait hook, line and sinker. Cyborg's knowledge from previous fight combined with Aqualad's support proved to much for Kage, leading to his defeat.

Beast Boy can't help but rub in how much certain parts of Slade's plan sucked. Slade versus Beast, let's go. That was a tough fight, but the Beast's animal instincts and senses let him win the day.

I see Slade's last resort is the sore loser method of blowing everything up. That was a noble thing Kid Flash did. Now the name of the last chapter makes sense.

Hopefully Raven and Beast Boy can get a chance to talk now.

Also, sorry if some of my reviews got short and boring when things got tense and suspenseful. Drama, suspense and other chilling events like that always get me worked up and tense, so I tend to barrel through them if possible to relive my tension.
RPGPersona chapter 23 . 7/12/2016
I see that Cyborg had the same idea I did. Beast Boy is back, and so is Raven's memory. Let's hope the Titans are ready for this fight.
RPGPersona chapter 22 . 7/12/2016
So the true culprit was a girl called Gyline. Hopefully with this, Raven will remember everything.

Time for a counter attack.
RPGPersona chapter 21 . 7/12/2016
I would have thought Slade would have ever finished he job, or restrained the defeated Titans. At the very least check their vitals to see if they are dead or not. His lose is the Titan's gain.

Robin is comatose. Cyborg and Starfire think Beast Boy is dead. Time for reinforcements. Jericho, Aqualad, and Kid Flash. Jericho in particular could be very helpful in he possesses Kage. He might also be able to help Raven if he possesses her.

Out of curiosity, is the Royal Order of BbxRae Knights still active?
RPGPersona chapter 20 . 7/12/2016
Well, Beast Boy is making progress. The defensive pathways were interesting. Beast Boy got to learn a bit more about Rven through them. When his animal DNA the reason he was able to endure?

Beast Boy found a Raven, but what Raven is this?
RPGPersona chapter 19 . 7/12/2016
Alright, time to storm Raven's mind to find out what Slade did. The immediate effect of Slade's trick is that Raven's emotions are cut off from her, including knowledge. That explains why she doesn't remember her real past. Knowledge is trapped to a small portion of Raven's mind, so it is up to Beast Boy to explore.
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