Reviews for A Hero To Save Us
Anon E. Mouse chapter 1 . 10/20/2007
Very interesting! You take a similar view of Anna to the one I do...a girl who has a tough shell but, beneath it, a lot of pain, emotion, and insecurity. I thought her inner conflict between wanting help and wanting to be independent, and between yearning for and scorning the safety of childhood was a really nice touch. When we meet her in the movie she's at this really crucial and transitional juncture in her life-first abandoned by her father, she's just lost her brother and is alone and having to make decisions entirely for herself for the first time. She wants to be strong, but, at the same time, she's not really sure of herself yet. You portray that sense of confusion quite well.

Her memory of her mother's abduction was likewise very touching. I can't help but think that her childhood must have been really warped, with the specter of Dracula constantly looming (often, as here, literally) over her. She can't even play in the garden with her brother without war and death interfering. Speaking of that vampire dude, I thought you portrayed him very well here. I loved your emphasis on his mass and their smallness-he gets down on his knees to talk to Anna, Velkan drags his father's huge sword to attack him, etc. He's so casual and nonchalant, and the quiet menace is almost more frightening than the raw fury he displays at other times.

Oh, Van Bozo, always so arrogant...clearly he is unfamiliar with girl power. ;p

Nicely done!

Dr.Lust chapter 1 . 10/20/2007
That was so good! Your decision to put the fanfic here was great! It's a very good story, and I liked the way you described Anna's past, as well as her emotions...

I'd like to see more oneshots of yours! :)

Your friend,
Robert1000 chapter 1 . 10/20/2007
This is a good One-shot