Reviews for Bequest
The Third Biker Scholar chapter 4 . 3/19
*jaw gaping* oh my lord. wow! awesome, and I loved it!
nikki chapter 2 . 7/11/2014
lisa sounds very selfish in this story
Smokey.Melons chapter 4 . 5/17/2013
Just wanted to say I loved this. It was so cool how you had Lucas show up and Ben unknowingly quote his dad.
Mason and Alex chapter 4 . 12/13/2012
Awww I love this story xD
GracefulLikeAGazelle chapter 2 . 9/21/2012
xube chapter 4 . 11/28/2011
very cute, i like the ending, could totally see that happening :)
Illucida chapter 4 . 9/29/2011
This story was great, and this last chapter was freaking awesome. Ben and Lucas could have their own spin-off series, along with appearances from Jesse and Claire. That'd rock out loud. :D
azerjaban chapter 4 . 7/6/2011
Hahaha love older Ben! I can't believe you made him meet Lucas awesome!

But did Lucas really have red hair?
Stina Whatever chapter 4 . 5/5/2011
he's just so much like dean:)
cold kagome chapter 4 . 2/13/2011
destiny's time chapter 1 . 11/26/2010
absolutely amazing.
Dr. Colleen chapter 4 . 2/16/2010
Loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it. Each one. Perfect. Nailed the characters...and the last bit about Ben loving the stories the other hunters told, that was awesome. He's Dean while still being Ben. He hero worships his father just like Dean does/did, and it's nice to see Uncle Sammy not being crazy-protective, like one could easily write him.

Favouriting this.
R-Gomeni chapter 4 . 11/28/2009
A really interesting idea, I enjoyed reading it.
beldoge chapter 2 . 11/26/2009
damn it i'm a french girl and we shave !

xD i don't where this reputation comes from but whatever loved your story
Tagrea chapter 4 . 11/19/2009
Sad, but I loved it
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