Reviews for Fairytale
Ganheim chapter 1 . 10/24/2009
And her father, King Kuhn,

[It would’ve been nice if you’d mentioned that this was an AU. Kuramoto Chika is a bookworm and talked about the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms in the GU series (via the emails), so the current summary indicated that it would be she and Haseo talking instead of a literally different world]

without premission let


he has going for


scolding Alkaid. "I was going

[Don’t Source Mix, if you break to a new character, break to a new paragraph. This is especially important when dialog is involved (like now)]

Because they had one thing those people didn't have, and the two of them fought for that one, precious thing.


This story was short, its narrative was a tad choppy (the time it takes place in is also completely uncertain), and felt very rushed. I don’t mind the pairing in the canon world, but this took the canon names and threw them into unknown settings with so little information that I’m still not sure if it was potentially in-character or OOC, which isn't good.
xoverfiend chapter 1 . 3/11/2008
AW! how sweet. Kinda cliche, but sweet none the less.