Reviews for Dakin Remembers
SarahMia95 chapter 1 . 3/4/2010
This is brilliant. The way that you've captured Dakin, and his feelings for Irwin. And the end bit is just so sad.
JumpinPopTarts chapter 1 . 2/21/2009
My gosh you've written loads of these! :O

I've just read every single one of them in succession, and they're all stunning. You have such a...I'm not way of writing? I can see everything unfolding, beautifully detailed, as I read.

You've also really captured the atmosphere, and as (I'm guessing from your screenname here) you're female and writing a very male-dominated story, keeping that genuine masculine aura is proof of how great a writer you are (believe me, I've tried and failed, dismally, to do that!).

I also love the way you manage to convey romance without the smut, which is so, so rare in fanfiction. The way you used the photographs, and the figure in the doorway in the interview story for example to show Irwin's secret life, or the 'expensive dark wool trousers' (admittedly in my favourite fic of the set...) to hint at Dakins world... I even making sense? Sorry, I waffle a lot, but it's heartfelt waffle, honest!

Please write some more?

loving you and your stories!