Reviews for Drabbles
violentpop chapter 1 . 11/6/2007
yo! thats really gd. :D i liked how u wrote what keel was doing...cos i was confused abnout that bit...i was lyk "wtf is keel doing ther?" lol.

u shood write more~! i love miracles and its a pity that not many ppl r writing miracle fanfics!

Oceandeep chapter 1 . 10/17/2007
I loved your 'drabbles' very insightful. I wish more would write for this fabulous and short lived series. Skeet was so soulful and touching in this..He's a great and very much underestermated actor. There were SO many unanswered questions to this series..I came here hopeing and praying that someone would have been able to take it to a great conclusion. What was the darkness? What is Pauls role in it. Who was Pauls father. More back story to Keel and why did Paul want to become a priest? (yes I know he was brought up in a Catholic orphanage but that is no reason.) I love the fact that Paul has great faith (Skeet lets this seep through beautifully) and I would have liked to have seen more into that.

So, here are a few more possible drabbles for you..if you care?

Hope so. Again, it was great to read some new stuff here. Thanks *bows*

PS: Just one small thing..He's called Paul Callen *winks*