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Draco Oblivion chapter 7 . 3/6/2012
I like the way that was put, Morty's a good person but not a nice person. :D

Aw, Laine's lucky she just randomly gets these pokemon and badges, it's all so easy for her XD

Ember's soooo harsh for not wanting to help his girlfriend when she saved him from the well AND helped get his pokemon back :/

Aw, Ember's gotten all protective of his friends :3

Aw, Clair's true natue has finally been revealed to her biggest fan :3

Aw, she named her new crobat Frightful, I'm glad he's helped her overcome her fear though :)
Draco Oblivion chapter 6 . 3/6/2012
Clair's got ambition planning to take Team Rocket from Giovanni/ Ember's control...

Aw, Falkner's worried :')

Lol at the Murkrow, having something that's worth more money doesn't mean much though, then again it'd power him up too...

Lol "Falkner says..." Hehe Aurora sounds like a fan girl XD

An "incorrigible romantic?" Lol XD

Wow Charizard's epic but I still love Skarmory the best, it'll be fun to see him tear into the rockets XD

Hehe, Aurora thought Ember should've helped as if he's onher side against his men, the best she should hope for is that he won't be involved XP

Aw, Ember's really worried he wouldn't tell her about Clair even if he could incase she got hurt and he doesn't want her to become too strong or she'll be even more of a target :3

Hehe, Falkner called Aurora his protege :3

Lol Falkner's a spy master! I like how Morty plans to use her though, and she'll agree to avoid fighting ghosts, I wonder how many gym battles she'll actually have...

Wow so that offer was a test...

Lol does Ember not respect Uncle Giovanni? XD

Aw, he was disowned :'(

Morty's kind of weird, it's especially creepy that he can fade into shadows like a ghost...

Aw, so those two will get an Articuno and Ember will raise Dragons! :D

Laine'll make her dad PROUD! :)
Draco Oblivion chapter 5 . 3/6/2012
Aw, Aurora really does love Clair, too bad she'll only be disappointed... :/

LOOOOOOL at Laine's accent disappearing and a, "sir" appearing when she talks to Bill XD

Wow I can't believe the mature serious Scar is starting a fight with a pup and is sulking after being scolded XD

:O Wow, what's with Aurora blowing up at Laine like that? O.o

Hmm, I guess I can kind of see why Aurora was upset, I like the way you only explained it later on :D

Aw, Laine's stroy was sad but telling it made them better friends in my opinion :)

Aw, the pokemon evolved! Seemsharsh to send a puppy to fight a gym leader though...
Draco Oblivion chapter 4 . 3/6/2012
Poor Ember...

Hehe, talking to pokemon must be cool

Aw, so it was Laine's slowpoke, I like the Machop though X3

So Laine makes pokeballs, is a budding poke proffessor and is also apparently a nurse? That's what I call a Jack of all trades...

Aw, both kids admire each other whether for their determination or caring nature :3

Skarmory's so cool XD

Hehe she thought he held back in their battle because he liked her, as if she'd be so lucky XD

How epic, they could be the offical fire fighters of the town if that was necesarry which I doubt it is...

Lol what's with Hope seems like she's pretty special to him...

Hehehe they got badges without the battle(though it would've been one of the easier ones and a good experience) and Aurora even got hit on by Brad XD

Wow, Ember's an interesting character, I actually really like him and his interactions with Aurora are great :)

Hehe Ember commands respect, he can even hold his own in a conversation with Claire XD
Draco Oblivion chapter 3 . 3/6/2012
She sent a dragonite to watch an 11 year old that's only just started training? :/

LOOOOOOL so Ember was there for a gym battle, it's like they're fighting over Aurora XD

Aw Falkner's such a nice guy, he hears Ember's a rocket and he's only upset at the waste of potential... :3

Aw the Skarmory appeared and Ember's trying to look tough while trying to escape with his tail between his legs :3

Aurora's pretty epic for climbing that tower...

Wow, I love the talk between Skarmory and Aurora, this is such an interesting story :D

Hehe SHE WON! Even if he didn't use all of his pokemon...

LOOOOOL she saw the dragonite and sadly it has something to report...
Draco Oblivion chapter 2 . 3/6/2012
I'm hoping that wasn't Claire making plans with Giovanni...

Yay Scar won his first match and it was because of their bond! I wonder about their opponent though...

LOOOOOOL Ember's there...

Great, Ember's reaction make me think Claire really is the mysterious partner... :/

I love how Laine talks about a relationship between Aurora and any guy she meets, Ember is quite nice though, he doesn't seem evil...

Wow, Claire COMPLETELY shot her down! Maybe she is evil but either way she'll be proved wrong about Aurora and Scar!

