Reviews for Path of a Warrior
Guest 22 chapter 28 . 7/30
This chapter name is also a song
Son Omar chapter 58 . 7/21
Please update your story because I wanna see what happens during the Majin Buu saga and up to GT and the Battle of Gods Saga
Guest chapter 58 . 7/5
Its been 5 years when r u gonna update
pr0dz chapter 33 . 6/20
Kaioken doubles the power so does this mean that the human Z Fighters can catch up?
Geoff chapter 35 . 5/17
Gohan died that is stupid
theknightoflight chapter 58 . 2/18
Blake2020 chapter 58 . 2/6
Wow im eager to see who wins between both past and FUTURE Gohan of different times and very interesting chapter indeed and I finally catch up to chapter 58 and i hope you read these reviews of mines and update this story for 2015? Because this is the greatest story I ever read and you did a good job with the characters and good twist as well and good everything so I hope you update this story please i love your story and very amazing too and PLEASE UPDATE THIS STORY SOON FOR 2015?
Blake2020 chapter 57 . 2/6
Wow funny and cool and amazing chapter is all i can aboat this one and what a twist too with future gohan and trunks back and shocking that gohan blade sword is gone too?
Blake2020 chapter 56 . 2/6
Wow great chapter and videl met gohan parents interesting and funny too and amusing as well?
Blake2020 chapter 55 . 2/6
Wow Well romance between gohan and videl went threw the roof now and now she knows much aboat gohan life and two identity as well? Update soon
Blake2020 chapter 54 . 2/6
Wow what a fight and videl and her friends saw it all and now she know gohan secret too and the z gang saw it all as well?
Blake2020 chapter 53 . 2/6
Oh no broly back and wants revenge on gohan this time?
Blake2020 chapter 52 . 2/6
wow is all i can say
Blake2020 chapter 51 . 2/6
Wow things are getting very interesting now?
Blake2020 chapter 50 . 2/6
nice chapter and scythe is back and stronger too?
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