Reviews for Hyotei Insanity
MartySever chapter 10 . 6/12/2008
I'm so glad you put Taki in here! Please, put him in here more!
Nasty Evil Dead Dog chapter 3 . 5/25/2008
lol Hiyoshi's awesome XD
iPurpleBerri chapter 1 . 4/16/2008
Oh... this is great! awesomenes... :D I had a good laugh because of this... XD
Death Angel's Shadow 2 chapter 9 . 3/1/2008
Tsk, tsk. Gakuto shouldn't have been yelling or else he wouldn't be stuck in that tree branch. XD Haha, I was late to review... . Nice. .'
Arrina-san chapter 9 . 2/16/2008
Heh, I'm surprised it wasn't Shishido who threw Gakuto out the window. xDD;

They should really do a Shitenhouji "Valentine Kiss." They just released a...Kai what's-his-name from Higa version. w

Bloodysamurai chapter 9 . 2/14/2008 have all the "Valentines Kiss songs"?

Can you e-mail me Sanada's and Atobe's version? Please?

Anyway, I'm really wondering why Gakuto ended up on a tree...

By the way, I don't know if you know but...

Choutaro-kun's birthday is on Valentines day as well.
Kiku-chan3322 chapter 9 . 2/14/2008
poor poor Gakuto-kun...-grins evily- HE HASN'T SEEN A FANGIRL UNTIL HE'S SEEN ME! MUHAHAHHA! LOL xDD please update soon!
Arrina-san chapter 8 . 2/10/2008
Lol Atobe. xDD I feel bad for the guy...and of course Hiyoshi. I don't know much of Taki, so... _;;

A part two would be nice. :3

Death Angel's Shadow 2 chapter 8 . 2/9/2008
Haha, poor Atobe, Hiyoshi, and Taki... should've just jumped. . You can do a part 2 if you want.
Arrina-san chapter 7 . 1/12/2008
Lol, Shishido and Gakuto never fail to make me laugh. xDD You write them so hilariously.

And of course, Choutarou is the only sane one there, besides Yuushi (I think? x3).

Hajimari chapter 7 . 1/11/2008
LOL! I particularly like this part:

/quote/ "Yeah, you might moonsault into the ground. On a second thought, go ahead and kill yourself, what do I care." said Shishido. /quote/

That was so typical of Shishido!

Update soon!
Death Angel's Shadow 2 chapter 6 . 1/11/2008
Went from a ticked off moment to a cheery moment, lol. Please update! .
Ayumi Uchiha chapter 6 . 12/31/2007
"You're in no position to speak. You and Jirou ganged up on a 7th grader." said Oshitari.

- Haha! LMAO! Bullies. XD
Arrina-san chapter 6 . 12/31/2007
Lol, Gakuto.

Atobe vs. Shiraishi? That would've been interesting to see. Although, yeah, Shiraishi would've won. Even though Atobe's awesome.

sehun1993 chapter 2 . 12/30/2007
i seriuosly love the part wheere wakashi says they hate you more. LOL
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