I thought he was Falkner but I love how he followed her to Blackthorne, encouraged her about getting Gym badges and then blushed about giving her his number XD

Wow, she has quite an effect on gym leaders doesn't she? She made one blush and gave the other nightmares about dying with her using her Articuno to do the deed XD

Kind of ominous how Claire plans to make sure Aurora's not a threat...
Draco Oblivion chapter 1 . 3/6/2012
This seems like an interesting story, I especially love the names Winter-Hair and Fire -Top. Starting as a shop assistant she got a pokemon, a freind and a rival, seems like a great beginning :)
Nianque chapter 11 . 11/7/2011
Well, I heard about this story from someone else when we were comparing favorite fan fictions. A couple names came up that were definitely some of the best fan fictions ever written about Pokemon, but when the name for this one came up I was interested in why it got such high praise.

Turns out that praise is well deserved. Not only do you have a very original idea for a story, but it is done flawlessly. I particularly like the use of elemental affinities (something I plan on adding to my own pokemon fan fiction). I also really like how you portrayed the rockets, very original. A far cry from the usual portrayal of down right evil. The deal with the League in particular was well done; I had not seen that idea yet.

This story gets a 10/10 from me. Good luck in other projects that you undertake.

Ka-tay's mind chapter 11 . 8/13/2011

mangagirl18 chapter 11 . 3/18/2011
Brilliant fic! I know you prefer constructive reviews, but really I can't find anything to say. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and will definately be looking into the sequals. All the characters were believeable and charming in their own way.

Thanks for writing and posting.

I realize that it was posted years ago, but that doesn't make it any less relevant, especially in light of Heart Gold and Sopul Silver, I imagine, a whole new set of readers would find it intrigueing.
Feyren chapter 3 . 10/10/2010

I'm awfully sorry you've been ill and gloomy this past week; and yes, I have every intention of reading that new 5Ds story. I'll look forward to Tuesday, haha.

Just out of curiosity, do you not intend to post those Dragon Master-universe stories, then? It'd be such a pity if you weren't to; Ember and Aurora's relationship could be delved into much more. All three of the ideas you mentioned were interesting, of course; I hope you'll choose to write them someday. As for Shadows of Almia, will you still be focusing on Aurora and company, or new characters? I have to admit, I've gotten rather attached to Aurora and the other characters, haha. I really do wonder what happened with Aurora's parents; they weren't very excited about the idea of Aurora traveling, were they? I don't believe you mentioned them much after that.

There is something about your writing style that's both simple and intricate, and the way you write is really quite beautiful. I look forward to anything you'll post in the future.
Feyren chapter 1 . 10/10/2010
So I usually really dislike Pokemon OC stories, but because I've essentially read and loved all your YGO (GX/5Ds) stories, I thought I'd give it a shot. Which is how I ended up reading this, Loss of a Leader, and Tough Customers all in one sitting.

I loved it, in case you were wondering, haha. Aurora's likable and not a Mary-Sue, and her relationship with Ember is intriguing and mysterious; Ember himself is a very likable character, and you've developed his character very well. I'd love to see more stories from your Dragon Master universe, if you're still interested in it; you've created a fantastic background with these stories.

Wonderfully written as always, and an excellent read.
MeesterPepper chapter 11 . 5/28/2010
I loved this. I literaly read the whole thing in one sitting. I know that you wrote a sequel, but I don't think I'll have the time to read it for a few days. I especially love how when you included Ash, it was only in refference.

I only have two issues. One - your main characters seem a little young for the complicated relationships they have. Two - the story takes place, from what I can tell, the course of two or three weeks. It feels like the kind of epic that should take place in the frame of at least a year.

And I think you get my vote for "The Most Ironic Statement of All Time." Morty, Chapter 6 - "We aren't just here as the bosses of some great galactic video game." A brilliant line, one of the best I've ever seen in a fanfic.

Once again, great job.
Whimsical Acumen chapter 11 . 4/22/2010
A brilliant piece of writing. I loved reading this, even if it has been YEARS since it was finished. The entire idea was magical, realistic, and I loved your interpretation of the pokemon realm.

This reading was a mental orgasm - not sexual, but a pleasure high to experience. I congratulate you on the story, your writing, and I imagine that the writing you have currently is even more superb than this.

I applaud with respect at your story-telling and writing ability.
Anonymouse chapter 11 . 1/22/2010
In the last fight between Ember and Giovanni, Ember worries that he has nothing that will resist Poison-types. I thought Aerodactyl's Rock-type resisted Poison? On the other hand, things were different in the second generation...
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